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Francisco, Maria Isabelle R.


Who will be the main beneficiary to your policy?
Each and every one who rides the MRT & LRT will benefit because it would be a lot organized
and easier to ride the LRT especially during rush hours.

The LRT train is a very common ride among us commuters. It’s faster compared to riding a
jeepney or a bus. But it doesn’t mean riding the LRT is easier. During rush hours, expect the trains that
pass by the station would be full of passengers. This cause the LRT passengers chose to let the full trains
pass by and this affects the time a lot for their commute.
Wouldn’t it be nice if the boarding of the LRT passengers would be organized? One cart (a part of the
whole train) allotted for passengers who were destined to the 1
two stations, and another cart for the
passengers destined for the next two stations and so on. All the passengers being dropped in each
station will be replaced by the new passengers in that station and they will ride in the cart where their
destinations were assigned. Senior citizen, pregnant women and children special area will still be
implements and the female area as well by dividing each cart. I thought of this policy because there are
times that the passengers weren’t able to reach their destined station because they weren’t able to go
out of the train caused by the other passengers blocking the door. If this will be implemented this will let
the passengers ride easier and less hassle.