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Upper Malletts Final Report

Upper Malletts Final Report

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Published by Patrik Holubik
Upper Malletts Final Report
Upper Malletts Final Report

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Published by: Patrik Holubik on May 30, 2014
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During the early public involvement phase of the study, information was gathered on historical flooding
within the project area. Residents were asked to provide anecdotal, photographic, and video records of
flooding events on or near their property. The information was summarized on several maps which
graphically depict the approximate boundaries of past flooding, specifically during the March 15, 2012
storm event (Figure II-11). Included in the project website, which is described in Section III of this
report, was an interactive SMART Map (Figure II-12) designed to share the public input collected. The
interactive map was updated monthly to reflect the addition information collected by the online reporting
tool mentioned in Chapter III.

The public provided much data related to the March 15, 2012, which was critical to calibrating the model
to the real world flooding event that occurred within the Ann Arbor city limits. Identification of the high
water locations, supplemented with photographic evidence, testimony at public meetings, and information
sent to the project team by other methods, helped refine the flooding map for the March 15 storm. More
than 100 photos and several videos of the flooding were provided by stakeholders.

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Figure II-11: Resident Reported Flooding with City

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Figure II-12: SMART Map Website

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