IDAC Meeting October 29th, 2009 2:30pm 323 Carl Wimberly Hall Present: Maggie McDermott, June Reinert

, Carmon Wilson, Deb Hoskins, Deb Hanson, Randy Otto, Nick Sinram, and Amanda Framberg Maggie McDermott was elected chair Approved minutes for October 8th, 2009 meeting Updated Bylaws of IDAC were distributed Discussed updated version of IDAC bylaws o Moved Definitions to webpage o Vision, Mission, and Goals remained the same o Formed a fourth subcommittee Bylaws approved pending HR approval Individuals present volunteered for the subcommittees of their choosing: o Education: June Reinert, Deb Hoskins, Amanda Framberg o Accessibility: Randy Otto o Technology: Nick Sinram o Public Relations: Next meeting will be held after subcommittees are completely formed and have meet once. Adjourned at 3:32pm Recorded by Amanda Framberg

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