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Profile Born and raised in Waterloo with a love of computers, technology, and
the arts I am see!ing long term employment com"ining these
interests with a company that will allow me to wor! with a creative
team and help "ring ideas from concept to finished product

Skills Applications
#ac $ %C %hotoshop Illustrator After &ffects
%remier #' Office () 'tudio #a* #aya
+%ursued video production and photography through classes and pro,ects
+'!etched, planned, designed and produced graphic pro,ects from
original ideas
+)etail oriented, improved "randing and writing s!ills
+%roficient in %hotoshop, Illustrator, and After &ffects on #ac and %C
Experience Midwest Sleep Services -uly .//0 + Current
%olysomnographic 1echnologist
2a" manager for two years 1rained technologists on a variety of
computer software for running and overseeing sleep procedures
Oversaw patient care which included scheduling, e*plaining testing
procedures, and coordinating with physician3s offices for patient care
Computer specialist for the company, which included updating and
maintaining all technical e4uipment at several outreach clinics
Lowe's Home Improvement April .//( + -uly .//0
Cashier5Installed 'ales Coordinator5Receiving
Received two promotions while employed 'tarted as cashier which
included customer service and processing transactions %romoted after
a year with the company to Installed 'ales Coordinator which involved
overseeing customer home installations Final year was spent in
Receiving department which included unloading delivery items, ta!ing
inventory, and driving heavy machinery
Education Academy College – Bloomington, Minnesota .//6+.//(
Associate of Applied 'cience in Computer Animation
'tudied variety of applications, along with traditional studio art 1oo!
special interest in animation, with a strong attention to detail
%assionate interest in designing and creating a variety of art pro,ects
including posters and logos
raig afaro (319) 230-6995
References Professional
-ulie Bromwich
Co+#anager at #idwest 'leep 'ervices
7(689 .6:+;::<
#ichael -ennings
Graphic Artist
7(689 .(8 + /(:0
-ens %etersen
=olunteered with productions at the Waterloo Community %layhouse
7(689 06/ + :<6:
raig afaro (319) 230-6995