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Health Care in

By: Soukeina Traore
Shyrone Mbabit
Kiana Dabay
Kenya: Located in the eastern side of Africa. Kenya has problems with
HIV/AIDS, cholera, tuberculosis and malaria.

Home to 650,000 HIV/AIDS orphans, 16,000 of which live in the Homa Bay
Homa Bay is a remote area, that has some of the worst health problems
in Kenya.
Health Care services in Kenya are not good enough because:
They dont have enough effective(good) medicines.
They also dont have highly trained health professionals

Homa Bay Orphanage
Takes care of fifty(50) or more children who used to lived on the streets.
The orphanage have 5 volunteers that check the orphans every day.

Volunteers work
Providing food
Assessing the orphans needs
Caring for their physical illness or
ailments and diseases.
Many orphans suffer from malaria, cholera, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS

What is it?
Malaria is a life threatening blood disease caused by

58.3% in 2006


By sleeping in mosquitoes net
Taking anti-malaria drug
Protecting your open skin by putting
long sleeves clothes

What is it?
A disease cause by a bacteria called vibro cholera.
People can get cholera by drinking unclean water or food that contains

8.5% in 2009


Drinking a lot of warm water with salt and sugar.
Anti-bacteria drugs

What is it ?
Is cause by Bacteria Mycobaterium tuberculosis that affect the lungs

10% of people who have TB

There is no exact treatment for TB
Taking resistant drugs to resist to tuberculosis ( Anti-bacterial drugs)

What is it?
It is a disease that can be pass to other people through
unprotected sex, pregnancy or you just accidentally pass it to them.
HIV is found in a specific human body fluids and if
the fluids enters your body there is a possibility that you can get HIV.
Waste products that contains HIV are feces, nasal fluids,
saliva, sweat, tears, urine and vomit. If there is a blood on it
then you have a chance of getting HIV.
HIV causes AIDS
Mother-to-child transmission of HIV 11.5% IN 2011

There are no treatment that can stop HIV/AIDS but there is a medicine
that can help you to live longer. It is called atiretroviral medication.

The problem is the Homa Bay Orphanage dont have enough
money to buy the things that could prevent/treat them from
those diseases.

Why HIV/AIDS spread so quick!?
Extreme poverty
Fish is the main source for income in Homa Bay.
They have to sell themselves.
They call it sex-for-fish
Homa Bay has a lot of orphans and widows
with AIDS

Other Problems
They only have 10,000 ksh monthly($123.45) for a single meal.
They treat them with ARVs which can stop HIV/AIDS.

They have to take the orphans to the hospital,
some have to walk and some die along the way.