Yesterday on a Nigerian TV station, the mother of Jesus-is-GODWIN was saying they had arrested 5

people which were in custody and 4 were nigerian students while one is a Ghanaian the campaign of
attacking the future of Nigeria has been taken to the home front with this palpable falsehood. Me and
you know that Inspector Ghajet has only 4 Nigerian shoe shine apprentice in custody, Mary the mother
of Jesus-is-Godwin was saying that the Inspector Doctor Who had forensic evidence (hahahahaha) am
sure they have had that evidence for over a month now and had to wait to invite the students to re-
manufacture that evidence.

I dont blame Mary the mother of jesus-is-godwin, when no one is counselling her on the real happenings
on the ground. A mother in loss is vulnerable and well when told that 5 people are in custody by
inspector Ghajet and you wonder what has Dr. Myopiculus Benedictius Longivertus Opticulus, that is
supposed to be an Anagorian, done for the student of this shoe shine school but we hear rather for the
sake of job security he has pulled a Judas out of his red cap. Our belief that we are evil assist us to

I wonder why inspector ghajet has not told the mother that there are no ghanaians in prison concerning
this matter that the vice chancing-law and the school lawyer actually bailed the person that was
arrested long ago but "evil" nigerians were led to the guillotine in other to highlight "we dey do our
work". This is the reason why we need an association. Uche in custody is a NANS Senator.