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 Is the science which studies the characteristics of human speech sounds, the sounds
produced by people when speaking, talking, discussing
 This science provides methods for the description of sounds, for their classification and also
for their transcription
 In order to classify something you need a criterion, which means that first we describe
sounds and then we classify them
 Phonetics has three branches:
1. Articulatory Phonetics
2. Acoustic Phonetics
3. Auditory Phonetics

1. Articulatory Phonetics
 Studies the way in which sounds are made or produced and technically articulated
by the vocal cords
2. Acoustic Phonetics
 Studies the physical properties of speech sounds, that is why acoustic phonetics
borrows its terminology from physics and from the sub branch of physics called
3. Auditory Phonetics
 Studies the perception of sounds or more exactly the perceptional response to
speech sounds

 Phonetics uses terminology which is in part borrowed from anatomy, physiology (refers on
how organs work) and from physics
 EAR – Auditory nerve – Brain
 Speaker --- Articulatory Phonetics
 Sounds --- Acoustic Phonetics
 Hearer --- Auditory Phonetics
 Each of the three branches of Phonetics correspond more or less to the three stages of

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