Legal Intention

Whereas this writer notes that X+X
is seen of value in the United States
Housing market, other global areas affected, this writer will not comment upon.
Attention is directed to a document(s) commonly titled “Assignment of Mortgage”,
“Corporate Assignment of Mortgage.” Within verbiage of these document(s) we
routinely see the term “for value”, with this application of wording it is clearly
identifiable that an intent existed to allege a transfer of rights to real property. For a
transfer of rights to real property value must have been given and such evidence
must be in tangible writing to comply with the Statues of Fraud. Such requirement
to be in writing comports to 15 USC 7003 Subsection (a) (3):
(a) Excepted requirements
(3) the Uniform Commercial Code, as in effect in any State, other than
sections 1–107 and 1–206 and Articles 2 and 2A.

Where such intent is noted upon an alleged transfer of a security right to claim title
to real property should be reflected as the same identity found as subsequent
Payee(s) upon the Promissory Note executed by a tangible obligor. In such intent
to transfer a personal property security right from an Account Debtor to an
Intangible Obligee being a transferable record under governance of Uniform
Commercial Code Article 9 is in compliance. However when the overlaying
personal property security interest is assigned in accordance to UCC 9, the
underlying security instrument requires compliance in accordance to local laws of
jurisdiction. Uniform Commercial Code §9-109(d) clearly excludes UCC 9’s
authority to govern real property security instruments.
Whereas the Promissory Note identifies not a party with rights to the real property
security instrument or to the Promissory Note should not be confused with the
registry identification of who has rights to the transferable record and the personal
property securing. Personal Property Securing the transferable record to this writer
mean who has exclusive right to the paper writing, not to what the paper writing
represents as such representation is under governance of a states real property law.
Could be true that is the security instrument has not expired by operation of law
and not filed of record to perfect could fall to be junior claim to any record action
affecting the real property and rights to title.

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