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Chapter One: What is Victimology?

Victim-person harmed in an act of crime. Victimization- is a relationship between the offenders. Victimology-
study of harm due to illegal activities. Victimologists- those who study Victimology. Comparisons of
criminology and Victimology, criminology goes towards the evidence while Victimology focuses on the victim.
Direct victims are those who are affected directly, while indirect victims are like family members or first
responders who are indirect victims. Objectivity is more desirable because they won’t interfere with what is
Chapter 2: The Rediscovery of Crime Victims
History and Decline of crime victims
Social movements: law and order, women’s, civil rights
Legislation named after victims (ex: amber alert, Meagan’s law, Brady bill) 6
4 stages of the rediscovery process (know what each of them are)
Moral entrepreneurs
Media’s involvement- how does media help in these types of crimes.
Restorative justice/victim offender mediation- do victims forget what happens or do they want justice in what
has happened to them

Chapter 3: Sources of Information about Crime Victims
UCR Uniform crime report. NIBRS-, NCVS- national crime victimization survey –
Part I crimes
Official statistics, Statistics, Profiles, Hierarchy rule, Crime Clock, crime waves, forward telescoping

Chapter 4: Violent Crimes: Murders and Robberies
Murder: intra/inter-racial, homicides vs. murder, geographic locations
Types of slayings: infanticide, filicide, parricide, domestic homicide, etc.
Differential risks of being murdered
Routine Activities Theory
Lifestyle Theory depending on how you live your life can also affect if you will become a potential target to a

Chapter 5: The Victim’s Contribution to the Crime Problem
Shared Responsibility
Boost explanation/Flag explanation
Victim defending/victim blaming/System Blaming
Victim facilitation, precipitation, provocation- what actions did the victim make to make them the victim.
Subintentional death/ Subculture of violence
Just world outlook
Typology/ typologies of victims