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CHDV 150 Introduction to Curriculum

Small Group Activity Form
Name of Activity:
How many worms?
Curriculum Area:
Length of Activity:
Learning Objectives (specify at least three):
1. The child will be able to use one to one correspondence. For example matching the apple with 3 worm
holes to the basket with the number 3 on it. Measure 3!" #lassi$ication%
&. The child will be able to count the correct number o$ apples' worm holes and baskets. Measure 33(
)umber *ense o$ mathematical operations%.
3. The child will begin to recogni+e the written number and correspond with the correct number o$ worm
holes. Measure &1( ,etter and word knowledge%.
Material/!uipment Nee"e":
Hole puncher
#onstruction paper
5 apples made $rom construction paper' 5 baskets made $rom construction paper
#reparation ($hat "o you nee" to "o beforehan"%):
- Make 5 apples out o$ construction paper.
- Make 5 baskets out o$ construction paper.
- .unch holes in the apples 1"5%.
- /rite the numbers 1"5 on the baskets.
#roce"ures (step by step) & 'e (pecific
)'eginning (*o+ +ill , intro"uce activity%)
- To begin the acti0ity and get the children thinking about counting and one to one correspondence 1 will
begin by asking them 2uestions like' 3How many apples do you see?4
- 1 will explain to the children that they are going to count the number o$ worm holes on an apple and then
place that apple in the basket that has the same number on it as the number o$ holes on the apple.
- 5uring small group time 1 will show the children the baskets and apples with worm holes that 1 created.
- 1 will then again explain that they are going to count the number o$ worm holes on an apple' and place
the apple in the corresponding basket.
- To guide the children in the acti0ity 1 will stay close by and o$$er assistance when needed. 1$ 1 see an
indi0idual child struggling 1 will get the child started by asking 2uestions like' 3#an you count and tell
me the number o$ holes in this apple?4 3#an you $ind the basket with that number on it?4
- There are no sa$ety concerns $or this acti0ity.
)Mi""le: (*o+ +ill , support/enhance/scaffol"%) & -he person rea"ing your lesson plan shoul" be able to
i"entify +hat you are saying or "oing to support your state" learning objectives. -*,( ,( /01
- To enhance the learning o$ the children 1 will begin by obser0ing them as they start to use the materials
$or the acti0ity.
- 1 will only get in0ol0ed i$ 1 see a child struggling or 1 see it necessary to sca$$old and enhance their
learning process. 1 am obser0ing to see i$ the child is able to count the number o$ holes on an apple and
place an apple in the agreeing basket.
- To stimulate con0ersation and thought 1 will ask 2uestions like' 31$ this apple has 3 holes' which basket
would you put it in?4 1 want the children to be consciously thinking about their decisions o$ which
basket to place which apple in.
- To help indi0idual children 1 can count one o$ the apples with them by asking them to point to each
indi0idual hole on an apple and count aloud. 6nce the child has $inished counting 1 will ask them' 3#an
you show me which basket has that number on it?4 Then 1 will ha0e them place the apple in the basket.
- 1 plan to ha0e miniature apple counters and bowls a0ailable $or the children to count with as well7 this
will pro0ide another opportunity $or the children to count' besides counting holes on an apple.
)n": (*o+ +ill , bring this activity to a conclusion an" transition to the ne2t activity% 'e very specific
in ho+ you +ill transition the chil"ren.)
- 1 will gi0e all the children a 5 minute warning and hold up the 5 minute warning sign.
- 8t the end o$ the 5 minute warning 1 will start to sing the clean"up song.
- The children will be in0ol0ed in the clean"up process by putting the materials they were using by
placing them in the proper plastic tub and returning the tubs to their proper place in the classroom.
- To transition the children to the next acti0ity 1 will dismiss them by the color o$ their clothing to go wash
their hands and then go o0er to the circle time area. /hile they are washing their hands another teacher
will be in the restroom a teacher will be in there monitoring their hand washing and sending to sit at
their tables $or snack.
-hroughout the "ay/+ee34 +hat opportunities +ill the chil"ren have to reflect bac3 on this activity%
- Throughout the day and week the children can re$lect on the acti0ity throughout the week by recreating
it on their own' or by counting and using a one to one correspondence in another acti0ity.
- The children will be able to talk with one another' as well as with teachers about the acti0ity.
- The children will also be able to re$lect o$ their learning in the art area' but drawing apples' worms or
baskets. To enhance their learning 1 might ask them i$ they can count the number o$ items in their