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Abbas, Rameez, and Divya Varma. "Internal Labor Migration in India Raises Integration
Challenges for Migrants." MPI. Last modified March 3, 2014. Accessed May 21, 2014.
This is an article about the migration in India. The Article talks about where and why
people mostly migrate to and from India. It also talks about how Mumbai is a place that
many people migrate to because it is such a fast growing city.This article was helpful in
finding and understanding the migration patterns in Mumbai, and why people migrate.

Bhagat, Ram B., and Gavin W. Jones. "Population Change and Migration in Mumbai
Metropolitan Region: Implications for Planning and Governance." Asia Resource
Institute. Last modified May 2013.
This is an article about the population in Mumbai and the migration. The most helpful
information about this article was the section on the slums. In this section it talked a lot
about how the amount of people living in the slums has a large connection to the
migration and the housing in Mumbai. This article was helpful for me because i found a
lot of detailed information about housing and Migration.

British Broadcasting Company. "India Profile." BBC News. Last modified April 8, 2014.
Accessed April 8, 2014.
This article is a timeline of major historical events that have occurred during the history
of India. The timeline is organized into 9 parts, which includes; a chronology of key
events, regional tensions, BJP to the fore, Kashmir tensions rise, Kashmir ceasefire,
Nuclear deal, Train attack, Mumbai attacks,and Ayodha ruling. This article helped me to
see what is currently happening in Mumbai as well as what has happened in the past.

Central Intelligence Agency. "South Asia: India." The World Fact Book. Accessed May 29,
This is a series of information about different aspects of india. I used this source to help
me with the demographics of Mumbai. This information was very helpful with the
population growth an learning more about the population patterns in Mumbai.

"City Map of Mumbai." Maps of India. Accessed September 28, 2013.
This website is a city map of Mumbai, it also has a small article at the bottom. The article
at the bottom talks about the history, geography, climate, and economy of Mumbai. The
article help me in identifying what and how the climate, geography, and history of
Mumbai is. The city map showed the major roads, railways, vegetation, waterbodies,
hotels, hospitals, coma, religious areas, places of education, and more. The map was very
help for me because it let me see what the city looked like and how it was organized, also
it helped me understand the city and the geography of Mumbai more.

Grant, Richard, and Jan Nijman. "Globalization and the Corporate Geography of Cities in the
Less-Developed World." Annals of the Association of American Geographers 93, no. 2
(June 2002): 320-40.
This article talks about the relationship between globalization and corporate geography.
Also the article is trying to see how those two things effect a city. From this article I
learned that "Mumbai is presently in a global phase, which was ushered in by
liberalization policies. Globalization has resulted in powerful new imprints on the urban
landscape". The article helped me in understanding the CBD and the geography of

Handheld-films. Mumbai Slums Aerial View of Bombay. Photograph. Flickt. April 24, 2010.
This an arial view of the slums in Mumbai. I used this picture in the housing and
migration page in my webiste. This photograph was helpful in writing about the slums of

Humayunn. 85/365 Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai, Maharashtra - India. Photograph.
Flickr. November 7, 2007. Accessed May 28, 2014.
this is a photo of a train station in Mumbai. This was helpful when I was talking about

IIT Bombay & IISc Bangalore. "About Mumbai:." International Conference on Emerging
Electronics. Last modified December 15, 2012. Accessed December 17, 2012.
The article is about different aspects of Mumbai. For example the history, the geography,
the economy, and the sacred sites. This article was most helpful in learning more
information on the economy and the sacred sites.

Jainism: statue of Mahavira, Photograph, Encyclopedia Britannica, May 29, 2014
This is a photograph of the the Jainism statue in the Jain temple, Mumbai. This
photograph was used to in the slide show, on my sacred sites page. The photograph was
helpful in writing about the statue.

Kalia, Ravi. "Bombay." Encyclopedia of India. Ed. Stanley Wolpert. Vol. 1. Detroit: Charles
Scribner's Sons, 2006. 157-159. World History in Context. Web. 8 May 2014
This article talks about the history of Mumbai, and how it came to be. The article also
talks about the trade, economy, and religion in early Mumbai. It also talks about some of
the challenges the city faced, as well as triumphs. This article was to me because it
helped me learn more about early Mumbai and how the trade, economy, and religion
differ from current Mumbai.

Kingsbury, Robert C. "Mumbai (Bombay)." Encyclopedia of America. Accessed May 9, 2014.
This article is an overview of the city of Mumbai. it talks about the Modern city,
geography, and the history. The article talks a lot about the religious temples, shrines,
grades, etc. This was helpful in understanding the different religious activities and beliefs
in the city of Mumbai. The article also talks about how long Mumbai has been around,
which helped me see how old the city is.

Local Train Routes. Image. Transport for Mumbai. Accessed May 29, 2014.
This is and image of the local train routes of Mumbai. This picture was very helpful when
I wrote about transportation, because a majority of that section was about the train

MacMaster, Cameron. The Little Girl at Elephant. Photograph. Flickr.
This is a picture of a little girl at the Elephanta caves in Mumbai. I used this picture to
show what the caves looked like.

"Mumbai," in Britannica School, s.v. " accessed May 6,
This reading is an article on the city of Mumbai, and its many different aspect. It talks
about the Landscape, meaning how large and what it consists of geographically. It talks
about the Climate, like the annual rainfall and the average monthly temperatures. The
reading talks about the city layout meaning how the city is built, and what the main part
of the city looks like. It also talks about the People, what they like to do and what they
believe. Other topics that were in the article are the economy, history ,and society. The
reading very helpful to me because it made me understand the city itself and what
happens in the city. Also it let me see what it would be like to go to Mumbai.

Mumbai: area around 1900, Map/Still, from Encyclopædia Britannica, accessed May 20, 2014
This is a past map of Mumbai. The map is from around the 1900's. I used this in
comparison with my present on the history page of my website.

Negi, Anoop. Badami Town Pre Monsoon Stormy. Photograph. Flickr. June 4, 2009.
This is a photograph of a town in Mumbai, taken right when the sun is setting. I used this
picture when i talked about housing and Migration.

———. Lead on Brave Mahout! Mighty Man Moves an Elephant! Photograph. Flickr. March 19,
2008. Accessed May 29, 2014.
This a picture of a man moving an elephant. This picture was helpful in talking about

Prasath. Ganesh Visarjan, Mumbai. Photograph. Flickr. October 1, 2012.
This is a photograph of a festival celebrating the statue of Ganesh in Mumbai. I used this
photograph in the slide show, under the scared sites page on my website.

Press, Alexandria. "Proximate Distances: The Phenomenology of Density in Mumbai." Built
Environmet 33, no. 2 (2007): 227-48. Accessed May 8, 2014.
This is a journal talking about density in Mumbai. The journal talks about the high
population density in Mumbai and how that effect the city. The journal also talks a about
how density cause a lot of social diversity and how it need to be better understood. This
article talks about the challenges that population density cause in a city. This article was
very helpful for me because it helped me understand the high population density in
Mumbai much better. It helped me see the good and bad things that can come form
density and a condensed area.

Rana, Chetan. Mumbai - Marine Drive. Photograph. Flickr. March 30, 2013. Accessed May 29,
This is an Image of the sunrise on Marine Drive in Mumbai. I used this photograph on
my homepage, next to my thesis statement.

Ravi, Kokila. "Mumbai." Encyclopedia of Modern Asia. Ed. Karen Christensen and David
Levinson. Vol. 4. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 2002. 209-211. World History in
Context. Web. 6 May 2014.
The article talks about trade and religious conflicts in Mumbai. It also talks about the
different countries that have taken over Mumbai and how they gained back
independence. This article helped me learn about who ruled Mumbai and how Mumbai
became independent.

"Republic of India." Culture Grams. Last modified 2008.
This an article about many different aspects of Mumbai. What I found to be the most
helpful was the first page, which talked about the natural resources of Mumbai. It talked a
lot abut the type of natural resources, and which resources were used the most and for

Rothermund, Dietmar. "Mumbai." History of World Trade Since 1450. Ed. John J. McCusker.
Vol. 2. Detroit: Macmillan Reference USA, 2006. 510-511. World History in Context.
Web. 6 May 2014.
This is an interesting article on the three major aspects in Mumbai. It talks about the high
population of Mumbai, it natural resource of cotton, and the major problems Mumbai is
currently facing. Some of those problems were port authority, indian railways, and
container port. Also cotton being Mumbai's natural resources has greatly helped the city.
this article was helpful to me because i got to learn about the natural resources and the
changes in population in Mumbai.

Ryan. Mahalaxmi Temple Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Photograph. Flickr. January 11, 2000.
This is a photograph of the Mahlaxmi Temple in Mumbai, India. I used the photograph
on my sacred sites page, in the slide show. This image was helpful in talking about the

Shah, Pravin K. "Lord Mahavir and Jain Religion." Lord Mahavir and Jain Religion.
This is an interesting article on the Jain religion. It talked about how the religion works,
and what the Jain people believe in. I used this site to help me learn about the Jain temple
in Mumbai and the Statue of Mahavira in Mumbai. It was helpful for me because it gave
me new information about the Jain religion, that enabled me to talk more in-depth about
the different sacred sites.

Sinha, Santosh. Jostling for Space, Mumbai, India. Photograph. Flickr. September 29, 2012.
This a photograph of a festival in Mumbai. This photo graph was helpful in talking about
the eternal influences in Mumbai

The White House. P110610PS-0184. Photograph. Flickr. November 6, 2012.
This is a photograph of Michelle Obama greeting a survivor of Mumbai attacks. I used
this photograph when talking about the political organization and central business district
of Mumbai.

World Heritage Convention. "Elephanta Caves." UNESCO.
This is a description of the Elephanta caves. The Elephanta Caves is one of the many
sacred sites of Mumbai. This site was very helpful in helping learn more information on
the Elephanta Caves, so that I could write about them.