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Poetic Forms

Lyric- poetry is melodic in form and personal and sensual in nature; emotions are
emphasized through the use of figurative language.
Limerick- a five-lined, light, nonsensical or humorous verse which uses the rhyme
scheme a-a-b-b-a.
Free Verse- a poetic form that does not follow any fied patterns; it does not rhyme, has
no fied stanza form, and no fied meter.
!in"uain- a five-lined poetic form which follows these patterns.
Line #- a one-word sub$ect or idea; or one syllable
Line %- two descriptive ad$ectives; or three syllables
Line &- three related action verbs; or five syllables
Line '- three or four words that or seven syllables
give a personal reaction;
Line (- a one word synonym for or one syllable
the first line
)lotz *oem- is a good opportunity to use alliteration; it also serves a vocabulary lesson
because you will need a dictionary or a thesaurus.
Line #- name your creature. +,his is a ------.
Line %- tell where your creature lives. +/ll words begin with the first letter of the
creature0s name. 1nclude at least four words..
Line &- ,ell what your creature eats. +2se the same first letter. 1nclude at least
four items..
Line '- ,ell what your creature likes. +2se same first letter. 1nclude four things..
Line (- ,ell something about your creature. +2se same first letter. 1nclude three
Line 3- ,ell about something your creature did to you.
!haracter !herihews- originated by the )ritish writer 4dmund !herihew )entley, it is a
four-lined poem about a real or fictitious person; great is using a 5ocial 5tudies
Line # ends with a person0s name
Line % rhymes with line #
Lines & and ' rhyme with each other.
/braham Lincoln
was always thinkin0
that slavery was wrong
and freedom should be everyone0s song.
)allad- a narrative poem which uses simple language and a refrain, is usually intended to
be sung, and is often a folk tale.