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Upper Malletts Final Report

Upper Malletts Final Report

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Published by Patrik Holubik
Upper Malletts Final Report
Upper Malletts Final Report

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Published by: Patrik Holubik on May 30, 2014
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The public meetings and study milestones required earned media support to raise awareness and
encourage engagement from area residents. Techniques used included:

Media advisories are brief summaries sent to media to alert them to upcoming newsworthy
events. The team distributed media advisories about the Conveyance Study prior to public
meetings or other events.
News releases were distributed as a call-to-action for residents to attend future public meetings
and to inform the public of any updates on the study.
Talk Radio Interviews were completed by the WCWRC to increase study interest.
Editorial Board Meetings with local editors, particularly AnnArbor.com, the Ann Arbor
Chronicle and the Ann Arbor Observer, were held to thoroughly explain study objectives and
gain positive editorial coverage.

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