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"Attractions." Travelchinaguide.
There are many attractions in Chongqing for visitors. This source provides a extensive
list of activities for tourist to visit in Chongqing. This source helped me to find activity's
for my Itinerary

China Tour. Last modified 1996. Accessed May 22, 2014.
Chongqing has a diverse environment with A large industries city and a River. This web
site has pictures of Chongqing's. This website helped me to find pictures of the city and
the area around it.

"Chongqing." Encyclopedia of Asian History. Charles Scribner's Sons, 1988. World History in
Context. Web. 7 May 2014.
Even though Chongqing is the fifth largest city when it comes to industry , it is
considered to have more importance than the provincial capitol Chengdu. This
encyclopedia speaks about how Chongqing came into its high prominence in west China.
This general source is important as it gave Key facts about the resources Chongqing had
that allowed it to gain a high status.

.Chongqing." Encyclopedia of Modern China Ed. David Pong.265-266. Vol. 1.. Detroit:
2009.Charles Scribner's Sons, Web. 7 May 2014.World History in Context
Chongqing became indepedet so that Siuchan could no longer have cpontrol over all o its
buisnesses. . This encyclopedia entry discusses how broke apart from its home of
siuchan. This is important because it shows how Chongqing became the industry titan it
is today by taking back their own business.

Chongqing Municipal Goverment. Last modified 2007. Accessed May 23, 2014.
Chongqing has a large diverse population of men and women. This website provided
information on the population of Chongqing. Thia helped me by providing me
information of the Gender difference in Chongqing.

Dolven, Ben. "As China Grows, Investors Go West; Chongqing Becomes a Test of Beijing's
Effort to Bring Development to Hinterland." Wall Street Journal, Aug 29, 2003, Eastern
Chongqing can be considered a motorcity due to te fact it is a prominent manufacturer of
auto mobiles. This Article is important because it gives information on the main cash
cow Chongqing has. This article helps becase it show how Chongqing is important in the
Auto manufacturing buisness

Flickr. Last modified February 2004. Accessed May 22, 2014.
The canals of Chongqing are filled with boats that trade. This website shows how large
the trading in the city is. This helped me because it provided a picture of one of The city's
major businesses

French, Howard W. "Big, Gritty Chongqing, City of 12 Million, is China's Model for Future."
New York Times, Jun 01, 2007, Late Edition (East Coast).
The factorys bring in more money and people but this also causes enviromental damage.
This article is important because it shows that while Chongqing business creates good
things it also creates environmental damage. This article hlped me because it shows how
all of Chogqings business affects the environment.

Gluckman, Ron. "Business: The Chinese Chicago ; can $1 Billion a Month make Chongqing
China's Jewel of the West? Maybe so." Newsweek (May 24, 2004): 46.
Many of the people that live arounfdd the city and work are living in the poverty range.
This article is important beacause it shows there are also problems in the city. This article
helped me because it shows the problems of a city that specializes in industry.

Hong, Lijian. "Chongqing: Opportunities and Risks." The China Quarterly no. 178 (06, 2004):
One of the main reasons for Chongqings succes is because the Goverment has heavily
invested in it. This article is important because it showshow much a city can floursh
when the government assist in its building. this helped meunderstand how the
government makes Chongqing look good as a way to bring in foreign investors
Chongqing is a large city of industry. This website provided a picture of the city as the
sun rises up. This article helped me by providing a good picture of the city.

Jian, Xiang and Wu Jiang. "A Public Service-Oriented Government Building Path in Chinese
City: An Example from Public Rental Housing of Chongqing." Canadian Social Science
9, no. 4 (2013): 7-14.
Althpugh the workers arfe given low wadeges to compensate for their service they are
given housing by the goverment. It is simaler to South Africa . This article is important
because it shows some of the people treatment by the government. This helped me see
that their low payment the workers are given some small recompense.

Nielsen, Bent. "Chongqing." Encyclopedia of Modern Asia. Ed. Karen Christensen and David
Levinson. Vol. 2. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 2002. 58-59. World History in
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Part of the reasons for Chongqing early establishment is because of ww2. This article is
important because it gives information on how Chongqing came to be how it was today.
This article was helpful to me because it gave information about its history.

Orlik, Tom. "Chongqing, a Megacity that Captures China's Past and Future." Wall Street
Journal, Apr 28, 2012, Eastern edition.
peopel work for minimum wage in china and it can almost be considered free labor. This
article is important because it shows how Chongqing save money. It was helpful to me
because it gave information about Chongqings workforce

Richard Mcgregor, IN CHONGQING. "Chongqing Takes Great Leap Forward to Match
Shanghai." FT.Com (Aug 22, 2003): 1.
Because of the expansion in Chongqing there are people who lose their livelihood. This
article is important because it shows the effects of Chongqings constant expansion. This
was helpful to me because it showed me that there are some people who do not befit from
The city's building.