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Dear Residents of No. 49,

We are writing this notice to you as the concerned occupants of the ground oor and as a long-standing
stakeholder of Maple Garden. We would like to bring your attention to the serious issue of blockages in the
septic system in our building, which has become increasingly urgent.

As all of you should be aware by now, the septic tank required urgent pumping recently since an overow
occurred due to a blockage one that was again entirely avoidable. The stench of toilet wastes permeated
the ground area and, more importantly, the actual faeces and toilet wastes owed over the left passage.
Another pumping occurred only about one year ago.

Blockages in the system have become increasingly frequent, which can be a nuisance. The system should
go without pumping for at least 5-10 years. Without much surprise, the recent blockages were, in fact,
entirely avoidable.

Your attention is required on the items found to cause recent blockages. The 5 main culprits have been:

Sanitary napkins


Facial tissues

Cotton buds

Plastic bits and parts

All of the listed above are neither dissolvable nor soluble in water. Please accept this established,
undeniable basic scientic fact.

These items have repeatedly obstructed the drain under the left passage and prevented normal wastes to
pass through. Please bear the following in mind:

Your toilet is not a bin.

There is a reason why a toilet is a toilet and a bin is a bin because they take different kinds of wastes.

Please also acknowledge that frequent blockages of the drain and overows of the system are an
unnecessary nuisance to other residents as well.

Mr. Fung on the second oor already has a full understanding of the situation and has expressed
unequivocal support for enhancing the use of the sceptic system. For help or advices, please contact any
informed individual, such as Mr. Fung or Mr. Chan on the ground oor.

We should all appreciate the capability to demonstrate ethical behaviour and social responsibility, as it is a
special gift to the evolution of man from lower kinds. So, please

inform members of your household and visitors that insoluble items belong
to your bin and not your toilet.

Best Regards,

Michael and family, No. 49 G/F