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Lady Capulet's Facebook page

Lady Capulet's Facebook page

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Students in Tami Ewell’s language arts classes at Copper Mountain Middle School in Herriman created Facebook profiles for characters in “Romeo and Juliet,” complete with “likes,” photos and interactions with other characters.
Students in Tami Ewell’s language arts classes at Copper Mountain Middle School in Herriman created Facebook profiles for characters in “Romeo and Juliet,” complete with “likes,” photos and interactions with other characters.

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Published by: The Salt Lake Tribune on May 29, 2014
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Lady Capulet’s Profile
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Lady Capulet
-House of Capulet
-Fall of the Montagues
-Parenting Council Group
-Loyalty to the Prince
Sex: Female
Birthday: January 17th, 1548 (27 years old)
Hometown: Verona, Italy
Relationship Status: Married to Lord Capulet
Political Views: House of Capulet Forever
Religious Views: Roman Catholic
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Contact Info
Current Address: Castello Capulet
Residence: Verona, Italy
Personal Info
-Throwing parties
-Rich fashion.
-House of Capulet
-Husbands for Young Italian Girls
Favorite Music:
-Famous Musicians of Italy
-Orchestra of Verona
Favorite Books:
-How to Raise and Overly-Dramatic Child
-Fashion of the 16th Century
-History of the House of Capulet
-10 Habits of a Great Italian Wife
About Me: I am the wife to the most wonderful man
in all of Verona, and I am the mother to the
prettiest young lady in Italy. Friend me on Facebook
to get all the details about any upcoming Capulet
Date: Act 5, Scene 3.
“Oh, what an unexpected turn
of events. Friar Lawrence has
confessed the true recent
happenings. Apparently my dear
daughter Juliet was married to
Romeo Montague, and heartbroken
for her father’s impulse to have
her marry Paris, she drank a liquid
so that we would think her dead
and she could run away to Mantua.
Friar John was supposed to inform
Romeo of the plan, but the servant
got to him first, and Romeo, in
distress, bought poison to end his
life. When Romeo arrived at the
Capulet gravesite, he encountered
Paris, and was prompt to murder
him. Upon seeing Juliet, still in
her deep sleep, he drank the
poison which immediately killed
him. Juliet then woke up to see
Romeo dead by her side, which
drove her to take his dagger and
take her own life. Now we can see
the true love that those two had
for each other. The feud with the
Montagues has ended with this
tragedy. They are now our family.
How awful that it took this long
and this much death for us to end
the conflict.”
Date: Act 5, Scene 2.
“I wonder why Friar John was
gone during Juliet’s funeral? I hear
he was visiting someone sick with
the plague. I hope he doesn’t bring
illness to Verona. The last thing we
need is more death in this city.”
Date: Act 5, Scene 1.
“I hear a boy has gone to
Mantua to give news of Juliet’s
death to that Romeo. Why on
earth a Montague would care, I do
not know. Perhaps they will be
celebrating and rejoicing that yet
another dear member of our house
has fallen.”
Date: Act 4, Scene 5.
“My child! My only life! Why
oh why has my life been filled with
so much darkness? Why did my
daughter have to die? She was so
young! Now I am left alone. No one
to love. My dear, I hope you have
found glory in heaven. This is the
worst day in the history of the
House of Capulet.”
Date: Act 4, Scene 3.
“Just said goodnight to Juliet.
She is so excited for her upcoming
wedding. I can’t wait!!!”
Date: Act 4, Scene 2.
“I got the greatest news
today. Juliet finally accepted to
marry Paris, and she is so happy to
become his bride. I knew that this
day would come, I am so glad that
she finally came to her senses.
Date: Act 3, Scene 5.
“So sad to see Juliet still
crying for her cousin when I went
into her room this morning. This is
so hard for her. She told me
herself that she wanted to get her
revenge on that horrible Romeo. I
was so joyous to hear her say that.
However, she is now saying she
doesn’t want to marry Paris. That
is preposterous. My lord and I have
scolded her, and this wedding will
happen, whether she likes it or
not. #RebelDaughter.”
Date: Act 3, Scene 4.
“Juliet shall marry Paris at
once. Let the world know that she
is to be his bride. No time to
waste, she shall join the most
desirable bachelor in all of Verona
in matrimony. Now, it is too late. I
shall notify my daughter of her
marriage first thing tomorrow
morning. #WeddingBells”
Date: Act 3, Scene 3.
“I hear Romeo is hiding out in
Friar Lawrence’s cell. What a
coward. He will never come close
to the courage that my Tybalt had.
Now, Friar, release him and allow
him to face his fate. For his
actions he must pay.”
Date: Act 3, Scene 2.
“The nurse just arrived to tell
Juliet the news of dear Tybalt. I
can already hear her wails and
cries. She does not deserve to
mourn this way. My dear, on my
life I swear, we will get our
Date: Act 3, Scene 1.
“RIP my dear Tybalt. You
lived a great, brave life and you
are forever in my thoughts. You
did not deserve to die so young.
You were like a child to me, and
like a brother to Juliet. We know
that revenge will be served sooner
or later, and the Prince’s bias will
not stop us from avenging your
passing. Romeo does not deserve
the mercy of exile. He must die,
and it will be an honor if he dies
under the hand of a Capulet.
Date: Act 2, Scene 6.
“Juliet went to visit Friar
Lawrence today! It is fantastic to
see my daughter so invested in her
religious practices.”
Date: Act 2, Scene 2.
“There are noises I hear
around my house. It is almost like
the sound of lovers professing
their affection. But that is silly, no
one can pass the high walls of the
house of Capulet.
Date: Act 1, Scene 5.
“Did you see Juliet dancing
with that boy? Perhaps she is
rethinking marriage! Wonderful! In
other news, did you hear about
the Montague who crashed the
party? #TACKY”
Date: Act 1, Scene 4.
“It’s no surprise Rosaline
doesn’t love Romeo back. Who
could ever love a Montague?”
Date: Act 1, Scene 3.
“Paris sounds like a precious
book of love, to beautify him only
lacks a lover. Now if only marriage
was not simply an honor that
Juliet never dreams of.”
Date: Act 1, Scene 2.
“Earth hath swallowed all my
hopes but she. Only the best for
our Juliet.”
Date: Act 1, Scene 1.
“Someone get my Lord a
cane! He has no business with a
sword! #MyHusbandsOld”
Date: Act 5, Scene 3.
Lady Capulet posted on Lord Montague’s wall:
“My dear friend, I am sorry for your loss.
The whole house of Capulet feels the most
sincere regret for the feud that we had with the
house of Montagues for so many years. I am filled
with joy in this tragic time by knowing that we
have made a new bond with your house, and that
peace and union will fill the city of Verona for the
rest of eternity.
Date: Act 4, Scene 5.
Lady Capulet posted on Juliet Capulet’s wall:
“My only beloved daughter, I miss you so
much at this time. You were so young, and it was
far too soon for your precious life to end. We all
mourn deeply for the loss of such an incredible
young lady filled with love and wisdom. We love
you Juliet.”
Date: Act 4, Scene 2.
Lady Capulet posted on Lord Capulet’s wall:
“I told you uliet would come to her senses
my dear. Her wedding to the handsome Paris shall
be the event that Verona will talk about for years.
Our dearest daughter, married to a kinsman. Can
somebody say: The Capulets are doing parenting
Date: Act 3, Scene 1.
Lady Capulet posted on Tybalt’s wall:
“My dear cousin, you are very missed. It is a
horrible injustice that you had to die by the hands
of a Montague. We will avenge your life, and
there wil be justice in Verona. The house of
Capulet loves you forever.”
Date: Act 1, Scene 3.
Lady Capulet posted on Paris’s wall:
“So excited with the news of your upcoming
engagement and marriage to Juliet. It will be an
honor to have one of the most desirable bachelors
in all of Italy as a son-in-law. Welcome to the
house of Capulet dear Paris.”
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Death - Group
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Lord Capulet Tybalt
Nurse Friar Lawrence
Prince Escalus Juliet Capulet
Sampson & Gregory
Throwing flowers at my daughter’s body.
Juliet’s Funeral.
Talking to Juliet about the importance of marriage.
Dancing at my party with the Capulets.
Talking to Tybalt at my party.

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