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RKUD3030:Methods of Da'wah



Mohd Noh Abdul Jalil
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Revealed Knowledge & Human Sciences, IIUM.
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RKUD3030:Methods of Da'wah
i. Definition: Methods, manhaj, uslub and wasilah
Method : a way of doing something order
efficient habit
Methodology: a set of methods used in a particular
area of activity
Manhaj/minhaj (manahij pl.): open, plain and
easy road; programme
Uslub: ways, method, manner and style
Wasilah (wasail-pl.): means, medium
Methods of dawah: ways of doing dawah ie.
ways of propagation of Islam
1. Its Nature, Need and Importance
RKUD3030:Methods of Da'wah
ii. The nature of Methods of Dawah
the contents : Islam (3:19)
the caller : Daei (33:45)
the called : Madu (34:28)
methods : Manahij/asalib/wasail (16:125)
(hikmah, good advise, debate in gracious manner)

RKUD3030:Methods of Da'wah
iii. The Needs of Methods of Dawah
Islam is a great and sacred religion
Its beauty can only be understood through
calling/inviting/informing others about
Islam with clear and informative methods
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) conveys Islam
to others in such a way (36:17)

RKUD3030:Methods of Da'wah
iv. The Importance of Methods of Dawah

Allah himself prescribed them (16:125)
To make people understand clearly about Islam
To make people appreciate Islam
To show Islam through example ( )
To differentiate between Islam and other
religions in terms of propagation different
methods adopted in propagating the religion
RKUD3030:Methods of Da'wah
2. Islamic Dawah: Definition and Its
Relation to Other Disciplines
i) Definition of Islamic Dawah
Literal Technical

Dawah :
i. A single time or act of prayer (dua)
ii. The call (nida)
iii. the call to prayer (adhan)
iv. a call or an invitation to Islam
v. an invitation to food (walimah)

RKUD3030:Methods of Da'wah

Dr. Abdul Karim Zaidan (Usul al-Dawah, 1981:5)

the call to Allah (12:108) ie. the call to His religion,
Islam (3:19) which was revealed to Prophet Muhammad
Adam Abdullah al-Aluri (Tarikh al-Dawah ila
Allah bayn al-Ams wa al-Yawm, 1988:17)
Changing the opinion of the people and their thinking
either to aqidah which is beneficial to them or to interest
(maslahah) which is also benefits them
A call to save man either from committing an error
which they closely fall into it or from misfortune which
encircled them
RKUD3030:Methods of Da'wah
Muhammad al-Ghazali (Maa Allah, 1997:13)
a perfect programme consists of all required knowledge
that mankind is in need in order to know the purpose of
their life and trace his path of life as experienced by
guided people

Al-Shaykh al-Bahi al-Khuli (1984:39)
shifting the ummah from one situation to another (ie.
from the stage of ignorance to knowledge)

Ridzuan A. Wu (1990:53)
the communication of Islam to Muslims as well as non-
Islamic Dawah is a call for people to know, to accept and to
practice Islam as the way of life. It is also a process of reviving
the Islamic ways and its system in society
RKUD3030:Methods of Da'wah
ii) Islamic Dawah and Its Relation to Human Sciences
(Communication and Psychology)
Dawah methods are connected to the discipline of human
sciences especially those aim to influence society

a. Dawah and Communication (20:25-28) (28:34) (50:18)
3 important things to understand
i) the relationship between daie and madu
ii) the content of teaching i.e ,message which is going to
be communicated
iii) methods used in communicating the message

Definition: the exchange of meaning between two
individuals through a common system of symbols
(Brittanica Encyclopedia)
RKUD3030:Methods of Da'wah

Types of communication:
mass communication

Dawah is a communication in Islam

In addition, dawah is more specific in its message and aim
RKUD3030:Methods of Da'wah
b. Dawah and Psychology
The understanding of psychology (the scientific study of
the human mind and its functions, especially those affecting
behavior in a given context; the mental characteristics or
attitude of a person; the mental factors governing a situation
or activity)

exposure to the human behavior
understanding the human behavior
influence to the human behavior

The success of a dawah activity depends very much on how
we can convince others with our message
Adopting gradual approach in dawah

RKUD3030:Methods of Da'wah
3. Sources of the Science of Dawah
Dr. Abdul Karim Zaidan :

i) The Quran

ii) The Sunnah

iii) Sirah al-Salaf al-Saleh

iv) Result of Muslim scholars inquiry

v) Experience