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Document #10C.

Board of Library Trustees Meeting
May 28, 2014

Public Library District of Columbia

The Board of Library Trustees recognizes that libraries continue to evolve into
centers of community gathering and learning and the potential benefits of sharing
space with other entities to help meet the needs of District residents. To
maximize library service delivery, the Board will explore opportunities for mixed
use, either public or private, at libraries, where appropriate.

Policy Statement
Ensuring the delivery of quality library services to the community is the primary
focus of the Board of Library Trustees when renovating or rebuilding libraries.

The Board of Library Trustees is open to exploring mixed-used opportunities,
where appropriate, for libraries as a way to increase visibility and access, and
generate revenue.

A number of considerations will be part of any decision by the library to explore
or participate in a mixed-use development including, but not limited to,
community input, and the financial, programmatic and ownership framework.

The Board of Library Trustees will be informed of such opportunities and provide
appropriate guidance to library staff and other appropriate parties to ensure that
the library system and the community receive the greatest possible benefit from
the collaboration between the DC Public Library and the partner.

Note: This policy would supersede the policy adopted by the Board of Library Trustees on May 23, 2007.