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North Node in 1st House

The traditional interpretation of thenorth node in 1st house, also known as the Dragon’s head in the First
House and Dragon’s Tail in the Seventh House, is good health and a strong mind, but troubled partnerships.
In past lives, you relied too much on partners, even losing your own identity in your sacrifice for others. You
were dependent and/or dominated by a spouse, friend, confidant, or other person. With the memory of such
dependency and partnership, there is danger you will marry early and/or for the wrong reasons. Further, you
may have a semi-conscious or unconscious fear of losing your partners, which makes you especially
dependent. A successful marriagemay come later in life. Because of past experiences, you may not even
know who you really are. You are here in this lifetime to be an individual with all that that entails. Strive to
develop a personality that is distinctive and that others recognize as your own. Take a stand without regard to
how others react to it or what they think about it. You must resist at every opportunity the temptation to be a
people-pleaser. Martin Schulman writes that these natives, with their fond memories of teamworkand
cooperation, find the process of individuation particularly painful. They have, explains Schulman, a soul
longing to discover themselves after having lost their identity in others, and yet an equally strong desire not to
hurt those close to them in the process of doing so. They must take on the mission of establishing a sense of
self but do so “without shutting off completely the benefits of marriage and partnerships.“ In the process of
striking this balance, there may come a time when you overcompensate, being too aggressive or even
obnoxious. Keep your ego in check, and eventually you will find the right chord. It will do your soul good to
accept leadership positions in this lifetime. It is also good for you to take the initiative. However, be wary of
seeking power. You cannot make up for past mistakes in relationships by becoming a dictator, though you
will be tempted to dominate others once you wake up to the ways people have taken advantage of you in the
past. Some people with this placement of thenorth node in 1st housego to extremes with their appearances.
You may make a point of not tending to how you present yourself, thereby alienating others. Or you may
obsess over every detail of your grooming. Try to avoid both these extremes. You do need to make a good
impression on others, and your physical appearance is an important part of this and one reflection of yourself;
however, there is a limit. You must understand that your appearance is just that: your appearance. It is not
your actual self. Own your need for recognition. You are here to be an individual, which means standing out.
Take the time to figure out what you think. Do not waiver from your views when they become inconvenient
or unpopular. If you are a good friend to yourself, offering support and encouragement to your own self as
you have done for others, even in the face of opposition and at the risk of creating disharmony, you will find a
deep reservoir of courage you did not know you had. It is important to understand, though, that theNorth
Nodein 1st House nodal position is not about philosophical conviction; it is about learning how to be yourself.
Resist the temptation to wait for others to offer their opinion first or to tell you what you should think or do
think. Because your placement isnorth nodein 1st house, you will be happy when you come to your own
conclusions and stand up for yourself.
North Node in 2nd House
Traditionally, thenorth node in 2nd house, also known as the Dragon’s Head in the Second House, brings
personal fortune, luck in business, and an accumulation of wealth. It might also portend a strong marriage,
rich in love and intellectually stimulating. Dragon’s Tail in the Eight House is associated with abuse of the
lower passions and perhaps the strange death of a partner or relative. For those withNorth Node in 2nd
House, this is a lifetime about personal possessions and resources. The universe will no longer support you in
relying on other people’smoney. Your destiny is to become self-sufficient with all that this entails: living
within your means, taking care of your body, and developing endurance. As a general rule, shy away from
credit and offers to use a partner’s resources. The finances of others may prove troublesome for you in this
lifetime. As you learn to live within your means, you may swing to extremes, alternating between frugality and
extravagance. Perhaps you work hard to obtain a possession that is meaningful to you, but then give or
gamble it away. You may resort to a sort of laziness, relying on luck to provide for you. Interestingly, the
great communist theorist, Karl Marx, who proposed that all citizens of the nation should share equally in its
wealth, had thenorth nodein 2nd house node placement. As did Ho Chi Minh.[1] Without commenting on
the validity of communism as a legitimate economic model, suffice it to say that such thinking is not for you.
Take your inspiration fromHelen Keller, Benjamin Franklin, and Mohammed Ali, who all share thenorth
nodein 2nd house nodal placement and strove diligently to become self-sufficient. Past life experience has
given you knowledge of the occult, for which you have a natural talent. You also have a sort of hangover
preoccupation with sex. Be vigilant of your motivations, as well, for you are prone to acting on base motives
which you may hide from even yourself. In fact, says astrologer Martin Schulman of someone with this
placement, “while many may know him closely, none will know him well,” such is the depth of secrecy
associated with the Eighth House, home to your South Node. You come into this life with a strong connection
to the dark side. Perhaps you feel you lived on the outskirts of society as a child. Maybe there were past lives
of criminal behavior or misuse of occult knowledge. In this lifetime, your soul’s desire is to live a respectable
life. You are here to develop a sense of those things that are truly important to you and to obtain them
honorably. Death is an important part of life for you, much more so than for most people. You may find in it,
as you do in sex, a rejuvenating energy. In fact, this placement can bring posthumous fame. However, it is
difficult for you to be completely conscious of your connection to this energy. In probing the values of others
(which you do with an eye on establishing your own value system), you unconsciously lead them astray. You
do not know it, but you undermine almost everything you touch. At your worst, you are a claim jumper, with
so little invested in yourself and with so little respect for others, that you claim what is theirs as your own
without even realizing it. You may also be subject to extreme moodiness, which is a way of undermining
yourself. Develop self-respect and you will simultaneously learn to respect others. Thiswill bring you
emotional stability. People with this placement may not have experienced privacy in their childhood.
Circumstances in their early life left them feeling that they had nothing to call their own. The adult is
preoccupied with financial security which s/he associates with harmony and peace. It is appropriate for you
to be focused on material comforts in this lifetime, and you will find yourself fully engaged and passionate
about life when you acknowledge your personal needs and go about meeting them with a patient, consistent,
determination. Build a beautiful physical environment for yourself first, then share your security according to
your values. The bottom line is that, with the north node in 2nd house placement, you must learn to manage
your personal resources. Do not use all your energy on others. Earn what you need and spend less than you
make. Build your physical strength. Eventually you will build the stability and security you do desperately
North Node in 3rd House
TheNorth Node in 3rd House, also known as the Dragon’s Head in the Third House, brings good fortune in
many areas: siblings, neighbors, co-workers, an intellectual career, mental capacity, education, and travel for
the specific purpose of education. The corresponding Dragon’s Tail in the Ninth House shows a disdain for
organized religion or perhaps extreme superstition. There may also be some danger in travel or a troubled
journey for a mysterious or secretive reason. It also indicates a person who should also avoid gambling.
Many astrologers consider North Nodein the third house to be exalted, meaning it is in its best placement.
Perhaps it’s because the person’s spiritual journey is completely aligned with daily life. In past lives, you
spent countless hours developing your intuition, philosophizing, and becoming wise. You have incarnated
this time to be where you are, fit your life perfectly into the network of lives around you, and to use your mind
to come to grips with the world as it is. Better than anyone else, you will come to understand how the world
works, and the longer you live the less desire you will have to find some grand meaning in it all. The Third
House represents our daily journey. There is good luck around you. Opportunities will come from your own
neighborhood, so to speak. As you go about your daily routine, meet as many people as possible. Build a
strong network of friends and acquaintances. Develop good relations with your siblings and other family
members. To balance past experiences of long journeys and solitude, you must learn to communicate with
those around you. You came into this life with a natural ability to intuit information and use the higher mind.
Your task is to channel what messages you get to the right people. This means delivering the information in
the right words at the right place and the right time. Your nervous energy is an impetus to do this. At your
worst, you are just a gossip, but at your best, all your e-mailing, texting, calling and running around the city
amounts to a job as modern day divine messenger. Think of Chris Rock and Bill Maher, both popular and
controversial comedians with their North Nodes in 3rd House. What do they do but travel around the country
delivering “the truth” to anyone who will pay to hear it? Your challenge in this lifetime will be to tame your
restlessness. From past incarnations you have a soul memory of long journeys and travel to faraway places.
From time to time this wanderlust may overtake you again. You are scared to lose this sense of freedom, yet
you must in order to grow. Stay put and you will reap the generous rewards of North Node in 3rd House.
Forgo the travel and gain self-understanding. For all your communicating, you may have trouble expressing
your deepest feelings. As you make your daily rounds, chatting up friends, neighbors, and coworkers,
remember to exchange not just ideas but feelings, as well. You may feel boxed in by your relationships, but
your web of friendships, family ties, and business contacts has a purpose. This was created by you to fulfill
your soul’s desire to learn precision. This network forces you to be accurate, focused, and direct in your
communication. Avoid exaggeration and phrase thingsin ways that those around you will understand. J ohn
F. Kennedy, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, J ames Earl J ones, and Rod Serling, all known for their ability to
deliver perfectly crafted messages, share thisnorth nodein 3rd house placement with you. You have a genius
for facts and details. You were born with a natural creative intelligence which you should develop through
formal education. Avoid unorthodox schools or metaphysical or occult learning. You will also find bad luck
in careers or situations which require you to make decisions. Because are always channeling higher
information, you are never prepared to make a judgment, for you have that intuitive sense that more facts are
on the way. Possessing the north node in 3rd house placement means you will find happiness in careers which
require a great deal of creative mental energy, such as teaching, writing, history, or any other pursuit that
demands mastery of a wide scope of details. Y6WIuss
North Node in 4th House
Having the node placement of north node in 4th house, youcame into this lifetime with an assumption that
you would always be in a position of authority and that naturally you should be in control. While you have
this memory from past lifetimes, in fact you are here now to focus not on others, but on putting your own
house in order. Attempts to manage or direct people will leadyou feeling empty and frustrated in this
lifetime. When you organize your affairs and address your own emotional problems, the universe will support
you. In your childhood, one or perhaps both parents may have been exceptionally demanding, instilling in you
a belief that you were destined for some great achievement. Astrologer Martin Schulman cautions that this
conviction may be afflicted to the point that the person withNorth Node in 4th House“firmly believes that
without his achieving some great destiny, life is utterly worthless.” Schulman suggests you learn the value of
the old adage “A bird in the hand is worth more than two in the bush.” Do not forsake what you have for the
possibility of what you might achieve, he warns. Your relationship with each of your parents is more important
for you than for others. People with these nodes are known especially for a deep connection with their
mother. You are keenly aware of your dependence on your parents, now and in the past, but also struggle for
independence. Coming to terms with your roots is part of your lifetime task of subordinating career to
personal life. This does not mean that you cannot have a career, however. Consider Anton Chekov, Alex
Haley, andTennessee Williams, who all share this placement of north nodein 4th house and found great
acclaim through their writingabout families. Be aware of your motives for any goal. If you are pursuing
something for the sake of recognition, to make yourself valuable in the eyes of a third party, or to give yourself
legitimacy, then you will surely be unlucky. When you act for the sake of your own happiness, to further a
healthy home life or to nourish your own emotional growth, good luck will follow, for this is your karmic
path. As the emphasis in this lifetime is on home and family, you will most likely be blessed in this area.
Serene domestic surroundings, solitude, and privacy are good for your soul. Balance lifetimes of public
acclaim and responsibility with long periods of soul development. Above all, attempt to develop emotional
maturity. You are not the center of every situation. You are here to learn to nurture others. Do not indulge
your desire for power or recognition. Surely you will only exacerbate your feelings of inadequacy and provide
evidence for your conviction that you are underappreciated. Also beware a tendency to climb the social
ladder or indulge feelings you will someday take your rightful place in society. Such thoughts will lead you
from your spiritual path. While you find it easy to organize for others at the office, this is just a distraction.
You must turn and face your emotions at home. Learn to express and honor them. You will find the love and
appreciation you long for only by opening up the emotional faucet. Resist the temptation to bury yourself in
work. Rather, plunge into thedark night of the soul: devote your time to loved ones, garden, cook, heal, tend
to your home and spiritual matters. Look within and you will find a brave new world even more exciting than
the one outside you. What’s more, you are bound to discover at the end of the long journey that everything
you are you owe to your parents. T.S. Elliot wrote, “We shall not cease from exploration/ And the end of all
our exploring/ Will be to arrive where we started/And know the place for the first time.”
North Node in 5th House
North Node in 5th House indicates a past life dedicated to fulfilling wishes. Early in this incarnation, you
reveled in your imagination and inventiveness, whiling away the hours daydreaming or losing yourself in
fantasies. You are a mental traveler with a powerful dream life, and your challenge in this lifetime is to find
the proper place for this. In an attempt to ground your energy, you may have tried to live vicariously through
your friends, letting them act out your far-fetched fantasies. You had many friendships in past lifetimes, but
you will find these are unfulfilling to you now. Perhaps no one is available to help when you really need it.
Further, when you put group needs ahead of your own, you will lose every time. This is how the universe
supports you in developing a strong sense of self. You were detached and wanted space in previous
incarnations. Love may be hard to find, recognize, or keep in this lifetime since you have so little soul
experience with it. It may come later in life once you’ve developed your sense of self. Intense one-on-one
relationships are not comfortable for you, but you will find luck in any venture where you lead with your heart
and involve yourself personally. Seek closeness and warmth with others. Embrace your intense creativity.
Many of the most modern prolific artists share thenorth node in 5th houseplacement with you,
includingPicasso, Woody Allen, Allen Ginsburg, and Norman Rockwell, all known for their sustained ability
to produce quality work. You, too, have such a drive. You may have difficulty dealing withyour sexuality and
blame childhood experiences for these issues. It is best to avoid such scapegoating since you are here to take
responsibility for creating your own life. Further, sexuality per se is not the issue. As astrologers Bruno and
Louise Huber explain of this node placement, sexuality is just one manifestation of a “direct, vital connection
between one human being and another,” exactly what you incarnated to experience. Any time you attempt to
come out of your dreams into the world of reality, you will find the support of the universe, for this is your
task in this lifetime. As you take responsibility for the world you have created through your thoughts, you
shape your own identity. You will see your dreams materialize, but you must own theprocess. For this
reason, you should find good luck in the arts. Learn to be conscious of how you use your ability to wish things
true. If you wish from lowly or base motives, you will find your fantasies materialize in perverse ways and
you will have to live with their consequences longer than you ever imagined possible. Be sure your motives
are pure. Children are important figures in your spiritual development. North Node in 5th House often
signifies an exceptionally close relationship with them. Angelina J olie, famous for her growing brood of kids,
was born with this placement. So was Mother Theresa. Watch the dreams of the children you know come true
and understand the relationship of this to the passage of time. Wishing for the future should not mean a
negation of the present moment. Ultimately, you must not be a follower of dreams but someone who is
grounded in the here and now. Only when you are fully in the present can you begin to use your past life gift
of “wish power” (as astrologer Martin Schulman calls it) to create a better future for yourself and others.
Learn to be where you are and who you are under all circumstances. The more of an individual you become,
the happier you will be.
North Node in 6th House
You, a carrier of thenorth node in 6th house, are full of spiritual knowledge, having passed many lifetimes —
or perhaps your childhood —in contemplation and meditation. You find it natural to spend time in deep
thought, alone and lost in yourself. The more you do this, however, the more paranoid and unstableyou
become. The universe will no longer support you in escaping reality or losing yourself in imaginary worlds,
both of which undermine your self-confidence and acerbate your nervousness. Because of past experiences
you, having thenorth node in 6th houseplacement, find organization challenging and have trouble budgeting
your time. This makes work difficult. You must steer away from self-pityto a path of responsibility and
discipline. Scary though it may seem, the discipline will build your confidence and soothe your soul. Apply
restrictions to your thoughts and diet, as well, to keep grounded. Traditionally this placement indicates good
physical health, as the universe will support your efforts to take care of your body. You may have a secret
desire to become a medical doctor, natural healer, nutritionist, or nurse, for your know there is healing power
within you. Good luck with small animals is also indicated in thenorth nodein 6th house nodal placement.
The emphasis this lifetime is on addressing mental and physical health issues. You may spend some
significant portion of your life in a hospital, prison, monastery, or otherwise “institutionalized.” The routine
and order of such a place can help you build faith and heal. However you choose to ground yourself, it’s
important that you do so. Anne Heche, Sunny von Bulow, Health Ledger, and Phil Spector, all described at
one time or another as “imbalanced,” share thisnorth nodein 6th house node placement with you.
You have chosen a lifetime of service to others. This requires developing any talents you have and paying
attention to detail. Youwill find it fulfilling to become an expert in some area. Though focusing is not natural
to you, the more you do it, the more you will like it. You would make a fine accountant, editor, analyst, or
hairdresser. It does not matter what you choose as a career, however. The spiritual task of the north node in
6th house is to learn about the world around you, figure out how you can contribute to it, and work, work,
work. Because of your sensitive nature, you will find many of the things you are asked to do in life
unpleasant. Resist the tendency to feel sorry for yourself. It’s important the carrier of the north node in 6th
house go about your daily routine with a smile. Complete the tasks at hand, though they tax your abilities or
seem unfairly distributed to you. At your worst, you hide behind paranoid fantasies, letting others work while
you wallow in self-pity. In this lifetime, completing even the most unpleasant tasks brings a sense of
accomplishment and great self-confidence. Do not despair that your work is not good enough, that the
outcome of your endeavors is not ideal, that you are unloved, or that people let you down. You are here to
experience “real life” which is messy, imperfect, and sometimes disappointing. It is nevertheless wonderful
and certainly can’t be improved by your worrying. Build your mental and physical strength, maintain a
positive attitude, and contribute where you can. How surprised you will be to find a deep well of faith
growing inside you. You may have success at fields which allow you to combine your natural insight about
people with learning some sort of craft. More than a few accomplished astrologers have this node placement
of the north node in 6th house, including J . Lee Lehman, Louise Huber, Alan Leo, and Noel Tyl. Sigmund
Freud, Albert Camus, J ane Addams, andNoam Chomskyare good examples of insight applied to improving
the human condition in other fields. Routine, boundaries, details, necessities, physical and mental health, these
are your allies in service. Your lifetimes of torment are over. The sooner you bury the past and start
participating in the present, the sooner you will become all of which you are capable: a powerful and
confident person, the north node in 6th house isdescribed by astrologer Martin Schulman as “one of the most
compassionate, beautiful and useful people in the zodiac.”
North Node in 7th House
The traditional interpretation of north node in 7th houseis good luck in marriage and partnership. It also
means an important role for nieces, nephews, and children (especially the second child). Conversely, it can
also signify a troubled early life. Marriage and partnership may not have been comfortable for you at first.
Lifetimes of individual achievement and independence make it more natural for you to go it alone and value
your unique identity. You may be divorced or separated. Perhaps you have never married, because of your
tendency to remain apart.[1] However, as reluctant as you may be or have been to commit to another,
marriage and partnership are part of your spiritual journey. You are here in this lifetime to learn to give with
the whole heart, asking nothing of othersin return. If you have not been successful in your relationships,
most likely you were falling back on the old habit of trying to just get by. You may have most likely not been
doing the minimum to keep a partner around. Put the needs of others first and you will be amazed at how the
universe supports you. You had many incarnations as a loner. You came into this world with a pioneer spirit.
This may be seen by others as a sense of embattlement. Some will perceive you as disloyal, since you are so
reluctant to invest in your relationships. However, as you grow in your spiritual development, you will find
within yourself an amazing ability to give self-confidence to others. Martin Schulman attributes to native
with thisnorth node in 7th housenodal placement an ability to “give others the will where there was none”
and to make them aware of their own self-worth. You may wonder how to begin your journey of putting others
first. It starts with developing the habit of detaching from yourself and recognizing the egoistic ways of your
past (either previous lifetimes or childhood). You will soon learn the rewards of focusing your energy on
someone other than yourself. As you take the emphasis off you and put it on the other, the habits of kindness
and understanding will develop naturally. These behaviors will help you formulate appropriate goals for your
relationships. Donna van Toen sees asthe major issue for natives with theNorth Nodein 7th House: “This
person is torn between involvement at any cost and preservation of his or her highly comfortable image of self
as a good or beautiful person.” The core issue for you is the right balance between self and others. As you
reach for your North Node, strive to be sure that every arrangement is a win-win. Both sides should benefit
fromany bargain. Check your tendency to assert yourself at all times. Seek the balance proclaimed by your
nodal brother Norman Vincent Peal: win friends and influence people. Other famous people who share the
north node in 7th house placement areMalcolm X,Barack Obama, the current Dalai Lama, J ackie Kennedy,
Elizabeth II, and Woodrow Wilson. All of these luminaries are known for their autonomy, but also a great
deal of charm. Permanent relationships require tact, diplomacy, strategy, and above all fair dealing.
Obligations, limitations, and even boredom are part and parcel of long-term commitments to others. However,
as you compromise and cooperate with partners you will find that your investment is more than returned.
Most partners look for reciprocity. You will find much more than that with your north node in 7th house.
The north node in 7th house isalso known as Dragon’s Head in the Seventh House and Dragon’s Tail in the
First House.
[1] Martin Schulman even suggests that individuals with the north node in 7th house placement are so out of
harmony with the universe that they may develop some sort of chronic ailment that allows them to take
sympathy from others. QFU
North Node in 8th House
Traditionally, North Node in 8th Houseportends a long life, perhaps of 100 years or more, with a happy and
natural ending. It may also bring good luck in inheritances. The Dragon’s Tail in the Second House signifies
bad luck in money matters, even bankruptcy. Ventures will be undermined by circumstances beyond the
native’s control. Beware a loss brought on by “a woman of loose morals.” In the past, you were in the habit
of getting rather than giving. Possessiveness and a strong desire to own anything you see, coupled with a
determination to satiate all your desires, are soul memories from former lifetimes or perhaps childhood. You
may be slow to respond to anything that restricts your sexual and animal force and often feel as though the
things you really need are always just beyond reach. Resist the temptation to indulge in such thinking, for you
are here to learn self-control and discipline. You must somehow deal with the polar opposites within you –
stubborn determination and an emotional tendency to go to extremes. Learn to tame yourself. Resolve to
acquire only useful possessions and do not lust after anything more than what you need. Let go of old beliefs
about social castes. Bond with those closest to you and take on new value systems informed by what you learn
from them. Curb your sexual desires, though they are strong. Reserve some energy for the future and for your
own regeneration. For thenorth node in 8th house, it’s important to not exhaust yourself in the exercise of
physical union. The pattern you must watch out for is a soaring flight followed by a crash and burn. Some
famous people with topsy-turvy lives share thisnorth nodein 8th house placement with you: Claus von
Bulow, George Foreman, Winston Churchill, Lenny Bruce, andVladimir Lenin. All these man had success,
lost it, and then found it again. You can become so consumed with greed, lust, or possessiveness that you
come to hate yourself and in a fit of anger and spite, destroy all that is around you, only to gather an incredible
amount of energy to start again. Yet the momentum you gather takes you once more to dark places, setting in
motion the destructive cycle. To prevent this negative circle of behavior to which you can be prone, it is
important that you burn your bridges. You have struggled through so much, come so far. You can only
continue to move forward by blocking the exits. Martin Schulman says of a native with thenorth nodein 8th
house placement, “God will hear his faintest cry for help as soon as he sincerely promises ‘not to look back.’”
Psychological transformation is an important theme in your life; own the process consciously. The famous
singer Cat Stevens, now known as Yusuf Islam, is a good example of a positive use of this energy. Because of
your difficult past, you may have a hang up about power and even do foolish things with money to try to get
power, such as gamble or spend lavishly. If you do not build a good character, you may dream of marrying
into money, solving your problems through an inheritance or lottery win, or even find yourself in trouble with
the law. Other weaknesses of the north node in 8th house placement can include throwing money and energy
away on undeserving people or causes and counting on others to do the work that is yours. What you have that
others do not is great determination. While this can be detrimental to your growth, it may also help you in
times of great adversity if you use it wisely. George Washington, who outlasted the British army, was born
with hisNorth Node in 8
House. So was Eva Peron, who overcame so much to attain her position, and J .K.
Rowlings who wrote the first Harry Potter books while a single mother on welfare. Isabel Hickey suggests that
“Helping others to find their resources and values is the clue to the right use of the North Node in 8th house.”
You will experience your greatest happiness in life when you strike the proper balance between your needs
and the demands of society. You may find the universe supports you in seeking status, as this will allow you
to be an individual who contributes to those around him and is respected. You may become a business tycoon
or otherwise influential. You will also be lucky in metaphysical, occult, and spiritual pursuits because of your
north node in 8th house placement.
North Node in 9th House
Traditionally theNorth Node in 9th Housebrings great fortune. Possibilities are unlimited, and there is good
luck in travel, publishing, and politics. The corresponding Dragon’s Tail in the Third House brings
disagreement with those in close proximity, such as neighbors and siblings. It may mean a forced association
with “low class” people, a poor education, and/or a bad reputation spread through gossip and slander. If you
have an intuition to gamble, you will probably be lucky. Pay serious attention to recreational pursuits. Be
generous and engage in charity. You will develop great wisdom in this lifetime, and may even achieve a
position of power after your forty-first birthday. In this lifetime, relatives may be particularly difficult for you.
You have a strong psychic connection to your siblings, but may lose one early in life. You feel deeply for
your brothers and sisters and may end up caring for one or more of them. In Hindu astrology, this placement
of thenorth node in 9th housesignifies “a spiritual, introspective, or introverted younger sibling.” If
your North Nodeis badly afflicted, you may disregard morality as codified in religion and the law. Adolf
Hitler and Aleister Crowley, who were born with thenorth nodein 9th house nodal placement, are two
extreme examples. It will help to develop an interest in psychology, philosophy, and world religion.
Examples of people who better used their North Node in 9th House this way include Billy Graham, William
J ennings Bryan, Michel Foucault, J ean Paul Sartre, and Werner Erhard. While you came into this life with a
soul memory of a keenly developed mind, you are here to experience those things which are beyond mental
reach. You prefer to study on your own, and may have trouble completing a formal education. You are always
seeking more knowledge, for you find the world deeply fascinating and something you want to experience
through the intellect. You are too often influenced by your environment, rather than vice versa, and your
conflicts with those around you are the universe’s way of bringing this to your attention. Neighbors are an
ongoing problem for the north node in 9th house placement. You may have to travel far from your birth place
to find the peace youseek. You must detach from your environment enough to observe the world and derive
an opinion about it. You need clear senses before you can make the sound judgments required of you in this
lifetime. Continue to seek “the truth,” and you will find faith and courage along the way. Perhaps you find
yourself perpetually involved in petty dramas. You do not hesitate to jump into relationships, which become
complicated quickly, trapping you in a spider’s web of intrigue on an almost daily basis. Yet you continue to
reach out to others, going where angels fear to tread, listening and offering up advice. You often lament your
lack of education, which you secretly think would help you navigate thePeyton Placeyou live in. In fact, your
mental capacity is not the problem. It’s the sheer number of relationships you create and maintain. No one
could keep them all straight. Your life may be one of perpetual crisis, mostly due to your inability to decide.
You can rely on your intuition to guide you, but memoriesof past life experiences trap you into gathering too
much information before you make up your mind.[1] Resist the temptation to become lost in possibilities. It’s
important for the carrier of the north node in 9th house to take charge of your life. Travel is important to the
north node in 9th house. It provides an antidote to the social network that entangles you and the details that
vex your attempts to reach higher consciousness. In short, it gives perspective. When you pull away from the
facts, skepticism, and analysis that helped you understand the world in the past, and cut yourself loose from
the intricate social fabric of neighbors, acquaintances, and colleagues that drain your energy, you will find a
wonderful world of ideas, achieve higher consciousness, and make true friends.
[1] In fact, Martin Schulman says of a native with this north node in 9th house placement, “His greatest
subconscious need is one day to become a walking encyclopedia so that he will never be caught short, lacking
the right piece of information at the right moment.”
North Node in 10th House
Traditionally, thenorth node in 10th houseplacement denotes great worldly success but troubles at home.
You came into this lifetime owing karma to your family. You may work exceptionally hard to provide and
care for them. Youshould know you will rarely find appreciation. You were especially sensitive to your
mother and early surroundings. However, you will identify with your father as you grow older. As an adult
carrier of thenorth node in 10th house, you may have one child in particular who demands your energy and
attention but who returns little to you. Your spouse is likely to be absent as a parent, emotionally or literally.
Your family’s needs never seem to dissipate. You may feel forever bogged down by your responsibilities to
them. This may include your responsibilities to the family of man, as well, since you tend to “adopt” new
acquaintances. You probably find you everyone with whom you interact into a family member. This leaves
you spending a great deal of energy. This energy is from trying to balance your need to do things for yourself
with your need to do things for others. You attract and create these experiences to develop maturity.
Maturity means understanding the emotional needs of others. Once you “get” this lesson that comes with
thenorth nodein 10th house, your worldly success will come more easily. Later in life you will relish the
opportunity to provide stability and shelter for those who are in need. Until then, however, you must guard
against resenting those dependent on you. You must resist the urge to let family issues keep you from
developing your full potential. To speed you spiritual growth, be disciplined about a positive outlook. Go out
of your way to expand your circle beyond your blood relations. Even if you are financially independent, you
must work. This is the path to achieving the authority you so greatly desire. As you make your way in the
world, be wary of any unconscious tendencies towards classism or nepotism. Also be aware of how your
family values may have shaped your ideas about career. Having thenorth nodein 10th house, you are deeply
and psychically connected to your family. This gives you the energy to go out into the cold cruel world. Your
task is to forge your own path. It may help you to think deeply about the difference between status and
vocation. While you can daydream that success and power will come to you in a certain way, what you have
really incarnated to do in this lifetime is find something valuable to do for the group. Whenyou make a
substantial contribution to society, you will earn the authority you seek. More than anyone else, natives with
this placement of the north node in 10th house feel a sense of destiny. It can be particularly difficult for
women to channel this energy, depending on their circumstances. This is because the individual’s self-esteem
comes from work and the achievement of goals, not domestic activities. If you know a woman quietly pushing
to break the glass ceiling in her career, she probably hasNorth Node in 10
House. Others with the north
node in 10th house placement include her sistersGeraldine FerraroandEleanor Roosevelt. Also, Amelia
Earhart, Mary Tyler Moore, Margaret Mead, Sarah Palin, and Penny Marshall share the placement. You spent
plenty of lifetimes in seclusion, meditating and pondering your soul’s development. This will be balanced in
the current incarnation with lots of social activity. Though you are shy and a natural introvert, you will find
your greatest happiness climbing the ladder of success. It may take the first forty years of your life to find the
delicate balance between family and ambition that will allow you to focus on your career. Once you figure
that out, the world is your oyster as the proud carrier of the north node in 10th house.
North Node in 11th House
The traditional interpretation of North Node in 11th Houseis a bevy of friends who help the native achieve his
goals. The node also portends success in social causes and associations. It holds the promise of a great
leader. There may be wealth through women in your life: usually mother or wife. The Dragon’s Tail in the
Fifth house is somewhat unhappy. Hang-ups with gambling or other types of speculation are not unusual.
Sadly, unhealthy children or other kinds of trouble with offspring are also common for thenorth node in 11th
housecarrier. In the past, you were too attached. You retain the soul memory of great romances and have an
unconscious tendency to be always searching for the next affair. Writers with thenorth nodein 11th house
placement includeJ ane Austen, J ohn Keats, Louisa May Alcott and D.H. Lawrence. It includesBoris
Pasternak, romantics at heart who did not find such high drama in their own personal lives. You incarnated
this time to experience detached love. You will find happiness in turning lovers into friends. Avoid the
temptation of following every romantic opportunity, for this will distract you from your true path of creatinga
life purpose. You have a great need to be loved and seek to satiate that thirst with sex and romance. Thenorth
nodein 11th house placement means that love affairs only weaken you while friendships make you stronger.
It is important that you learn not to be willful. Your ego will only get in the way of achieving happiness.
Meditate on dissolving it. As a carrier of the north node in 11th house, it’s important to pay attention to your
dreams, both sleeping and day dreams. They can bring you divine guidance and deeper self-understanding.
You have spent many lifetimes as a creator, enjoying all that you bring into existence. However, such
experiences will only leave you feeling empty in this incarnation. Enjoy life as it happens to you —or
actually through you —and resist the temptation to bring things about through your own energy. While your
lifetimes of giving love and your childlike naiveté mean you have a natural affinity and talent for dealing with
children, you have come into this lifetime to experience something different than a particularly close
relationship with your children. You may find that they are unappreciative of your attention, sickly, or
otherwise troublesome, or that you areunable to conceive your own children. You probably have a vision of
universal brotherhood or of the future to share. Or maybe you have an insight about the connectivity of life
based on scientific reasons. Charles Darwin, Dag Hammarskjold, Stephen J ay Gould, and Buckminster Fuller,
all with their North Nodes in 11
house, exemplify this type of energy. Set your mind to work on becoming
more scientific in your approach and placing the group’s needs ahead of your own. You must be available to
others but not emotionally involved with them. See the people in your life not as minor actors in the drama of
your story but as major figures in their own right. The north node in 11th house means you will find true
happiness by improving the lives of others. You achieve this through friendships and associations, a clear life
purpose, a strong sense of ethics, and a commitment to freedom and equality.
North Node in 12th House
Traditionally it was taught that those bornwithNorth Node in 12th House are here to sacrifice for the greater
good and have incarnated to demonstrate compassion and unconditional lovefor the human race. We expect
to find them serving as a doctor, nurse, psychiatrist, mystic, or artist, for these vocations allow them to connect
with and heal others by channeling deeper energy. The corresponding Dragon’s Tail in the Sixth House was
thought to connote health problems, even mysterious ailments or hypochondria, and lives punctuated by
periods of “time outs” to deal with sickness. If you do not have health problems, I bet you have some issues
about your work environment. You may feel confined by your work space. A career in a large institution is
called for. If it’s not the work environment that bothers you, perhaps you feel unappreciated or just
underpaid. You may have an exaggerated sense of self and feel that most of what you are asked to do on the
job is beneath you. Yet you will find yourself doing work you resent over and over again, while the anger
builds up inside —until you make yourself literally sick. Thenorth node in 12th houseplacement means you
were a perfectionist in past lives, analyzing and criticizing the world around you. Perhaps you unconsciously
fall back into this pattern, secretly judging others as less than perfect. Resist the urge to lose yourself in petty
thoughts. You must learn to differentiate between the important and insignificant. Until you do, the nervous
energy you perpetuate by focusing on minutiae will eat away at your physical and mental health. You have a
soul memory of being able to control the outer world, and now you are here to experience the entire universe
within you. This will require periods of solitude in which you contemplate the microcosm of your soul. Many
famous loners have thenorth nodein 12th house placement. Among these are Isaac Newton, Abraham
Lincoln, Henri Matisse, Soren Kierkegaard, Vincent Van Gogh, Thomas Merton, Marilyn Monroe, and T.E.
Lawrence. Embrace the decision to journey from the material world to the spiritual, and you will find a
greater happiness than you have ever known. Faith and determination are your keys as thenorth nodein 12th
house placement. Your physical health is dependent upon your mental well-being which requires you to let go
of your need to control the details of the world around you. When you begin to put your faith in your inner
resources rather than trying to manipulate the outer world and impress people, you will find the self-
confidence you have been lacking. Your life is a journey of self-discovery as a carrier of the north node in 12th
house. Your task is to know and love the real you, and appreciate your place in the cosmos. You are destined
for spiritual greatness. You must lead a life that inspires others to create harmony and honor the brotherhood
of man. Live from your heart and not your mind.