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Swain, Jean Baptiste. (b.

Jean Baptiste was born on March 15 1864, the son of William Swain (b.c.188) an!
"n#eli$%e &amelin, the !a%#hter of Joseph &amelin an! 'herese (%charme. &e marrie!
J%lienne )arance
, born 1866 at St. "lbert, the !a%#hter of Basile )arance an! Mar#%erite
(es*ar!ins on +ctober ,, 1888 at St. -eter.s Mission, Montana.
S/01re si#ne! the petition for a Metis reser0e in Montana, sent b2 )o%is 3iel to
4eneral 5elson ". Miles, "%#%st 6, 1886. Baptiste an! his wife J%lia an! !a%#hters
3osa an! 3%nie appear on the 1766 Montana 8ens%s for 'eton 8o%nt2. 'he2 were
members of the #ro%p of Metis li0in# in the 8an2on on the So%th 9or: of the 'eton
)arance, J%lienne < 8oncernin# her claim as a chil! < "!!ress, St. "lbert < Born,
1866 at St. "lbert < 9ather, Basile )arance, (M/tis) < Mother, Mar#%erite (es*ar!ins,
(M/tis) < Scrip for =,46 < 8laim 8.
Scrip affi!a0it for Swain, "n#/li$%e> wife of William Swain> concernin# the
claims of her chil!ren; John Swain, born; (ecember 1, 185?> William Swain, born;
Jan%ar2 ,, 1861> Jean Baptiste Swain, born; Jan%ar2 6, 1864> )o%isa Swain, born;
March , 1865.

8ompile! b2 )awrence Bar:well
8oor!inator of Metis &erita#e an! &istor2 3esearch
)o%is 3iel @nstit%te
J%lie was first marrie! to (ie%!onne 8o%rtepatte, the son of Jean Baptiste co%rtepatte !it )e-otea% an!
Josephte Belco%rt in 1886 at St. "lbert.