The process is noisy. This means that it is not convenient to activate the derivative controller
mode because it tends to destabilize the system and it is very probable that the positioner is
saturated by the sudden movements that could manifest collector. We found that it is possible to
use a single equation and alignment all equations obtained experimentally gave the same result
when the simulation.
Related to the modeling of both, ON/OFF and regulatory control strategies, the three softwares
used along this semester ( LOGOSoft, Step 7 and Simulink) demonstrated to be of great tool to
simulate the behavior of common processes that require several operation conditions. With these
tools, it was possible to check the connections between the different parts of the system for its
synchronization and tuning.
The solar concentrators are efficient as evidenced by the literature, but the factors that may
hinder their ability to concentrate the heat effectively be taken. It is very important to verify that
the refractive surface is in good condition, that it is a very well polished and in surface
irregularities. Should be taken into account when making the parable, check its symmetry to
increase the effectiveness of the collector.
Lo concentradores solares son eficientes según lo demuestra la literatura, pero debe tenerse los
factores que pueden disminuir su capacidad para concentrar el calor de manera efectiva. Es de
mucha importancia verificar que la superficie refractiva se encuentre en buena condiciones, esto
que se una superficie muy bien pulida y in irregularidades. Debe tenerse en cuenta también al
momento fabricar la parábola, verificar su simetría para aumentar la efectividad del colector.