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Chalking out the priorities
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Open Your Heart Chakra---By Rabia Kochar.
Heart in meditation-can be
1. Physical
2. Spiritual
3. Emotional
If our heart chakra is not balance we may be defensive and self
So you are happy when your heart is energetic and feel
disappointed,nostalgic and nervous when your heart chakra is not
taken care of.
Hence meditation on heart increases our
 clarity and transparency.
 Relives stress
 Increases your retention power and memory
 Reduces negative emotions
 Bightens face and facial muscles.
 We culcate the habit of obseving our words,activities and thoughts.
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Relax and sit on padmasan in gyan/chi mudra
Inhale deeply and exhale slowly.
Think negative enegies are removed on exhalation.
Contemplate white energy entering from above to –Sahasrar ,agyan
chakra,Throat(Visudh chakra) and heart chakra.
This white enegy energises your heart and removes all negativity and
through gratitudeness you are wishing the same to your family all
that help and love you.

Now slowly imagine that this bright light diminishes and goes back to
Now say Thank you God

It is better not to write.Because if all people suggest it is difficult to
But Mr Modi is having certain priorities

Of course I pray an angry Mr Advani does not go for a new party
BJP(L).like Mamata ji,Sarad pawar,Cong(I),YSRC cong .
10 yrs back “Knocking the wrong door” to Dr Singh proved disastrous .
1. Peace must be a great priority even that may cost an Atomic rejection
and Prez Obama should be the right choice.
2. Industry & employment in backward region
3. Inflation checking
4. Foreign exchange rate determination
5. Home ,work,honour humanity and food to mad and road side beggars
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6. A transparent non-corrupted policy
7. Yoga and Spiritualism promotion as swadeshi symbol
8. Safety to women and old aged
9. Good education to children

May be Mr Modi took the oppurtunity created by mr Kejriwal and Shri
Anna Hazare and should not harass them in any member like a 75 yr
old opurtunism method.

An article By Kailash

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