Floor Votes


06/03/13 A6357 Assembly Vote Yes: 99 No : 41
Yes Abbate Yes Abinanti Yes Arroyo Yes Aubry
No Barclay Yes Barrett ER Barron Yes Benedetto
No Blankenbush No Borelli Yes Boyland Yes Braunstein
Yes Brennan Yes Brindisi Yes Bronson ER Brook-Krasny
Yes Buchwald No Butler Yes Cahill ER Camara
Yes Ceretto Yes Clark No Colton Yes Cook
No Corwin Yes Crespo No Crouch Yes Curran
No Cusick Yes Cymbrowitz Yes DenDekker Yes Dinowitz
No DiPietro No Duprey Yes Englebright Yes Espinal
Yes Fahy Yes Farrell No Finch No Fitzpatrick
No Friend Yes Gabryszak Yes Galef Yes Gantt
No Garbarino ER Gibson No Giglio Yes Gjonaj
Yes Glick No Goldfeder No Goodell Yes Gottfried
No Graf Yes Gunther A No Hawley Yes Heastie
Yes Hennessey Yes Hevesi Yes Hikind ER Hooper
Yes Jacobs Yes Jaffee No Johns No Jordan
Yes Katz Yes Kavanagh Yes Kearns Yes Kellner
Yes Kim No Kolb Yes Lalor Yes Lavine
Yes Lentol Yes Lifton No Lopez P Yes Lupardo
Yes Lupinacci Yes Magee Yes Magnarelli ER Maisel
No Malliotakis Yes Markey Yes Mayer Yes McDonald
No McDonough No McKevitt No McLaughlin Yes Miller
Yes Millman No Montesano Yes Morelle Yes Mosley
Yes Moya No Nojay Yes Nolan No Oaks
Yes O'Donnell No Ortiz Yes Otis No Palmesano
Yes Paulin Yes Peoples-Stokes Yes Perry Yes Pretlow
Yes Quart No Ra No Rabbitt Yes Raia
Yes Ramos No Reilich Yes Rivera Yes Roberts
Yes Robinson Yes Rodriguez Yes Rosa Yes Rosenthal
Yes Rozic No Russell Yes Ryan No Saladino
Yes Santabarbara Yes Scarborough Yes Schimel Yes Schimminger
Yes Sepulveda Yes Simanowitz Yes Simotas Yes Skartados
Yes Skoufis Yes Solages No Stec Yes Steck
AB Stevenson Yes Stirpe Yes Sweeney No Tedisco
No Tenney No Thiele Yes Titone Yes Titus
Yes Walter Yes Weinstein Yes Weisenberg Yes Weprin
Yes Wright Yes Zebrowski K Yes Mr. Speaker

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