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Bonilla, Jos, David J. Keeling, Jos M.F Pastor, and Joseph S. Tulchin. "Buenos Aires." In
Encyclopedia Britannica Academic Edition. Accessed May 8, 2014.
This resource was a good resource to start with because it gave me a really good sense of
my megacity, Buenos Aires. This encyclopedia was a wonderful resource to use because
it almost had everything i need in it. This source broadens my knowledge greatly about
Buenos Aires and will probably be one of the main sources i get all my information from.
This general source gave me knowledge on many things like neighborhoods, arts, history,
culture, buildings, climate, economy, education, finance, government, manufacturing,
people, site and city layout and transportation. This helped me understand my city much
more clearly.
This source was extremely useful to me and helped me a lot. it helped me by showing me
what is happening in Buenos Aires now and even some of the history.

"Buenos Aires." City-Data. Last modified 2008. Accessed May 8, 2014.
Buenos Aires,s culture and history is very rich and you can learn a lot from their history.
This web site truly bettered my knowledge about the history in Buenos Aires. This
focused only on the history apart from the other things that you need to know. This
history source allowed me to dig into the history of buenos aires, of the people, and of the
culture. This source will allow me to do better on knowing the history of my city.
This resource was really useful in learning about the history in Buenos Aires and i will
use it on my history tab on my website. This transformed the site because many of the
people living there did not come from there the were originated in Spain and Italy.

"Buenos Aires, Argentina." National Geographic, 2014. Accessed May 12, 2014.
In this source it really gave me a sense of what it would be like to be in Buenos Aires
today and what the people and culture is like. This web site was really interesting and
discussed what it would be like and what would you see if you were in Buenos Aires
which was really interesting for me to see a different culture. This cultural source helps
me see whats behind the buildings and in the people. This source tells you about the
people and the culture and some history.
This source will be useful for the peoples tab on my website. Also this helps a lot with
the situation that people are in in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires Population Core and Suburbs. Photograph. New Geography. 2014. Accessed May
22, 2014.
I am using a chart of the population in this website

"Buenos Aires Population 2013." World Population Statistics. Last modified September 4, 2013.
Accessed May 6, 2014.
This site was a great site and really helped me with understanding how big this megasity
really is. This web site tells you very important information on many things you need to
know about Buenos Aires. This is a demographics and general source that give you a
better understanding of people and how many people there are. This source tells you
about religion, population, language, History of the population, ethnic groups, economy,
and demographics. this will be a great source to use on my website
This Source is very useful and i will be using it on my demographics page or people
page. This helps me understand the economic situation in Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires Streets. Photograph. Easy Riders. Accessed May 22, 2014.
Using this for my history page and how the streets used to look.

Buenos Aires Urban Expansion. Photograph. Urban Demographics. July 4, 2012. Accessed May
21, 2014.
This will help me with showing my map and the growth of the population

Country Reports. "Argentina Government." Country Reports. Last modified 1997. Accessed
May 12, 2014.
This source is very helpful when you are learning about the government in Buenos Aires.
For a while i had no idea how the country was run and i still have some questions about it
but this site filled me in on how the government works. This web site was very helpful
and had a lot of good information about the government. This source about the
government showed how it was run and what are the branches and it turns out that it is
similar to the US. This source talks about the different branches of government and the
government in general.
This source will be really helpful when I'm talking about the government and how the
city is run. This can affect the situation greatly in the city.

Giorgi, Debora. "Buenos Aires... a strategic destination for biofuels industry investments."
Abstract. Minister of Production of the Province of Buenos Aires, 33-36.
This source was a little helpful because it gave me some information but on many
different things. Their wasn't too much on the website that i didn't already have but i was
able to find some things that i thought was important. This Journal entry helped me to
understand from another persons perspective of Buenos Aires. This general source tells
us about people, economy and GPD, and also talks about general things about Buenos
This source will be somewhat useful in creating my web site mainly because i already
have most of these things. This helps for the situation that the people are in both in the
city and economically.

Government Building. Photograph. Souther Cone Travel. Accessed May 19, 2014.
Im using this for my government page

Government Building. Photograph. SWS9americans08. 2014. Accessed May 19, 2014.
Using this also on my government page.

HighBeam. "Buenos Aires, Argentina, South America." Last modified 2014.
Accessed May 12, 2014.
I thought that this source was also very helpful because it taught me a lot about where it
was and how it feels to live in Buenos Aires. In this web site it wasn't based on one
specific think but multiple things. Some of the things it talked about was the President
and the relative location and also the temperature and climate. This source was a general
source and helped me understand what it was like living there.
This source will be useful because i didn't have that much bout the president but now i
have a better understanding also it will help me explain where Buenos Aires is. This will
help with the site and the situation because of the information that is given.

International Studies Abroad. "Getting Around Buenos Aires." ISA. Last modified 2014.
Accessed May 8, 2014.
This source was extremely helpful for my research on Buenos Aires. This is one source
that will help me greatly when i am creating my web site. This Website gave me a lot of
information about the transportation in Buenos Aires and that is one of the things that i
think is very important. Without transportation how are you going to get anywhere? This
was a source mainly about transportation and the types of transpiration used in Buenos
Aires like the micro bus for instance.
This source was very useful and i am going to be using a lot of this source because tis
will be my transportation tab. This shows the situation of the city.

Jacobson, Philip. Tango. Photograph. Mail Online. February 22, 2008. Accessed May 22, 2014.
Im using this for my people page.

Martinez-Carter, Karina. "Buenos Aires' Most Spectacular Religious Sites." Fodor'sTravel. Last
modified 2014. Accessed May 20, 2014.
This is a website about the sacred sites in buenos aires. This website was very helpful for
finding places to visit while you are in buenos aires and also helped me recognize the
significance of the sacred places in buenos aires. This help me understand my city a lot
I will use this in my sacred sites and history page and will be very useful.

Migration Political Institute. "Argentina: A New Era of Migration and Migration Policy." MPI.
Accessed 2014.
This source was also very good and i can talk about a few things about it. The first thing
is the history and how the people go here because i am talking about emigration and
immigration. Also i can talk about the main reasons why people want move in and out of
Buenos aires. This Website is a very helpful website for migration. This source is mainly
about migration and a little about economics. Over all this source helped me a lot
This source was very useful in talking about migration and people in Buenos Aires.

The Obelisk in the Center of Buenos Aires. Photograph. Snow Brains. 2013. Accessed May 19,
Using this as my background of my homepage.

Poncos, Marcos. Micros Bus Buenos Aires. Photograph. M24Digital. August 6, 2012. Accessed
May 22, 2014.
I am using this for my transportation page

Port in Buenos Aires. Photograph. Instrumentalism. Accessed May 22, 2014.
Im using this to show how the port of buenos aires is so importants

Radio-Taxi. Photograph. The Flaneur. November 6, 2012. Accessed May 22, 2014. http://voce-
Showing the what the taxis look like in Buenos Aires. this will be put in my transposition

Subway Map Buenos Aires. Photograph. Baplacment. Accessed May 22, 2014.
Using this for transportation in my website

"Teatro Coln Reopenin." Video file. Posted May 8, 2014. Accessed May 8, 2014.
This source was also very helpful and it taught me a lot about the arts in Buenos Aires
and some really important sites that are in Buenos Aires. This video shows how the town
is becoming more modern as the people become more modern. The town is growing with
the people but sometimes this can be bad because you do not preserve the old. This
source is a source mainly about the arts and how buildings are becoming more modern.
this will be a useful site when i talk about the arts in Buenos Aires. This talks about the
situation and how it is becoming more modernized

"Thing's to Do in Buenos Aires." Trip Advisor. Last modified April 28, 2014. Accessed May 22,
This Website was very helpful when i was doing my itinerary. It help me to realize what
was happening in Buenos Aires. I really enjoyed seeing what it would be like living there
and this websites help me and i will use it for situation.