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Religion 15 Assignment 1 Dillon Sweeney

Since the time of Pope Pius XII, the Church has explicitly stated that both types of
transplants are licit, based upon the principle of fraternal charity, but only when certain
requirements are met. Remembering that the end does not justify the means, these
requirements include:
1. The necessity of informed consent legitimately given by the donor or one who speaks
for him.
2. The physical and psychological risks incurred by the donor must be proportionate to
the good sought for the recipient. The donor must be aware of these risks and the
proportionate good.
3. To destroy the healthy functioning or intrinsic beauty of one's body, even to delay
death of another, is morally wrong.
Play it Again Organ Donation CatholicEducation.

Those three things that are listed above, are the requirements that are to be met for
the Catholic church. People who are against organ donation on the belief that their religion
is against it, might actually be wrong. Many modern religions are pro-organ donation. Other
reasons that people might not donate their organs, specifically their eyes and heart, is
because they believe that their soul lives within their heart and the eyes are the window to
the world. Other people believe that doctors wont give you the best care possible if you are
a organ donor. Which is wrong, because hospital stuff HAVE to give the best kind of care
possible. Also in most cases a doctor wont inquire whether or not if a person is a donor
until he/she is no longer able to function as a human being (eg. brain death). For some
people, it creeps them out knowing that what used to be himself/herself is now inside of
another person, and they have no control over it anymore. However, your body is your
body. No one but you should make the decision, no one else.

Only 15 out of every 1,000,000 Canadians are organ donors. Canada's organ donation
rate ranks in the bottom half of countries in the western world where transplants are
Organ Donation Awareness KinCanada.
Canadas current (estimate) population is 35,344,962. Which means that Canada has
around 530 organ donors.

When any patient dies, the hospital is required to contact the local OPO (Organ
Procurement Organization). A member of the organization then determines if you are a
potential donor or a registered organ donor and also if your organs are in a healthy state for
donation. Then your family is contacted about donation, asked for consent (if you arent
registered) and ask about your medical history.

If your organ is able to be donated, it is then packaged and delivered to the nearest
transplant hospital. A rep. of the OPO will transport your organ in a cooler. However if the
organs destination is far away, a contracted team from that hospital or OPO will fly to the
organ, take possession, and deliver it to the transplant hospital. Where it is then
Religion 15 Assignment 1 Dillon Sweeney
transplanted to the waiting recipient. There are no charges to the donors family, contrary to
some peoples understanding.

Organ donation is a good thing. Its a very good thing. Organs are what allow people
to live, without them we actually would die really quickly. Which is why we have things that
allow us to donate our organs. Knowing that you have prolonged another persons life,
allowing them to live longer and spend more time with their friends and family. Would make
anyone feel great!

Religion 15 Assignment 1 Dillon Sweeney
2. Ten reasons on why not to unwind the person beside me
He is a human being just like me or you
He can feel. Cutting off limbs and removing organs causes an extreme amount of pain
Its a form of torture. Knowing that your parents have willingly sent you off to die and
having to deal with the fact that your life is basically over because you have no free will
The recipient(s) has lived his/her life already. He still has one way ahead of him
He has friends whose lives may be ruined or severely scarred forever by his misfortune
He could become the person who invents the flying car. Who would want responsibility
for killing the person that invents the flying car?
Unwinding is inhumane and it degrades the one being sacrificed
He is a great person who is loyal to his friends
He has knowledge that is be a great benefit to the community
It is his body, he should be able to decide what he does with his body, not somebody