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World of the Trouble: The Last Policeman Book III by Ben H.

Book Club Discussion Questions

1. At the end of Countdown City, Hank Palace is safely tucked away in a house that has plenty of
food and resources. What did you think about Hank leaving this home at the beginning of World
of Trouble to search for his sister, Nico?

2. With the asteroid growing ever nearer, America has fallen into chaos. What did you find most
surprising about Winterss depiction of the world?

3. Cortez is a grifter, but in the last fourteen days before impact he decides to join Hank on his
mission to find Nico. Is Cortezs relationship with Palace surprising to you? Why do you think
he joined Hank?

4. Hank reminisces about experiences with his sister, Nico, a few times in his final days. In the
same situation, how do you think youd spend your last days on Earth?

5. Atlee Miller chose to shield his family from the truth about the asteroid. What did you think of
his decision? Did it challenge your views on faith?

6. In The Last Policeman and Countdown City, Hank Palace remains hopeful in a hopeless
situation. What was your initial reaction to the end of World of Trouble?

7. Many popular books and TV shows depict post-apocalyptic worlds. However, Ben H. Winters
sets The Last Policeman trilogy in a pre-apocalyptic America. How do these different settings
compare with one another?

8. How does Hank Palace compare to your favorite fictional detectives?

9. Hank Palace confronts questions way beyond whodunit. How far would you go to protect a
loved one? And how would you choose to spend your last days on Earth?

10. If the Last Policeman trilogy were made into a movie, who would you cast to play Hank?

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