RELEASE DATE: May 28, 2014

SUBJECT: Victoria Campanian !"n"ra#$% !r""n & !o#' At(#"t" )or May
S*URCE: Trac+ & ,i"#' Coac( S(aron !#"a%man-.o/"##, 800-0100, E2t3 8245
HERKIMER, NY – Freshman Victoria Campanian was named Female Athlete of the Month in Ma!
Campanian, a "i#eral Arts $ %ciences& 'eneral %t(dies ma)or at Her*imer Colle+e, won two indi,id(al
national championships and was also reco+ni-ed as the ./omen0s 1rac* Athlete of the Meet0 at #oth
re+ionals and nationals!
A resident of 'lenfield, NY, Campanian won the 23,3334meter r(n and 5,3334meter steeplechase!
1he freshman posted an 22&66!78 in the steeplechase, her #est time of the season # 62 seconds, placin+
first in the e,ent the third time this season which also +a,e her first team All4American stat(s! In the
23,333 Campanian posted a 83&53!97 – earnin+ another All4American mention d(e to the first place finish
– r(nnin+ her second #est time of the season, )(st seconds awa from her 83&6:!;7 posted at re+ionals the
wee* #efore! Finall, Campanian earned second team All4American honors in the :,3334meter r(n! Her
63&27!65 +a,e her second place, +i,en to all st(dent4athletes who finished second in their respecti,e
Added to her national accomplishments, the freshman earned first team All4Re+ion honors in the
:,3334meter r(n, 23,3334meter r(n and 5,3334meter steeplechase and second team All4Re+ion honors in
the 2,:334meter r(n! %he placed in the 1op : in all si< of her e,ents participated in at re+ionals, +ettin+
first place in the :333, 23333 and 5333 steeplechase!
Photo: Attached is an action shot and head shot of Victoria Campanian.

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