Second Grade Reading List

Childrenʼs Encyclopedia
Usborneʼs IL Childrenʼs First Encyclopedia

Living Long Ago People of The World Hero Tales Granny Hanʼs Breakfast The House at Pook Corner The Story of Dr Doolittle Johnny Appleseed-First Biography Peter Pan Capyboppy My Fatherʼs Dragon Betsy-Tacy Betsy-Tacy and Tib Betsy-Tacy Go Over Big Hill Dolphin Adventures The Light at Tern Rock The Wonderful Wizard of Oz The Hundred Dresses Twenty and Ten The Boxcar Children In Grandmaʼs Attic Five True Dog Stories James Herriotʼs Treasury for Children Dolphin Treasure On the Banks of Plum Creek On the Shores of Silver Lake In God We Trust My Town My Street Daisy the Doctor Vicky the Vet Columbus How Ben Franklin Stole Lighting D is For Democracy Clothes & Fashions Then and Now What Happens To Your Food Usborne Beginners -Your Body

The Gift of the Magi various poems

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