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IT section in 2013 was working on improving the application availability and introducing

new software solutions for automating the business processes of the company. We were
working on upgrading the application for generating reports on the funds and upgrading the
applications for managing account of members of the mandatory and voluntary fund. I was
also working on developing data exchange tool with the custody bank according to the
current legislation.

In the course of the year 2013, we were working on changing and improving the
infrastructure in terms of hardware and communication equipment. We have implemented
new software for creating backup copies and archives of the data.

As part of the annual testing plan for continuity of operation, we have successfully completed
the test of Companys secondary location. The test was consisted of checking and confirming
the Company's operations in the event of natural disasters or any disruption of operations at
the primary location of the Company.

Also, I have organized several trainings for the employees on topics stated below:
- Guidance and measures for personal data protection
- Security awareness training of the information system
- Introduction to the plan for continuity of business operations of the Company and best
practices in emergency situations

In the past calendar year, IT section also worked on improving safety information systems
and introduction of additional control mechanisms in existing applications.