Support File for ISLLC Standard 2

The Culture of Teaching and Learning
“A school administrator is an educational leader who promotes the success of all students by
advocating, nurturing, and sustaining a school culture and instructional program conducive to student
learning and staff professional growth”
Personal Statement: Leaders are responsible for creating, nurturing, and sustaining a culture of
collaboration, trust, learning, and high expectations. In order to accomplish this they must create a
comprehensive and rigorous curriculum in a personalized and motivating learning environment. The
leader must also supervise the instruction and develop assessment and accountability systems to monitor
student progress and achievement.
Artifact Reflection Source
A,B,C,,!,I "#$$
Artifact 3
I %as able to create a document that outlined a process for
district introduction of the "ext #eneration $cience $tandards.
It re&uired me to thin' about timing and the importance of the
needs of the adult learner.
A ()*
+Curriculum and
A,,,.,# $taff /etention
Artifact 4
,eveloping the staff retention plan allo%ed a close loo' at the
process needed to ensure teacher success and to decrease teacher
attrition due to staff burnout.
A (1) +!uman
2anagement and
,I Constructing and
Classroom Tests
I %as able to use this assignment to evaluate the strengths and
%ea'nesses of a common assessment that is currently being used
by the district middle school science department.
A ()3
and ,ata
A,,,. 2oodle 0ost4
I learned that having crucial conversations is a part of creating a
healthy organization. I also learned a process to gain control of a
crucial conversation %hile ta'ing charge of your emotions. This
%ill be a critical s'ill %hen addressing staff members, students,
and difficult parents.
A (1) +!uman
2anagement and
A,C,,,,.,#,I Case $tudy4
Webster Case
Artifact 5
Inheriting an unhealthy school culture is one of the most
difficult tas's a building principal ta'es on. This assignment
allo%ed me to reflect upon ho% to evaluate the school5s culture,
provide suggestions for positive change, and enable the
administration to reconnect %ith the community.
A (1) +!uman
2anagement and
A,,,.,I 0rofessional
6hile %or'ing as the interim Assistant 0rincipal I %as able to
reflect upon and refine my professional practice in order to
establish myself as a nurturing, caring professional.
Completed %hile
acting as Interim