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List of Candidates

List of Candidates

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Published by: Newsday on May 28, 2014
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Council Member - City of Glen Cove Theresa Moschetta

Council Member - Town of
North Hempstead - 2nd District
Peter J. Zuckerman
County Court Judge Caryn R. Fink
County Court Judge Steven M. Jaeger
County Court Judge Tammy S. Robbins
District Court Judge - 2nd District Michael A. Ciafa
District Court Judge - 2nd District Tricia M. Ferrell
District Court Judge - 2nd District Eileen J. Goggin
District Court Judge - 2nd District Fred J. Hirsh
District Court Judge - 4th District Timothy J. Tenke
Family Court Judge Joseph H. Lorintz
Member of Assembly - 13th District Charles D. Lavine
Member of Assembly - 14th District Gaspare G. Tumminello
Member of Assembly - 15th District Mario Ferone
Member of Assembly - 16th District Michelle Schimel
Member of Assembly - 17th District Jonathan C. Clarke
Member of Assembly - 18th District Earlene Hooper
Member of Assembly - 19th District Gary B. Port
Member of Assembly - 20th District Todd Kaminsky
Member of Assembly - 21st District AdamM. Shapiro
Member of Assembly - 22nd District Michaelle C. Solages
State Senator - 5th District David Wright
State Senator - 6th District Ethan D. Irwin
State Senator - 7th District AdamM. Haber
State Senator - 8th District David Denenberg
State Senator - 9th District Patrick P. Gillespie Jr

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