CHDV 150 Introduction to Curriculum

Small Group Activity Planning Form (with explanations & grading criteria)
Name of Activity: Veggie Brushes
Curriculum Area (What area are you “focusing” on? Is it: math, science, social-studies, language/literacy, or
the arts?): ocial tudies
Length of Activity:
15-! minutes
Learning "#$ectives %specify at least three&:
!" #he child $ill %e a%le to share a small amount of &aint $ith classmates" ('easure (: #a)ing turns)"
*" #he child $ill %e a%le to name at least * of the +eggies %eing used as &aint%rushes" ('easure *,:
-om&rehension of .nglish)"
," #he child $ill %e a%le to share the +eggie &aint%rushes $ith classmates ('easure (: #a)ing turns)"
'aterial()*uipment Needed:
-ucum%ers, -arrots, lices of %ell &e&&ers (red and green), celery, construction &a&er, &aint"
+reparation %,hat do you need to do #eforehand-&:
lice the %ell &e&&ers"
+rocedures %step #y step& . /e 0pecific
1/eginning %2ow will 3 introduce activity-&
/ #o %egin this acti+ity I $ill sho$ the children &ictures of the +egeta%le $e $ill %e using as &aint %rushes
in circle time"
/ When $e get into our small grou& I $ill let the children %egin to &aint their &ictures $ith the +egeta%les"
1'iddle: %2ow will 3 support(enhance(scaffold-& . 4he person reading your lesson plan should #e a#le to
identify what you are saying or doing to support your stated learning o#$ectives5 4230 30 6)78
/ I &lan to su&&ort the children %y first o%ser+ing them &aint their &ictures and share materials" I $ill listen
to hear if they are a$are of the +egeta%les they are using as &aint%rushes"
/ #o su&&ort an indi+idual child I might say something li)e, “I see 'ichael is using the green %ell &e&&er
to &aint his &icture0 1den $hat +egeta%le are you using to &aint?”
/ If I see that a child needs materials and that another child isn2t using something I $ill say something
li)e, “1m%er, it loo)s li)e 3olly needs a +egeta%le &aint%rush" ince you2re not using that carrot can
3olly use it?”
1)nd: %2ow will 3 #ring activity to conclusion and transition to next activity-&
/ I $ill gi+e all the children a ( minute $arning and hold u& the ( minute $arning sign"
/ 1t the end of the ( minute $arning I $ill start to sing the clean-u& song"
/ #he children $ill &artici&ate in clean u& %y thro$ing the +egeta%le %rushes in a %o$l and &utting their
art on the counter to dry"
/ 1fter they ha+e finished cleaning u& I $ill ha+e them gather in the circle time area"
/ I $ill ha+e the children, in small grou&s, go to the restroom to $ash their hands" #here $ill %e another
teacher in the restroom to monitor the children and let them )no$ to sit at their ta%les for snac) after
$ashing their hands
/ If the children are in+ol+ed in another acti+ity $hen it2s time to clean u&, the clean-u& song $ill still
a&&ly to them" #hey $ill need to clean u& their immediate area and return materials to the assigned
&lace" With the assistance of my fello$ teachers, I $ill also ha+e the children in+ol+ed in other
acti+ities, come to circle, lea+e in small grou&s to $ash their hands, and sit do$n for snac)"
14hroughout the day(wee9: what opportunities will the children have to reflect #ac9 on this activity-
/ #hroughout the $ee) $e $ill ha+e many o&&ortunities to reflect on this acti+ity %y continuing to tal)
a%out the +egeta%les they used as &aint%rushes $ith the teachers and their &eers"
/ I $ill also ma)e +egeta%le &aint%rushes a+aila%le to the children throughout the $ee) $hen they are
&ainting in the art center"
/ I $ill also dis&lay their creations so they are a%le to loo) at them and discuss them if they2d li)e to"