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Jocelyne Gonzalez
Ms. Frenzel
02,March, 2013
Affirmative action on large corporations
A lot of people throughout our history have fought for their rights and have changed a lot of people‟s
life and have provided a better future for the following generations. There is Martin Luther King Jr. and,
Rosa Parks who fought for equal rights for people of color, Cesar Chavez who fought for better wages
and working conditions for the farmers‟ , women who fought for the right to vote and to have the same
rights as men, and there is plenty of more people who have fought for equality. That fight continues to
this day. “As American citizens, we are insured equality under the United States Constitution.
However, America has not always upheld the belief of universal equality, and not everyone is
treated fairly. “(Gazzete) Affirmative action is “a policy or program providing advantages for people of
a minority group with the aim of creating a more racially equal society through preferential access to
education, employment, health care, social welfare, etc.”(Refrenda) This means that affirmative action
will help so that there equality. Affirmative action helps so that people are not discriminated against and
backs them up when they are discriminated against. Without affirmative action a lot of stereotypes will
not be broken and diversity, which schools, businesses, and corporations want, will not happen. Large
businesses should be required to employ minorities proportionate to the population and Affirmative action
should be a legal requirement for all corporations.
Affirmative action can break a lot of stereotypes. “Many students live very segregated lives up until
the time they start college.” {Messerli) Therefore if students interacted with many different races starting
at a young age, they would know that they are just as human as they are no matter where they are from, or

what color their skin is. Stereotypes could be broken and there would be more diversity if students in low
income areas had equal opportunities for education. Businesses and schools want diversity. “Without
affirmative action, this diversity is much less likely to occur. It is possible schools will become segregated
like in past decades. Elite schools may become increasingly dominated by majority students.”(Messerli)
One of the arguments for why affirmative action is not necessary is that since discrimination is illegal
there is no need for affirmative action. This is an incorrect claim because discrimination is illegal but it
still happens. “In the death penalty a person of color accused of the same crime as a white person is 3-4
times more likely to face the death penalty.” It is not just about race, it is also about gender, religion, and
any other reason for being discriminated. Affirmative action is needed so that everyone is treated equal
and is not being discriminated against. Another argument against affirmative action is that it will create
reverse discrimination. Reverse discrimination means that minority groups or individuals will be favored
so then large majorities will be discriminated against. This will not happen because Affirmative action
levels the field so that minorities will no longer be discriminated against like they have been for so long.
A claim that people opposing affirmative action also make is that with affirmative action in place
minorities who are not „equipped‟ to do certain jobs or go to certain collages will take the place of people
who are just because of the color of their skin or anything of that kind. This is also invalid because the
people will still have to work hard for what they want, the only difference is that they will have the
opportunity to get those jobs and go to the colleges that they want and could not get just because they do
not have a family with money.
“President Lyndon B. Johnson described the need for affirmative action, saying, "You do not
take a man who for years has been hobbled by chains, liberate him, bring him to the starting line
of a race, saying, 'You are free to compete with all the others,' and still justly believe you have
been completely fair."(Garrette) Affirmative action is needed to help so that there is equality and so that
it is truly just to the people who have been discriminated against. This will not affect in a bad way at all

because it is not giving them favoritism or making it easy for them to get into high places or good jobs,
but simply giving them the hand that they need to be able to walk from a fall that they have had. It is an
amazing way to give the equality that America stands for and that people have fought for extremely hard
and for a long time. Also since people would be able to get better jobs that they have worked to get they
will have more money so that when they have kids they will be able to send them to better schools and
then later on affirmative action will not be necessary because everything will be balanced out and the
stereotypes will have been gone, families that needed the opportunity to prove themselves will have
money so there will be places with less poverty making it a better economy for everyone. Schools will
have more diversity with a lot of good students and we will have come together in a colorblind society.
Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream that people would not be treated differently just because the color of
their skin, and he fought really hard to make it come true. It would be a very good change if we came
together as humans, not because our color of skin, sex, religion, but because we are all humans, we share
99.9 percent of the same DNA, why let that small 1percent become such a big deal. After all that people
have fought for equality it is time to truly be equal and break the barriers that separate us. Not just
because it is the law but because we truly feel it. To come together and learn from different cultures
maybe learn a little bit of different languages and other things that are outside of what we know. We
would know so much more and become less scared of the world, and we would expand the knowledge in
our heads greatly. We would not watch movies about different places but we would know different people
of different places and we would not have to travel. Affirmative Action is the hand that we all need to
make things equal and just.