B2B Analysis of Marketing Strategies for WIPRO

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Mr. Malay Shrivastava Designation- Business Analyst, WIPRO LOB- Business Intelligence & Infrastructure Management

Mr. Abishek Sahani Designation Pre Sales Consultant, WIPRO LOB- EAS

‡Wipro (Western India Palm Refined Oils) started in 1945 as a vegetable oil trading company ‡In 1977 Wipro entered into the information technology sector ‡In 1979 Wipro began developing its own computers and in 1980 moved to software development ‡Since 1992 Wipro began to grow its roots offshore in US and by 2000 its ADRs were listed in

‡Currently Wipro Ltd deals in ± information technology, consumer care, lighting, engineering &

healthcare businesses
‡Provider of integrated business, technology and process solutions on a global delivery platform ‡First CMMi Level 5 certified software services company ‡First company outside USA to receive the IEEE Software Process Award ‡55+ Centers of Excellence creates customized solutions irrespective of domain involved



Wipro Technologies uses two distribution models for its IT based services:Global Delivery Model- Also known as ³follow

the sun model´ as it provides delivery of services at a global platform 
Fixed Delivery model:- Distribution of services

from one fixed location to multiple customers

Achieving Data Synchronization

Internal IT Systems Integration  External Data Synchronization  Data Analytics

Distribution framework of WIPRO:product data standardized or a creation of a common product catalog a pre requisite for all Project Management of any distributor between retailers and suppliers 
Reverse Logistics :- Seamless collaboration Centers of Excellence :- Provides winning Common Product Catalog :- This makes

solutions faced by Wipro¶s clients and help them proactively respond to industry trends

Wipro Technologies generally uses two main pricing models for its IT based services: Time and Material Pricing Model:- Based on the concept of hourly fixed rate for the total cost involved. Total revenue generated is computed by multiplying the total number of hours worked by hourly rate Fixed Price Pricing Model :- Total price for the contract is agreed to a fixed amount with the business client Merchandising and Pricing:- The area of expertise of merchandising and Pricing COE (Centers of Excellence) include technology, domain and process consulting in merchandize planning, category management, price and mark down management and retailer suppler collaboration

Human Resources :- ³Centers of Excellence´

delivering unmatched business value to customers through a process of quality excellence, quality frameworks and service delivery innovation  Employee Feedback and Communication:Wipro believes in connecting and listening to people  Corporate Culture :- Innovative and thought provoking corporate culture with beyond work  Workforce diversity:- Promotes respect for entire human race

Business Level Program:Wipro Leaders Qualities Survey:- 360 degrees survey

process Leaderships lifecycle Programs:- Training and development programs at various stages have been designed by mapping the competencies to different roles  Entry Level Program (ELP) New leaders Program(NLP) Wipro Leaders Program(WLP) Business Leaders Program(BLP) Strategic Leaders Program(SLP)

Evolution of Six Sigma at Wipro:- Wipro started the

initiative of Six Sigma in 2000. Six sigma at Wipro means a measure of quality that strives for near perfection. It is an umbrella initiative covering all business units and divisions so that it could transform itself in a world class organization by following the following rules: Have products and services meet global benchmark  Ensure robust processes within the organization Consistently meet and exceed customer expectations Make quality a culture within

Wipro pursue quality with a missionary zeal and have put robust processes to ensure that it delivers quality with six sigma consistency . Salient features of Quality Program at Wipro: Most mature six sigma program in the industry with a rate of 91% of their project completed in schedule 
Worlds first company to be awarded PCMM Level 5 and CMMI Level 5 Defect prevention Cycle time reduction due to lower rework rate Cost of failure avoidance and high project visibility

Wipro focuses largely on ³pull´ marketing initiatives, targeting prospective clients while they are searching for relevant IT information. Mostly this mean web based marketing with four key components:-

Search engine promotion

Thought leadership content on leading IT portals and directories

Web seminars and events

Website content

Planning to aggressively develop the R&D services by focussing on high growth markets Dedicated sales team for Europe and Asia  Focused on New Client Acquisition in Europe & Asia  Wipro s own website is the fulcrum of the entire lead-generation program  Consciously focused on increasing the revenue contribution from higher-end service lines  Special offers and more than 400 case studies to get visitors to demonstrate and register their special interests

Comprehensive Web monitoring  Wipro uses permission marketing to strengthen relationships and move prospects along the sales cycle  telesales, direct mail, and industry-based newsletters  Marketing team relies on the prospect database to create carefully targeted lists based on incoming traffic, client profiles, and ongoing web activity  The database is so effective that Wipro no longer buys lists of any kind to support its marketing efforts.

Innovation as a key business driver  Inorganic growth strategy for getting deeper domain

expertise , adding new service lines and fuelling rapid growth 
Quality management system for high quality standards  Low cost service by efficiently managing the resources  Excellent corporate work culture by designing various

programs for building strong corporate environment


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