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Table 1.

KMEA Repertoire Worksheet 2/09
Eudora High School Women's Combined Choir
Transit Instrum Tem
Compo Voici Ke ion en- Text pi/M Tim Publis
Song Set Title ser ng y a notes
cappella tation LATIN:
notes Cuteter e her
"Cantat start with Sing to time, Colla
I. e no audible the Lord alternat Voce
Looking Domin Heinrich pitch a new ing with 20-
forward o" Schutz SSA B given a cappella song.
are 3/2 1:32 96690
piano possible unpublish
"We (composer with work ed
Never Cynthia will play at and mixed manuscri
Know" Renfro SSAA Em KMEA) belief. meter 2:01 pt
II. Santa
"I Am Barbara
Looking Not David 4/4 SBMP
inward Yours" Childs SSAA DM
a cappella
piano lovesong
time 3:50 568
transitiona cappella dreams
from with of Alliance -
From a SSAA previous djembe adolesce not
Girl to with ending DM (composer nts, in available
the Andrea spoken chord to will play at their 4/4 until
World" Ramsey solos BM unison B KMEA) wordsl time 2:44 3/09
III. from
e con
Missa moto
Looking mercy. Colle
Heavenw SSAA Cm- Christ
in C Imnant with AbM- have 21-
ard! minor" Raminsh soli CM piano mercy.
3:46 21000
gone, all Joyous
a cappella the way =176
transition over to 6/8 &
from the other 3/4
previous shore, alternat
ending CM enlighten ing earthson
"Gate AM- chord to a cappella ment, w/mixe gs
Gate" Brian Tate SSAA BbM unison A start, piano svaha! d meter 4:14 W-50