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 "The One Minute Manager" by Kenneth
Blanchard and Spencer Johnson is an
extraordinary book.
If we have problems managing our team then it is
highly recommend this short, simple, easy to read -
The One Minute Manager.
Like many common sense ideas, it's only common
sense when you know it so the One Minute Manager
book could have the impact of being hit on the head
with a baseball bat wielded by world super
heavyweight boxer Lennox Lewis.

Yes I think The One Minute Manager is that good and
powerful for anyone who has problems getting the
most out of their staff.

1. One Minute Goal Setting

2. One Minute Praising

3. One Minute Reprimands

The core idea behind One Minute Goal Setting is so
Many employees are uncertain of what it is that they
should do, what their responsibilities are, what their
goals are.
They lose enthusiasm because they don't understand
the rules of the game.
Perhaps you should try a little experiment.
 It is your responsibility to clarify the goals of each
and every person who reports directly to you and to
approve the goals for the employees at the next level

A simple, low cost way to improve the morale of your
team of employees and help them to do a better job
is give them a one minute praising.
Virtually everyone likes to be recognised.
A one minute praising shows that you care about
performance so they care.

Most staff will hear some form of rant from their boss
from time to time.
When the employees don't receive one minute
praising, they assume that criticism is just the way
bosses act.
People have to learn from their mistakes or
unsuitable behaviour. It can only happen if people
are told about it quickly.

After reading one minute manager I felt it is an
excellent book and a master piece for many of its
readers. It's a beautiful book which acts as a small
guide. It will be a great source of help to fresher's like
us who aspire to be a good and efficient manager’s.