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Support File for ISLLC Standard 3

The Management of Learning
“A school administrator is an educational leader who promotes the success of all students by ensuring
management of the organization, operations, and resources for a safe, efficient, and effective learning
Personal Statement: Leaders manage learning by monitoring and evaluating the daily operations of the
school which include the human, fiscal, and technological resources. Additionally, they promote and
protect the welfare and safety of students and staff. Leaders must also be able to distribute and cultivate
leadership within the school while also ensuring that teacher and organizational time is used to support
quality instruction and student learning.
Artifact Reflection Source (Course
A,B,C,E tudent and taff
Artifact 6
! created surveys for student and staff to better
understand school perceptions.
EA "#$
%&esting, 'easurement, and
(ata Analysis
A,B,E Business
'anager and
!nterview and
Analysis of a
(istrict Budget
Conducting interviews with the Business 'anager and
the uperintendent allowed me to understand how the
budgeting process wor)s. !t clarified how trust between
the chool Board and Central Administration is
important and how our mission must be aligned with
funding school priorities.
EA "#*%chool Business
B,C,(,E ,rincipal
Artifact 7
By carefully writing *- interview questions ! was able to
reflect upon what would be important to the school !
was teaching at. ! provided a rationale for each question
and an additional question to dig deeper in order to hire
a principal who was best fit for the school, which would
allow a healthy culture to be produced.
EA ".#
%/uman 0esource
'anagement and upervision+
C 1ellness ,lan &he wellness plan allowed me to evaluate my wellbeing
as it relates to diabetes and stress management. &hrough
researching ! was able to create a plan for myself that
has helped my health and overall wellbeing.
EA ".#
%/uman 0esource
'anagement and upervision+
A,B,E Budget
&his culminating paper created the opportunity to
research budgetary implications and ma)e
recommendations for a district nearing pro2ected deficit.
EA "#*%chool Business
C,( 0ecommendation
Artifact 8
! was able to write recommendation letters for staff and
students that supported their desires to participate in
leadership roles and activities.
Completed while acting as
!nterim Assistant ,rincipal
A,B,C,(,E !mprovement of
/olding the position of !nterim Assistant ,rincipal was
the most rewarding capstone to my entire Ed..
program. ! was able to practice and reflect upon
everything that ! learned in the last 33 months and !
really li)e it4
Completed while acting as
!nterim Assistant ,rincipal