Progress Killer #1: “I Don’t Know Enough”

Everybody starts here.
Every business you admire, every big-name blogger, every marketing hero started where you are right now.
“I don’t know enough yet.”
You don’t know enough about marketing. Or email lists. Or social media. Or blogging. Or you can’t figure
out how to get WordPress working. Or you can’t face oening a !oogle" account.
#t feels like there are a million moving ieces, and you have to learn everything about all of them before
you can move forward with your business.
Real business owners now that’s a lie
#t’s not that you don’t need to know about content marketing and coywriting.
You do need some tools in your marketing toolbo$ % otherwise your business isn’t going to find
customers, and you’ll go broke. Which is no fun.
We reach content marketing because it’s ine$ensive, because it works, and because most indeendent
small businesses can do it really well. &'his is one area of marketing that most little guys can do much,
much better than the tyical giant mega-cor can.(
!earning the art o" “#ust enough”
You could go out and get a Ph) in marketing, and you still wouldn’t be an e$ert.
You’re never going to learn everything. You’re never going to master everything.
*ut every successful small business owner &including every solo ractitioner who’s booked themselves
solid( knows the art of +,ust enough- marketing.
.ike almost everything else in life, you’ll get most of your results from ,ust a few key techni/ues. .earn
those, ractice them reasonably well, and you’re off and running.
0an you send the rest of your career erfecting your marketing1 0an you add refinement after refinement
to kee growing beyond your original goals1
2ure you can. .ots of eole do. *ut you have to get moving first.
$ou need a %a&
# was looking at all of our recorded content in 'hird 'ribe, and reali3ed that while we had a ton of seminar
information in 'hird 'ribe &well over 45 hours, and that’s not counting the recordings of the 678
sessions(, it could be really intimidating to know where to start.
2o # made a ma. # created a simle, 95-minute overview of the essentials of a small, owerful content
marketing lan.
'his is how 0oyblogger was built. 8nd Problogger. 8nd 0hris* 8nd satisfying, rofitable
businesses like 'eaching 2ells and the :emarkable ;arketing *luerint.
8nd many thousands of other successful sites % the kind you might think you could never create.
'hey’re built a ste at a time. #f you never get moving, you’ll definitely never get there.
I" you’re not a 'riber( you )an set)h out your own %a&
!et an enveloe and turn it over. #f your lan won’t fit on the back of an enveloe, it’s going to be too
comlicated to ut into lace.
Write two words< Blog and Email .ist. 'hose are your first two building blocks.
'hen take the lessons from #nternet ;arketing for 2mart Peole and add another block or two. Or you
might want to ,ust start with those two for now.
2tick the enveloe to a bulletin board or somelace you can see it every day.
8s you take in education &like the #nternet ;arketing for 2mart Peole course(, add blocks to the back of
your enveloe.
You’ll need to get your market on there % Who do you serve1 What do they want1 =ow will you get to
know them better1
8nd you’ll need an offer > something to offer your market in e$change for money. 8 roduct, a service.
2tart small. ?ery small.
*onia’s law o" business
#f you can take this as your mantra for 95@9, you’re going to make a lot more rogress than you did in
Do %ore o" what wors. Do less o" what doesn’t wor.
'hat might seem almost insultingly simle. *ut +kee it simle, sweetheart- will kee you moving
Do you need so%e hel& with that+
Aot everyone in this world was made to go it alone.
# wasn’t. # need artners and colleagues and mentors and friends. #f it was ,ust me, # truly think # would
have /uit a long time ago.
#f you’re the tye of entrereneur who needs advice, education, encouragement, challenges, and a solid
rofessional network to get to where you’re going > we built the 'hird 'ribe for you.
We’ve riced it to make it easy to ,oin. #mlement one idea from the 'ribe every month, and you’ll more
than earn back the monthly fee. ;uch more.
8dd one idea a month to the back of your enveloe. Or start with the ma we rovide you in the 'ribe &if
you’re a member, you can find it here< *ringing it 8ll 'ogether< 0onnect the )ots and !row Your
.earn ,ust enough to get moving. 'hen kee adding one idea at a time to make it a little better.
$ou )an do this. $ou’re s%art and you’ve got the desire.
You ,ust need a little focus and education, and a team to hel you over the rough sots.
Ao roduct is erfect, and no aroach works for everyone. #f you ,oin the 'ribe and discover it ,ust isn’t
your thing, don’t worry.
#f you’re not blown away with the first B5 days of your 'hird 'ribe e$erience, ,ust let us know via the
clearly-marked contact form in the member area. We’ll romtly send your initial fee back to you, and
you’ll never be charged again.
8nd of course, you can leave the community at any time, and we romise not to whine, beg, or charge you
again once you choose to go. We even make it easy to leave with a +cancel- link in your account area.
2to letting +not knowing enough- be your e$cuse for not meeting your goals. You’re closer than you think
you are.
Re%e%ber( o&en enroll%ent E,D* on -onday( .une 1/ at /:00 P- Eastern 12.*.3 'i%e. I" you %iss
the deadline( you’ll need to wait until the ne4t ti%e we o&en "or new %e%bers.

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