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The way you came to visit me at my forlorn castle was unexpectedly ghostly,
Don't get me wrong, but I'm used to visitors that meet me in the flesh mostly.
Why don't we step out into my garden and sit by the ancient tree?
We can chase around and my maid will be serving us cups of tea.
By the time the world around us has darkened,
The fires within us might have fully sparkened.
As we are dancing through the night I'm hoping your lips to taste,
Assuming you're here not only because you act good and chaste.
I will not follow if you choose to run away,
My guess is you'll return haunting someday.


Dorpha calz g-rsam maoffas
turbs elzaptilb iadnamad.

About what's above the firmaments with admiration,
not to be measured beauty her course, divine knowledge.


Faonts odfaorgt caosgi,
Lorslq izizop aldi bvsd mad,
Bvsdirtilb zorg anetab abramg lviahe,
Micalzo mozod turbs paradiz brita,
Norqrasahi maoffas,
Ol chirlan.

Dwelling in the brightness and the dwelling place on the earth,
Flowers from the highest vessels gathering in glory of the same your god,
That the glory of her be friendly in government I have prepared a song of honour,
In the likeness.
Mighty joy of god, beauty of virgins I have talked of you,
Pleasure is not to be measured,
I rejoice.