CLAM SHELL - Low Level EW & ACQ Radar

Frequency (Freq) [MHz] 2900 – 3300 (5 channels)
Pulse Width (PW) [us] FMCW
Pulse Repetition Frequency (PRF) [Hz] -
Pulse Repetition Interval (PRI) [us] -
Peak Power [kw] 700
Average Power [kw] 0.7
Displayed Range [km] About 450
Range Resolution [m] 180
Mainlobe Width [degree] 2
Sweep Rate [RPM] 6
Deploy/Stow Time [min] About 60

Pic 1 5N66M – Clam Shell Low Altitude FMCW(frequency modulated continuous wave) Search and
Acquisition Radar for the static SA-10A/Mobile SA-10 B (S-300 PMU) Grumble SAM system.
The 5N66/5N66M/76N6 Clam Shell low level early warning and acquisition radar. It is an unconventional
frequency modulated continuous wave design, using a split antenna arrangement with a large beak to
prevent spillover from the transmitter. In configuration it is thus closest to the 5N62 Square Pair
engagement radar used with the S-200/SA-5 Gammon SAM. Quoted performance figures include the
detection of targets with an RCS as low as 0.02 square metres, at speeds of up to 1,400 kt, with a bearing
resolution of 1 degree, velocity resolution of 9.3 kt and range resolution of 2.15 NM. Quoted RMS
tracking errors are 0.3 degree in bearing, 4.7 kt in velocity and 1 NM in range. Chaff rejection
performance is quoted at better than 100 dB, detection range is stated to be 50 NM for targets at 1,500 ft
altitude, and 65 NM for 3,000 ft altitude. The transmitter delivers 1.4 kW of CW power at an unspecified
carrier frequency, system MTBF is quoted at 100 hr with an MTTR of 0.5 hr.

This family of radars is best known as the acquisition component for the S-300P/PM/PMU/PMU1 SA-
10/20 Grumble/Gargoyle SAM system. It has been largely supplanted in newer S-300P/S-400
configurations by the LEMZ 96L6E.

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