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Caroline Henderson

Character-Based Classroom Presentation

The purpose of my presentation is to prepare new teachers to implement character-based
classroom management in their classrooms effectively. Students flourish in classroom
environments which emulate safety, care, respect, and value for student ideas. I plan to provide
new teachers with character-based tools and strategies to improve their classroom and school
relationships with students and teachers. A healthy and happy school environment allows
students and teachers to learn and grow to their highest potential!
Content Outline:
1) Get to know your students!
a. The sooner teachers become familiar with the personalities of their students,
the more effectively they can manage student strengths, differences, and
conflicts in the classroom.
b. GROUP TALK: How will you get to know your students during the first few
weeks of school?
2) First be an active researcher, then be the conductor
a. Learn which management strategies your students respond to best and then
1. Examples include: table points, individual recognition for
making good learning choices, class dojo, student jobs, etc.
2. GROUP TALK: What classroom management tools will you
use in your classroom?
3. This will change from year to year.
b. Say goodbye to the clip system and hello to positive reinforcement
1. Student responsibility is enforced and maintained much more
when it is expected rather than measured.
c. When you try something new, do not be discouraged! Keep researching and
conducting, teaching can many times include a trial and error system for the
most successful outcomes.
3) Create a safe, caring, and responsive school culture
a. Make sure your students know that they can share anything with you.
i. You can even say this explicitly to your students at the beginning of
the year including “I am here for you all the time and for anything.”
ii. GROUP TALK: How will you make your students feel safe in your
b. When students confide in you, take their thoughts and opinions seriously. Act
accordingly, never discounting how a student feels.
4) Build Community and Relationships in your classroom
a. Your classroom should be a family!
i. Based on respect and support, all your students should have each
other’s backs!
ii. Read students books at the beginning of the year which focus on
building certain aspects of character, name your classroom, give
students voice and choice, emulate and expect kindness, etc.
iii. GROUP TALK: How will you develop the sense of family in your
5) Discipline
a. Basing discipline on the positive can aid in student responsibility and personal
i. When students make their own choices they can own their actions and
b. Ask your students if they think they are making a responsible decision or if
what they are doing is helping their learning change, rather than telling them
they are doing something wrong.
i. GROUP TALK: What are some phrases you can use in your
classroom to have students own their actions rather than telling them
what to do?
6) Classrooms with social emotional standards
a. Students in your classroom have emotional needs beyond academics.
i. If you want to create a character-based classroom environment, you
must also assist students with their social and emotional growth so that
they can become well rounded, moral, and strong people.
ii. GROUP TALK: How will you develop and assist your students in
their social and emotional growth in your classroom?
7) Rita Pierson TED Talk Video: Every Kid Needs a Champion
Planned presentation:
My presentation will include an introductory small lecture for each topic, and then I will have the
new teachers discuss in small groups answers to the questions labeled under “GROUP TALK”
throughout my presentation. This will offer new teachers the opportunity to discuss effective
character-based classroom management strategies they have already observe in classrooms, but
also to learn new ideas from their peers. Also, the questions will create discussion amongst new
teachers who will be working and learning together for the next year about how to be their very
best teacher selves. I will end my presentation with the new teachers watching the TED Talk
video by Rita Pierson which presents my teaching philosophy in an engaging light. I believe all
of my students and that with student effort there is always opportunity for growth and success!
Handouts (title only):
1) The Kounin & Glasser Models = A Summary
2) Failure IS an Option
3) School Safety is Everybody’s Business
4) Classroom Management: The Intervention Two-Step
5) From Presentation Youtube Video: Rita Pierson TED Talk: Every Kid Needs a
Assessment (How will you decide how well you did?):
I will ask the new teachers who experienced my character-based classroom presentation session
to complete a survey at its close. This survey will be created on Google docs and I will be able to
review the new teachers’ responses once submitted. Questions that will be in my survey include:
1) Do you feel more prepared for your student teaching experience after this presentation? 2)
What did you find most beneficial to learn about character-based classroom management? 3)
Will you use the strategies and ideas discussed throughout the presentation in your classroom? 4)
If so, which character-based classroom management strategies will you implement as a new
teacher? 5) What would you have liked to learn more about during the presentation based on
character-based classroom management? 6) Overall, did you enjoy this presentation? 7) Any
suggestions to improve my character-based classroom presentation in the future?