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Immigration Policy Ryan Westvig, Karenna

Pullen, Joelin Nordine, & Nohely Alcala

Issue Option Policy Evidence
Application Process
1,3 Illegal immigrants must register at a registration facility. Where
there information will be put on file and they will go through a
series of background checks and interviews to be accepted into
a state of purgatory. Maximum wait will be five years.
Background checks and interviews will
give the government a chance to check
who everyone is when filing for citizenship.
Qualifications &
1 All applicants must be able to understand the English language.
They must be able to pass an English language proficiency test.
They must be older than 18 years old at the time of filing for
citizenship. If younger than 18 years old, parent or guardian may
file under their name. Applicants must have a steady job.
If a person holds a steady job that shows
that they are responsible and also ensure
an income.
Involuntary Immigrants
3 All involuntary immigrants must have a high school diploma and
then apply for citizenship. Must be 18 years old at the time of
filing for citizenship.
Being a able to file for citizenship after
getting a high school diploma is a
motivation to be educated.
Fees and Fines
1,,3 A reasonable fine should be paid at the time of filing for
citizenship. Applicants must pay for the filing process.
When all applicants pay for the process of
filing that will be considered an economic
Future Immigration
2 Make future immigration unnecessary. Improve conditions in other countries so
there is no need for their citizens to
immigrate to America.
Border Security
Issue Option Policy Evidence
4 National guard patrols borders instead of having to pay other’s
to patrol. It will be safer and not as epensive.
Trained personnel can perform better than
others. Also, if we hire others we would
have to pay for their training and also for
their wages.
1 Immigration does not significantly threaten our national security
if they have background checks.
Many immigrants just want to come for a
better job and a better living in the United
1 Allow a larger quota from countries such as Mexico and China
because these countries have had more exclusions than other
In the past these countries have had
greater restrictions and there has been
more discrimination towards these
Issue Option Policy Evidence
1,3 Admit U.S. citizens and people in process of becoming a United
States citizen into Universities or Colleges. Public school should
be available to everyone.
Being able to go to school means that, that
person is responsible enough to go to
Financial Aid
1,3 Only U.S. citizens and students in the Dream Act should be able to
apply for financial aid. Students that are in the process of filing
for citizenship are able to receive financial aid but they must go
through a different process.
We want more people to be educated in
the United States, we cannot get this if
many people are getting discouraged to
study because they cannot afford.
Therefore, financial aid should be available
for students who want to further their
Eligibility for Social

Issue Option Policy Evidence
Welfare & Food Stamps
1 Everyone in the United States should be able to apply for
welfare and food stamps. All of the social services can obtained
but there should be a quota depending of the annual income of
each individual family.
With a quota put on all social services it will
be easier to manage to provide these
services to families throughout the United
1 There must be legitimate proof that the person has worked for
more than five years. No undocumented immigrants are allowed
to recieve unemployment benefits.
With proof that the employee has worked
and be stable at a job they may apply for
unemployment benefits.
Issue Option Policy Evidence
2 Each year there will be a different quota to accommodate
increasing numbers each year of high skilled workers. They are
welcome to come and work in the United States with a special
permit stating that they are high skilled workers. Immediate
families of these high skilled workers may also come to the
United States but also with a special permit.
United States is in need of high skilled
workers, many of them which will be
payed much more less than workers
already in the United States. Also many
educated people are from different
countries. If we neglect them we are not
improving United States.
Low Wage Opportunities
2 Everyone should be able to take advantage of a low wage
opportunity. By doing this we are increasing the income of many
By increasing the income of many families,
we also increase the amount of money
they have to annualy pay taxes.
Employment Verification
1 Employers should not have to process an employment
verification plan, without a legitimate reason to verify their
If an employee does not give his/her
employer a legitimate reason for their
employer to doubt that they are not from
the Unitd States.
Penalties for Hiring
Unauthorized Workers
1,3 If employer does not verify an employee when given a
legitimate reason, employer must pay a fine depending on the
When an employer is given a legitimate
reason and it is not taken into
consideration, he/she must penalized.
Issue Option Policy Evidence
4 The ground for deportation should include removal upon:
criminal activity and/or drug trafficking. If illegal immigrant
already has a record than he/she should be deported.
If an undocumented immigrant commits a
crime like the ones noted, they should be
deported because they should not have
the privilege to be in the United States.
Criminal Penalties
4 When an undocumented immigrant commits a crime he/she
should be punished as a United States citizen would be punished
after punishment is taken into place deportation should happen.
All criminals should be punished the same
depending on the crime they committed.
There should be no difference because
someone is a United States citizen or an
undocumented immigrant.
Asylum and Refugees
1 Allow people from any other country with a legitimate fear of
prosecution or danger in their home country. When they come to
the United States they are able to have a full protection of U.S.
refugee system.
People seeking refuge must be
background check and made sure they are
beieng prosecuted.
Issue Option Policies Evidence
Economic Advantages 1,3
When more people come to the United States it increases the
economy because more people will pay taxes and will also
contribute by purchasing necessities in the United States. Also
more high skilled workers from different countries will be fine if
the United States pays them low wages.
When comparing both economic
advantages and disadvantages, positive
advantages are at a higher number. United
States gains more money when welcoming
high skilled workers into the United States.
Also, by hiring low wage workers they
improve the economy.

By letting undocumented immigrants enter the United
States, it also adds to the population that is already
increasing. More jobs would have to be created and also
more schools would be needed
Having undocumented immigrants
enter the United States can carry a lot
of economic disadvantages. Many ask
for social services benefits and
financial aid to further their education.
But, when this is given to
undocumented immigrants with high
skills it also helps United States
because they contribute to society.