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We invite you to join us as we
contribute to making the worl d a
better pl ace by strengthening
famil y bonds and creating
heal thier famil ies.
Kiven Emmanuel Basang
MA Human Services
MA Arts /Theology
BA Sociology
Mom is Gold foundation will be a 501k Non Profit
Organization that is designed to bring to reality the unique,
unthinkable, unspeakable, and immeasurable love of a
mother portrayed through her painful experiences of child
bearing beginning with conception. This will create a new
world view of motherhood, giving room for mothers to
share their identical and unique experiences, testimonies,
reaffirming their importance, pride and dignity of just
being a mother. Creating more awareness as a way forward
to continuously pursuing equality, more protection
especially for mothers and women in war zone.

1. A genuine call, giving back to parents
2. Out cry for fathers to participate more in raising children
3. Build broken bond between parents and children
4. Reject domestic violence and create awareness on love
Call for a curriculum for parental training in schools
5. Reaffirm importance of mothers in the success of every
economy and society
6. Call for more loving equality and care
Create a Global network through which Mom is
Gold Foundation can realize its objectives.
Renounce battery of any form and create an
awareness of respect for motherhood and for
women in general.
Give children the opportunity to understand the
undying love of their parents through the
sometimes painful sacrifices they make to pave
the way for their childrens ultimate success in


Mom is Gold Foundation will feature your brand in all
fundraising activities.
Your brand will be featured on the foundations upcoming
website and flyers and local newspaper promotions
Your brand will be heavily promoted through our website, mass
event flyers, social networking sites and newspapers. This will
allow your company high visibility with thousands of hits a week
through promotional websites.
A portion of the proceeds from this will be used to help mothers
in need of assistance.
Management Team
Board of Directors
Executive Leadership
Public relations

Team Members
Experience in leadership on Mothers issues
Business Experience
Knowledgeable advisers on Mothers issues
Developmental projects management team
Marketing and sales projections
Multimedia (advertisement)

Mothers of all Age groups and cultures.
Children of all age groups

5 Year Plan
Mother is Gold Building
Provide spiritual counseling for mothers and children.
Have various programs to help mothers build their self esteem
Host various leadership classes for children
Assist Mothers financially and psychologically.
Mother is Gold music (accomplished)
Mother is Gold video
Mother is Gold perfume
Mother is Gold T-shirts
Mother is Gold stickers
Mother is Gold face caps
Fathers can do more

Partnership Opportunities

Other Non-profit Organizations with
similar goals
Government Organizations
Non Government Organizations

Sponsorship Opportunities

Monetary donations
Fundraising ideas that will help the
organization expand financially
Host an annual Bar-B-Que event to raise
money for the foundation

Contact information & event details
Please Contact
Pastor Kiven Basang, Founder
For more details email us at