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Bernhard Schulte Policy Note Status Sheet


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Policy Notes

Reference Title Date issued

Group LPSQ:
PN/LPSQ/2008/01/wl Policy Notes & Fleet Advisories Jan 2008
PN/LPSQ/2008/02/wl Unified documented management system Feb 2008
PN/LPSQ/2008/03/wl Navigational Watchkeeping Guidance to Deck
Feb 2008
PN/LPSQ/2008/04/wl D&A Policy, Quality Policy, HSE Policy
(Cancelled by PN/Fleet/2011/20)
Jun 2008
PN/LPSQ/2008/05/wl Incidents Reporting and Investigations Sep 2008
PN/LPSQ/2008/06/wl Management Review Meetings -SDCs Sep 2008
PN/LPSQ/2008/07/wl Gulf of Aden Transit Policy Withdrawn Dec 2008
PN/LPSQ/2008/08/ap Policy Note on Acceptance of New Business in the
Consolidation Phase
(Cancelled by PN/Fleet/2009/02/RB)
Jul 2008

PN/LPSQ/2009/01/wl Child Pornography Feb 2009
PN/LPSQ/2009/02/wl Bunker Fuel Reserves Safe Margin Mar 2009
PN/LPSQ/2009/03/wl Speaking Up Policy
(Cancelled by PN/Fleet/2011/20)
April 2009
PN/LPSQ/2009/04/wl Ingress of ballast water into cargo holds June 2009
PN/LPSQ/2009/05/wl Group Safety Notifications Fleet Alerts August 2009
PN/LPSQ/2009/06/wl Vetting policy September 2009
PN/LPSQ/2009/07/wl Class System September 2009
PN/LPSQ/2009/08/wl Not allocated yet
PN/LPSQ/2009/09/wl Crew Recreation Fund October 2009
PN/LPSQ/2009/10/wl Chemical Manual November 2009
PN/LPSQ/2009/11/wl BSM Cadet Scheme December 2009

PN/HR(Marine)2008/01/hj CSC References Jan 2008
PN/HR(Marine)2008/02/hj Travel of Filipino Senior Officers Apr 2008
PN/HR(Marine)2008/03/hj Reporting of overdue crew onboard Apr 2008

2009 HR (Marine)
PN/HR(Marine)2009/01/hj Long Service Awards August 2009

2012 HR (Marine)
PN/HR(Marine)2012/01/AS Crew re-employment policy April 2012

Bernhard Schulte Policy Note Status Sheet

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2009 HR (Shore)
PN/HR(Shore)2009/01/wl Travel Policy October 2009

2012 HR (Shore)
Policy Note on Salary Payment in local currency from
US Dollars
March 2012

2008 - Fleet
PN/Fleet/2008/01/df Reporting requirements to each GMD
(Cancelled by PN/Fleet/2008/01/DF)
Apr 2008
PN/Fleet/2008/02/df Reporting requirements to each GMD
REPLACES PN/Fleet/2008/01
Dec 2008

2009 - Fleet
PN/Fleet/2009/01/AJD Marketing and Business Acquisition
(Cancelled by PN/Fleet/2012/12/RB)
October 2009
PN/Fleet/2009/02/RB Acceptance of new Business in the Consolidation
(Cancelled by PN/FLEET/2010/11/RB)
October 2009

2010 Fleet
PN/Fleet/2010/01/RK Inspection of Vessels not under BSM Management March 2010
PN/Fleet/2010/02/WL Supply Chain Management April 2010
PN/Fleet/2010/03/WL Work and Maintenance Management culture onboard May 2010
PN/Fleet/2010/04/RCC Violation of MARPOL Regulations (Annex I) May 2010
PN/Fleet/2010/05/SS Control of Emission of Ozone Depleting Substances
(MARPOL Annex VI Revisions)
May 2010
PN/Fleet/2010/06/DF/HP/RK Training Masters and Superintendents May 2010
PN/Fleet/2010/07/WL Guidelines on Reporting of Incidents to Group LPSQ
and Oil Majors
June 2010
PN/Fleet/2010/08/WL Major and Significant Incidents Investigations - Roles
and Responsibilities
June 2010
PN/Fleet/2010/09/WL Changes to the QHSE manuals- No. 1

June 2010
PN/Fleet/2010/10 Changes to the QHSE Manuals No 2

July 2010
PN/Fleet/2010/11/RB Acceptance of New business
(Cancelled by PN/FLEET/2012/11/RB)
August 2010
PN/Fleet/2010/12 Use of Armed Guards in Piracy Areas August 2010
PN/Fleet/2010/13 Rescue of Distress Craft August 2010
PN/Fleet/2010/14 Enclosed Space Entry Procedures October 2010
PN/Fleet/2010/15 Filter Masks October 2010
PN/Fleet/2010/16 Citadels and safe muster points
(Cancelled and Replaced BY FA/SAF/33/2011)
October 2010
PN/Fleet/2010/17 Palladic Chloride test on Chemical tankers October 2010
Bernhard Schulte Policy Note Status Sheet

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PN/Fleet/2010/18 Carriage of family members and minors in piracy areas November 2010
PN/Fleet/2010/19 Incident initial advice November 2010
PN/Fleet/2010/20 Anti Piracy and Security Support Centre (APSSC) November 2010
PN/Fleet/2010/21 Revised Format of Incident reporting Form SHE-27 December 2010

PN/Fleet/2011/01 Barbeque equipment onboard tankers January 2011
PN/Fleet/2011/02 Illegal discharge of fuel with sludge to shore reception
(to be read in conjunction with FA/Fleet/2011/01
January 2011
PN/Fleet/2011/03 QHSE Amendments January 2011
PN/Fleet/2011/04 Quick Closing Valves February 2011
PN/Fleet/2011/05 Policies signed by CEO / ORG structure & brief
February 2011
PN/Fleet/2011/06 New Inspection Report
(Cancelled by PN/Fleet/ PN/Fleet/2011/27)
February 2011
PN/Fleet/2011/07 Seafarers Declaration February 2011
PN/Fleet/2011/08 Steaming of cargo tanks March 2011
PN/Fleet/2011/09 BSM Risk Assessment Process March 2011
PN/Feet/2011/10 Tank Washing March 2011
PN/Fleet/2011/11 Control of bunker and sludge transfers with the
attachment QHSE form -TEC 034
April 2011
PN/Fleet/2011/12 QHSE Amendments April 2011
PN/Fleet/2011/13 QHSE Amendments May 2011
PN/Fleet/2011/14 Tank Washing procedures May 2011
PN/Fleet/2011/15 Monitoring of lashing gear & inventory control on
container vessels
May 2011
PN/Fleet/2011/16 Crisis of Media Management Network June 2011
PN/Fleet/2011/17 Training requirements and procedures to be followed
on vessels equipped with dual ECDIS
July 2011
PN/Fleet/2011/18 Change in Mooring/Anchoring Practices Tool box
meeting at Site
July 2011
PN/Fleet/2011/19 Guidelines on reporting incidents to Group LPSQ and
Oil Majors
July 2011
PN/Fleet/2011/20 New DA and Speaking up Policy July 2011
PN/Fleet/2011/21 New DA procedures July 2011
PN/Fleet/2011/22 Masters review of QHSE Manuals August 2011
PN/Fleet/2011/23 Selection and Vetting of Private Maritime Security
Contractors (PMSCs)
September 2011
PN/Fleet/2011/24 Changes to USMS manuals October 2011
PN/Fleet/2011/25 Full Management Proposal Package
(Cancelled by PN/Fleet/2012/06)
October 2011
PN/Fleet/2011/26 Lumpsum vessel quotation template / chart of accounts
(Cancelled by PN/Fleet/2012/08)
October 2011
PN/Fleet/2011/27 New Ship Inspection Report - Ver. 1.5 October 2011
PN/Fleet/2011/28 PPE Matrix November 2011

Bernhard Schulte Policy Note Status Sheet

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PN/Fleet/2012/01/wl Internal Transfers of Oil January 2012
PN/Fleet/2012/02/wl QHSE Manual Amendment-Wire Renewals January 2012
PN/Fleet/2012/03/wl Revised Speaking up Policy February 2012
PN/Fleet/2012/04/wl QHSE Manual Amendment Elevator Safety
February 2012
PN/Fleet/2012/05/wl Policy Note on Salary Payment in Local Currency
from US Dollars (Not released yet)
March 2012
PN/Fleet/2012/06/wl Full Management Proposal Package March 2012
PN/Fleet/2012/07/wl QHSE Manual Amendment LSFO Change Over
Calculator in OPCP
March 2012
PN/Fleet/2012/08/wl Lumpsum vessel quotation template/ chart of accounts March 2012
PN/Fleet/2012/09/wl QHSE Manual Amendment Form PSRM 04
Vacation, Relief and Training Planner
March 2012
PN/Fleet/2012/10/wl Use of GUARDCON contract with Private Maritime
Security Contractors (PMSCs)
April 2012
PN/Fleet/2012/11/RB Acceptance of New Business May 2012
PN/Fleet/2012/12/RB Marketing and Business Acquisition May 2012
PN/Fleet/2012/13/WL QHSE Manual Amendment-Chemical Manual
May 2012

2009 - Financial

PN/Finc/2009/01/PV/AG Disaster recovery & Assistance Fund
(Cancelled by PN/Finc/2012/01/PV)
October 2009

PN/Finc/2010/01/AJD Venezuela Office August 2010

PN/Finc/2011/01/AG/PV Supply of Bonded Stores & Hygiene Stores Tender May 2011
PN/Finc/2011/02/AG/PV Contract basis for supply of crew May 2011
PN/Finc/2011/03/AG/PV Payment of crew wages when owner fails to pay BSM May 2011

BSM Relief fund April 2012

Bernhard Schulte Policy Note Status Sheet

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2012 - Security

PN/Sec/2012/01/WL Preventive Measures against Drug Smuggling and
January 2012
PN/Sec/2012/02/UG Compliance with Security Guidelines May 2012
PN/Sec/2012/03/UG Temporary Handling of Security Guidelines May 2012
PN/Sec/2012/04/UG Guidance on Rules for the Use of Force (RUF) by
Privately Contracted Armed Security Personnel
(PCASP) in Defence of a Merchant Vessel (MV)
May 2012

Bernhard Schulte Policy Note Status Sheet

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