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Muhammad Syamri Bin Jamal

C-16-14, Apartment Bandar Tasik Selatan,
57000 Sunai Besi, !uala "umpur#
The Manaer,
M$% B&&kst&re,
Mid'alley Meamall,
"inkaran Syed $utra,
!uala "umpur# 5
June (014
)ear Sir,
Resignation As Customer Service Assisstant
* +ish t& tender my resinati&n and resin ,r&m my p&st as Cust&mer Ser'i-e Assisstant ,r&m the
C&mpany +ith e,,e-t ,r&m the date a.&'e# There,&re my last day at +&rk in the C&mpany shall 5
The reas&n &, my resinati&n is t& pursue my studies in /ni'ersiti Tekn&l&i Mara, $asir 0udan#
* +&uld like t& thank t& the C&mpany ,&r the &pp&rtunity i'en t& me sin-e * 1&ined the C&mpany in
April (014# 2&u ha'e helped me learn and .e-&me a .etter +&rker# * appre-iate all the time +ith y&u
and it is a reat pleasure +&rkin ,&r the C&mpany#
Thank y&u#
2&urs sin-erely,
3Muhammad Syamri Bin Jamal4