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¡Adelante! America with AT&T and LULAC
December 15, 2011

All proposals must be received by 3:00 p.m. PST, Thursday, December 15, 2011

2011 ¡Adelante! America with AT&T and LULAC

Beginning in 2004, LULAC and AT&T partnered to provide Hispanic Americans with the technological skills they need
in order to reduce economic and educational disparities which are all too prevalent in our communities. The Empower
Hispanic America with Technology project focused on creating positive change from within Hispanic communities by
providing access to, and utilization of, state-of-the-art computer technologies enabling Hispanic Americans to fully
empower themselves in a digital age.

LULAC and the AT&T Foundation were proud to announce the expansion of the partnership to hands-on intervention
creating a continual learning process with the 2008 ¡Adelante! America with AT&T and LULAC program. The program
funded Latino leadership programs designed to provide at-risk Latino youth with a positive alternative to gangs, violence,
and dropping out of school. The ¡Adelante! America with AT&T (AAA) initiative creates a nurturing peer supported
environment for Latinos of middle school and high school age and encourages them to stay in school and develop their
leadership skills. Students participating in the AAA know they are part of a group of overachieving, specially selected
individuals whose diverse talents and leadership skills are being developed and nurtured, thereby avoiding the stigma
associated with “remedial” programs.

Scope and Use of the Grants

Under the ¡Adelante! America with AT&T initiative LULAC will select up to six (4) awardees who will receive up
between $7,000-$7,800 each to run a Latino leadership program. The focus of this initiative is help moderately at-risk
students complete high school successfully. The projects should target at-risk youth in grades 8–10 to cultivate optimism,
build resilience, and improve their academic skills. The programs should develop a set of services and activities that link
classroom learning with the challenges students face in post-secondary education and the workplace of the future. The
proposed programs need to address how they will contribute to achieving the following over-all project goals: (1) increase
rates of on-time promotion to the next grade; (2) improve the academic performance of the students as measured by
grades and test scores; (3) improve interpersonal relationships between the children and their peers, teachers, other adults,
and family members; (4) reduce the dropout rate of the youth; (5) reduce juvenile delinquency and involvement in gangs
by the youth; and (6) achieve the target graduation rate for its participants.

The program should be outlined in detail as a one year program (6 month program request must be preapproved).

Applicant Qualifications

 Must be a 501(c)(3) public charity.
 Must receive an invitation to submit proposal.
 Must be located in a predominantly Latino community (lower income neighborhoods will be given priority).
 Must be willing to work with LULAC and AT&T for marketing and outreach activities.
 Must be willing to provide timely monthly reporting and other reporting data as requested.
 Must be willing to participate in monthly conference calls and other update meetings as they arise.
 Must provide the physical space to host the leadership program and demonstrate your relationships with local
schools and/or the local community to be able to recruit students to enroll in the program.

¡Adelante! America with AT&T and LULAC
Proposal Submission

The proposal package should be approximately four (4) typed pages (excluding required attachments), double-
spaced, with 12-point font and one-inch margins. Each page is to be numbered at the bottom. Additionally, the
attached proposal application is to be completed and submitted as the cover sheet for your proposal. Submit by
email to and postmark one original proposal package to:

Elizabeth Garcia
Director of National Programs
League of United Latin American Citizens
California Regional Office
1225 8th Street, Suite 550
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 551-1330 Phone
(916) 448-3248 Fax 

All proposals must be RECEIVED by 3:00 p.m. PST, Thursday, December 15, 2011.
Your proposal should be organized as follows:
1. Applicant Organization (Who Are You?)
 Provide a brief description of your organization’s mission, history, and programs.
 Describe your organizational capacity to deliver educational programs with examples of what your organization
currently offers and examples of past successes.
 Describe the ways in which your organizational experience and educational service provider capabilities will
contribute to the success of the ¡Adelante! America with AT&T and LULAC initiative.
 Provide demographics of the community your organizations serves (race and income).
o Demographics can be found at:
 Describe your affiliation with LULAC or, if not affiliated with LULAC, any instances in which your organization
may have collaborated with LULAC, if applicable.
 Please provide a brief summary of your 2008-2011 Adelante America program successes.

2. Program/Project Summary
 Provide an executive summary of your proposed 2011-2012 program (270 words or less).
 LULAC has laid out general goals and objectives, as well as guidelines and benchmarks (see section 4: Program
Outcomes) that the program aims to achieve. Please provide a description of how your organization will achieve
those performance measures and proposed programs for a mid-program community service project and end-of-
the-year leadership conference, volunteer mentor recruitment strategies, and supplemental services your
organization can offer participants of the leadership program.
1. Provide evidence of the effectiveness of your proposed strategies to implement the program.
2. Provide information on the students who will be served, their numbers and characteristics, the means of
diagnosing their individual needs, and specific strategies that will be deployed to respond to these
identified needs.
3. Describe the names of key personnel who will lead and conduct the project/program and their experience
and success in implementing such endeavors with proficiency and fidelity.
4. Demonstrate that the project has the full support of participants, such as teachers, administrators, etc.
 Describe how the Latino leadership program will complement, interact, or overlap with ongoing programming
your organization already offers or plans to offer. If combining with an existing program, specify whether the
program is being continued in its current form and how it will be expanded or modified.

¡Adelante! America with AT&T and LULAC
 Describe how the program will aid students to complete high school successfully.
 Describe your plan for keeping track of continued student progress after their completion of the Adelante America

3. Implementation Specifics (How Will You Get There?)
 Implementation Plan: Provide an implementation plan that includes key implementation activities, detailed
timeline, and the person(s) responsible for each activity, including the expertise and experience the responsible
persons have. Please include the project’s start and completion dates.
 For example, touch on how a part-time coordinator would oversee the day to day program execution; recruit
student participants, teacher support, volunteer adult mentors, and speakers; deliver the weekly sessions; organize
the community service activity, leadership conference, and any additional field trips; and organize community
volunteers and mentors to provide supplemental educational services.
 Project Budget: Up to $7,765 is available for each grant. A suggested site budget must include a part-time project
coordinator (up to $6,220), and program costs (up to $1,545). Clearly describe how you would allocate the
funding. In addition, include a short, but thorough narrative in bullet-point format that provides background on the
budget items.
 Sustainability: Are you able to secure local sponsors to support the AA Leadership Conference? What plans do
you have to sustain the overall program beyond the term of this grant?

4. Program Outcomes and Documentation (How Will You Know When You’ve Arrived?)
 Please describe your current capacity, any planned enhancements, and integration of the required Civicore data
management system to provide reliable data on the following performance measures/benchmarks:
1. Serve a minimum of 25 students at a minimum of once weekly meetings for length of program.
2. Midway through the program, conduct a community service project, which participants will undertake to
impact a particular issue in their community.
3. Conduct a student-run leadership conference at the end of the program year.
4. Adult mentors from various professions will work with student participants outside of the weekly
5. Connect participants with supplemental math and reading tutoring, financial literacy courses, computer
skills, and other educational support services available at local centers.
6. Students regularly participating in the program will show improvement in the performance measure of
school attendance and reduced disciplinary referrals. 70% of the project’s participants identified as having
a school attendance problem will reduce their number of absences per report card period by 20%.
7. 75% of the project’s participants identified as having a disciplinary issue will reduce their number of
disciplinary infractions by 25% per report card period.
8. 90% of students regularly participating in the program will achieve an on-time promotion rate to the next
grade. Although the program does not directly offer tutoring services, the students will be encouraged to
take advantage of the centers’ additional tutoring or other supplemental educational services. The
leadership and skills development exercises are designed to motivate students to become active in their
communities and their schoolwork.
9. 85% of the project’s participants will graduate high school on time.
10. 80% of the project’s participants, who graduate high school, will enroll in a post-secondary institute.

5. Program Communication (Spread the Word.)
 Describe how you plan to announce and promote your proposed program. Marketing/publicity plans should
include regular opportunities to inform the community about your program and how it successfully meets the
objectives of this grant program, as well as recognize LULAC and the AT&T Foundation.

¡Adelante! America with AT&T and LULAC
Required Attachments

 Completed grant cover sheet.
 IRS 501(c)(3) tax determination letter and classification as “not a private foundation” under Section 509(a) of the
Internal Revenue Code.
 A list of the current board of directors with their organizational affiliation.
 Line item budget and accompanying short, but thorough, narrative (Please see attached suggested budget, you
may submit along with your proposal a revised budget not to exceed $7,765).
 Detailed Project timeline
 Publicity plan
 Project evaluation plan
 Academic Calendars for partner schools
 Optional: A signed letter of support from key administrators, such as the principal or head of the school and/or the
school superintendent

Reviewing, Funding, and Notification Process

All qualified proposals will be considered by a review panel and evaluated on the criteria within the Call for Proposals.
Final decisions on grant recipients will be made and announced in writing. Submission of an ¡Adelante! America with
AT&T by LULAC proposal does not guarantee selection for an AT&T grant.

Report of Project Results

Each recipient will be required to provide the following project reports:
o Student Information: All participants must complete a student program application and copies
must be submitted to LULAC
o Grades and Attendance: Coordinators must collect transcripts of all Adelante America participants
at the beginning of the program and after its conclusion. Program Coordinators are required to
record each student’s cumulative Grade Point Average and the total number of absences the
student received the prior academic semester
o Qualitative Data: Coordinators must ensure all participants complete the student survey at when
enrolling in the program and after its conclusion.

Applications Must Be Received by 3:00 p.m Pacific Standard Time (PST)
on Thursday, December 15, 2011 and Sent to:
Elizabeth Garcia
¡Adelante! America with AT&T and LULAC
LULAC Regional Office
1225 8
Street, Suite 550
Sacramento, CA 95814

Incomplete and/or Incorrectly Formatted Applications Will Not Be Considered

¡Adelante! America with AT&T and LULAC
¡Adelante! America with AT&T and LULAC
2011 Proposal Application
(Please type)
1) Organization Name:

2) Address: Phone:

3) City, State, Zip: Fax:
4) Exec. Director/ CEO/
Senior Administrator
If fiscal agent see Item8 below.


5) Title: Phone: Fax:
E-Mail Address: Web Address:
6) Select One:

501(c)(3) Public Charity

Government Instrumentality

7) 509 A (3)? Y N
If yes, additional information is required.

Serving as fiscal agent for requesting organization? Y N
If yes, application must be in the name of the fiscal agent and must be
signed by a representative of the fiscal agent.
9) E-Rate? Y N If yes, see Item 21 below.

10) Total Project Cost: 11) Amount Requested:
12) Organization’s Mission:
13) Executive Summary: (270 words or less)

14) Y N We agree to cooperate with the 3
party evaluator that the AT&T Foundation or LULAC may retain to analyze the data we provide
under this grant.
15) Other funding sources and amounts, pending and committed: (If funds from this request will not cover the total project cost, additional funding sources
must be provided.)
16) Plans to sustain project beyond the term of this request:

¡Adelante! America with AT&T and LULAC
17) Required documents: (Requests without these documents will not be processed.)
 Copy of IRS determination letter, confirming the organization’s current 501(c)(3) public charity tax-exempt status or evidence of government
 If requesting organization is doing business under another name (“doing business as,” “d/b/a”), a copy of the documentation from the applicable
state/government entity, generally the Secretary of State's office, recognizing the d/b/a name must accompany this proposal.
 Line item budget for project.
 Project timeline.
 List of board members/trustees with their corporate affiliations. If application is being submitted using a fiscal agent, list of board members for the fiscal
agent must be provided.
 Publicity plan to promote the program/project and AT&T’s involvement.
 Project evaluation plan.
 A signed letter of support from key administrators, such as the principal or head of the school and/or the school superintendent.
18) Special populations served by the project:
Racial and ethnic: Please provide the percentage of each group participating. Total must equal 100 %. If you do not currently track racial and ethnic data, please
make an educated estimate. Please do not leave any area blank. Use a zero entry where appropriate. For domestic organizations, if a certain population is not
applicable to your organization and/or the specified project, please enter N/A, otherwise enter 0.

% African American %Hispanic/Latino % White
% Asian American % Native American % Other (Define) _________________________

18A) Income level: Please provide the percentage of low-income
individuals served by the project. If this population is not served by program/project, insert
N/A. Do not leave blank.

% Low-Income

18B) Other: If the program/project serves one or more of the populations below, indicate the percentage served. If one or more population(s) are not served by
your organization/project, insert N/A. Do not leave any area blank.
% Students with Disabilities (physical, mental, and/or learning) % Rural
% Urban Cluster
% Metro

% Children (Infant through 8th grade) % Teens (9
through 12

19) CEO
Title: Phone: E-Mail: Date:
20) Program
Title: Phone: E-Mail: Date:
As defined by the U.S. Federal Government Departments of Health & Human Services (, Housing and
Urban Development (, or U.S. Census Bureau (
Places of less than 2,500 persons, as defined by the U.S. Census Bureau.
An urban cluster is defined by the U.S. Census Bureau as territory that has at least 2,500 people but fewer than 50,000.
A metro area is defined by the U.S. Census Bureau as territory that has a population of 50,000 or more.
E-Rate Services within the meaning of 47 U.S.C. .§54.500 et. seq.

¡Adelante! America with AT&T and LULAC

The following participating LULAC Adelante America sites, which have capacity for educational
programming, are eligible to submit proposals for this competitive grant process.

Coalition of Educational Opportunities/LULAC
P.O. Box 1446
Hollister, CA 95023

Connecticut Association for United Spanish Action, Inc. (CAUSA)
284 Washington Street
Wallingford, CT 06492

La Casa de Amistad
746 South Meade
South Bend, IN 46619

Latin Americans United for Progress
371 Fairbanks Ave., #105
P.O. Box 1384
Holland, MI 49423