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1. Draw the block diagram of an electrical drie. !AU "#1$%-"

". Define cooling time con&tant of an electrical machine. !AU "#1"%-"
It i& defined a& the ratio between C and A. Cooling time con&tant i& denoted a& '(.
' = C/A
)here* C+Amo,nt of heat re-,ired to ri&e the tem.erat,re of the motor bod/ b/ 1 degree
Cel&i,& in 01 C.
A+Amo,nt of heat di&&i.ated b/ the motor .er ,nit time .er degree Cel&i,& in
0121 C.
$. Define the thermal oerload factor for a motor working on &hort time d,t/. !AU "#1"%-"
)hen motor o.erate&* heat i& .rod,ced d,e to lo&&e& in&ide the machine and it& tem.erat,re ri&e.
A& the tem.erat,re be/ond ambient al,e* a .ortion of heat .rod,ced flow& o,t to the
&,rro,nding medi,m. The amo,nt of o,tflow of heat i& a f,nction of tem.erat,re ri&e of motor
aboe ambient al,e. A& the motor tem.erat,re ri&e&* the heat o,tflow increa&e& and e-,ilibri,m
,ltimatel/ &et& in when the heat generated become& e-,al to heat di&&i.ated into the &,rro,nding
medi,m. 3otor tem.erat,re then reache& a &tead/ &tate al,e. 2tead/ &tate tem.erat,re de.end&
on .ower lo&&* which in t,rn de.end& on the o,t.,t .ower of the machine. 2ince tem.erat,re
ri&e ha& a direct relation&hi. with the o,t.,t .ower* it i& termed thermal oerload factor on the
4. Name the fo,r commonl/ ,&ed method& for the determination of .ower rating of motor&.
i. Thermal loading
ii. 2tead/ &tate tem.erat,re
iii. 3otor d,t/
i. Tem.erat,re with&tanding limit& on in&,lating material&
5. 3ention the ario,& factor& that infl,ence the choice of electrical drie&. !AU "#11%-"
i. 2tead/ &tate o.eration re-,irement&.
ii. Tran&ient o.eration re-,irement&.
iii. Re-,irement& related to the &o,rce.
i. Ca.ital and r,nning co&t* maintenance need& life.
6. 78.lain heating and cooling c,re&. !AU "#11%
A homogeno,& machine heat internall/ at a ,niform rate and gie& it to the
&,rro,nding& .ro.ortional to tem.erat,re ri&e. It can be .roed that the tem.erat,re
ri&e of a bod/ obe/& e8.onential law.
)hen the machine i& &witched off from the main &,..l/ or when the load on the motor
i& red,ced* the machine cool&.
9. Define gro,. drie &/&tem. !AU
If &eeral gro,.& of mechani&m& are organi:ed on one &haft and drien b/ one motor* the &/&tem
i& called gro,. drie or &haft drie.
78am.le; <lo,r mill and Rice mill drie&
=. Define heating time con&tant. !AU
>eating time con&tant i& defined a& the time taken b/ the machine to attain #.6$" of it& final
&tead/ tem.erat,re ri&e. The heating time con&tant of the machine i& the inde8 of the time taken
b/ the machine to attain it& final &tead/ tem.erat,re ri&e.
?. )hat i& meant b/ contin,o,& rating@ !AU "#1#%-"
Contin,o,& rating of a motor i& denote& o.eration at con&tant load !f,ll load% of &,fficient
d,ration. Centrif,gal .,m.&* fan&* and cone/or& are &ome e8am.le& of e-,i.ment
which r,n contin,o,&l/ with con&tant load.
1#. )hat i& meant b/ intermittent d,t/@ !AU
There are certain load& which re-,ire motor& to be r,n for a certain .eriod of time and them
&witched off for a &mall .eriod. Thi& t/.e d,t/ i& called intermittent d,t/.
1. 78.lain the thermal model of an electric motor for
i% >eating the electric motor when &tarting from cold
ii% Cooling the electric motor when it i& &witched off from the main&. !AU "#1$%
". i% A con&tant &.eed drie o.erating at a &.eed of 5## r.m ha& a c/clic loading a& gien below;
"## Nm for 1# min,te&
$## Nm for "# min,te&
15# Nm for "# min,te&
No load for 1# 3in,te&
7&timate .ower rating of the motor.
ii% )hat are the different cla&&e& of motor d,t/@ !AU
$. 78.lain ario,& cla&&e& of motor drie&. !AU
4. De&cribe the &election of motor rating for contin,o,& d,t/ load. !AU "#1$%
5. Di&c,&& in detail& the ario,& factor& which affect the &election of electrical drie for .artic,lar
a..lication&. !AU "#1#%
6. i% 78.lain the di&adantage& of ,&ing a motor of wrong rating.
ii% The tem. rice of a motor when o.erating for "5min on f,ll load "5 c and become& of 4# c
when the motor& o.erate another "5min on the &ame load .determine heating time con&tant and
&tead/ &tate tem. ri&e. !AU "#1#%
9. 78.lain what i& meant b/ a gro,. drie. )hat are it& adantage& and di&adantage&@
=. 2how that for an electric motor* the relation&hi. between tem.erat,re ri&e and time i& an
e8.onential f,nction. !AU "#1"%
?. i% Ariefl/ e8.lain the ario,& factor& that will infl,ence the choice of electie drie.
ii% 78.lain the method& of e&timating e-,ialent contin,o,& .ower rating of a motor for
&hort time load a..lication&. !AU
1#. 78.lain the different cla&&e& of motor d,t/ with the e-,ation. !AU
1. Draw the mechanical characteri&tic& of three .ha&e ind,ction motor. !AU "#1$%-"
". )hat are the method& of breaking of electric motor&@ !AU "#1$%-
i. Regeneratie braking
ii. D/namic !or% Rheo&tatic& braking
iii. Pl,gging !or%Reer&e oltage braking
$. )rite down the e-,ation for the back e.m.f of DC motor in term& of fl,8 .er .ole and &.eed.
N+!B-Ia Ra%1C !or% 7b1C
N+2.eed of dc motor
Ia+Armat,re c,rrent
Ra+Armat,re re&i&tance
C+fl,8 .er .ole
7b+back emf of dc motor
4. Di&t the t/.e& of &ingle .ha&e ind,ction motor&. !AU
i. 2.lit .ha&e ind,ction motor
ii. Ca.acitor &tart ind,ctor motor
iii. Ca.acitor &tart ca.acitor r,n ind,ction motor
i. 2haded .ole ind,ction motor
5. 2ingle .ha&e ind,ction motor i& not a &elf &tarting motor. )h/@ !AU "#1"%
2ingle .ha&e &,..l/ i& fed to the &ingle .ha&e ind,ction motor. It& &tator winding .rod,ce& a fl,8
which i& onl/ alternate& along one &.ace a8i& onl/. It i& not a &/nchrono,&l/ reoling fl,8* a& in
the ca&e of a two or a three .ha&e &tator winding* fed from a " or $ .ha&e &,..l/. Now
alternating or .,l&ating fl,8 acting on a &tationar/ &-,irrel cage rotor cannot .rod,ce rotation.
That i& wh/ a &ingle-.ha&e motor i& not &elf-&tarting.
6. )h/ i& DC &erie& motor ,&ed for traction .,r.o&e@ !AU "#11%
<or traction .,r.o&e* we re-,ire high &tarting of DC motor. The DC &erie& motor ha& high
&tarting tor-,e. That i& wh/* &erie& motor ,&ed in traction .,r.o&e.
9. Draw the &.eed Etor-,e characteri&tic& of DC &h,nt and &erie& motor. !AU "#1#%-"
=. 2tate the adantage& of electrical braking. !AU
i. >igh efficient method
ii. Dow maintenance
iii. Araking i& er/ &mooth
?. )hat i& meant b/ d/namic braking@ !AU
In thi& method the armat,re of &h,nt motor i& di&connected from the &,..l/ and i& connected
acro&& a ariable re&i&tance R. The braking tor-,e i& controlled b/ the re&i&tance R.
1#. )hen .l,gging i& em.lo/ed for & an ind,ction motor* wh/ i& it nece&&ar/ to di&connect it
from &,..l/ when the &.eed reache& clo&e to :ero@ !AU "##?%
In .l,gging method* b/ changing the .ha&e &e-,ence !RAF%* the motor rotate in the reer&e
Now* the motor come& to :ero* we nece&&ar/ to di&connect ind,ction motor from the &,..l/.

1. 78.lain the modification& to the &.eed-tor-,e characteri&tic& of a dc &h,nt motor for the
following !AU
i% )ith increa&e in armat,re re&i&tance
ii% A/ field weakening.
". A ""# B dc &erie& motor r,n& at 1"## r.m !clockwi&e% and take& an armat,re c,rrent of =# A
when driing a load with con&tant tor-,e. Armat,re re&i&tance i& #.#5G and field re&i&tance i&
#.#5G. <ind the magnit,de and direction of motor &.eed and armat,re c,rrent if the motor
terminal oltage i& reer&ed and the n,mber of t,rn& in field winding i& red,ced to =#H. A&&,me
linear magnetic circ,it. !AU "#1$%
$. a% 78.lain with nece&&ar/ circ,it diagram* the reer&e c,rrent braking and the braking
Characteri&tic& of the following; !AU
i% DC &h,nt motor ii% DC &erie& motor
b% A "5#B DC &h,nt motor ha& an armat,re re&i&tance of #.#5G and with rated field
e8citation ha& a back emf of "45B. At a &.eed of 1"##r.m. It i& co,.led to an oerha,ling
load with a tor-,e of "##N-m determine the lowe&t &.eed at which a motor can hold the
load b/ regeneratie braking.
4. a% 2ketch the &.eed- tor-,e characteri&tic& of a three .ha&e ind,ction motor and e8.lain it&
motoring mode* generating mode and braking mode of o.eration. !AU
b% A 15 k)* 415B* three-.ha&e* 4 .ole* 5# >: ind,ction motor ha& a &.eed of 1455 r.m at
f,ll load. At thi& load* the mechanical lo&&e& are 6## watt and the &tator lo&&e& are
95#watt&. <ind
i% <,ll load &li.
ii% Total in.,t .ower to the motor.
iii% C,rrent drawn at a f,ll load* if the .ower factor i& #.= lagging.
i% Net tor-,e deelo.ed at o,t.,t at f,ll load.
5. De&cribe ario,& method& of electrical braking of dc &h,nt motor a com.are their relatie merit&
and demerit&. !AU "#1#%
6. A DC &erie& motor r,n& at 1### r.m taking 1## A at 4##B. A dierter haing do,bled the
re&i&tance of the field winding i& then connected in .arallel with it. 7&timate the change in &.eed
if the tor-,e arie& a& the &-,are of the &.eed. A&&,me ,n&at,rated field and neglect lo&&e&.
!AU "#1#%
9. 78.lain &.eedEtor-,e characteri&tic& of different t/.e& of load with gra.h. !AU "#1$%
=. 78.lain with &.eed-tor-,e characteri&tic& of DC &erie& motor ,nder d/namic braking.
?. 78.lain the braking method& ,&ed in three .ha&e ind,ction motor&. !AU "#1#%
1#. 78.lain the &.eed-tor-,e and braking characteri&tic& of &ingle .ha&e ind,ction motor.
1. 2tate the nece&&it/ of &tarter for a dc motor. !AU-"#1"%-$
A DC motor i& directl/ &witched on* at the time of &tartingJ the motor back emf i& :ero. D,e to
thi&* the armat,re c,rrent i& er/ high. D,e to the er/ high armat,re c,rrent* the motor become
damaged. The &tarting c,rrent can be limited b/ ,&ing &tarter.
". 3ention the t/.e& of &tarter &,itable for three .ha&e &-,irrel cage ind,ction motor.
i. DOD &tarter
ii. 2tator re&i&tance &tarter
iii. 2tar delta &tarter
i. A,to tran&former &tarter
$. Name the t/.e of ind,ction motor which .rod,ce& highe&t &tarting tor-,e@ !AU "##=%
2li. ring ind,ction motor.
4. )hat i& the ba&ic .rinci.le in &tarting $-.ha&e ind,ction motor ,&ing rotor re&i&tance
&tarter@ !AU-"#1"%
In thi& method* the motor i& alwa/& &tarted with f,ll line oltage* a..lied acro&& the &tator
terminal&. The al,e of &tarting c,rrent i& adK,&ted b/ introd,cing a ariable re&i&tance in the
rotor circ,it. At &tarting* the f,ll re&i&tance i& incl,ded and hence the &tarting c,rrent i& red,ced.
The re&i&tance i& grad,all/ c,t o,t of the rotor circ,it a& the motor gather& &.eed
5. )hat are the two t/.e& of rotor for three .ha&e ind,ction motor@ !AU-"#1$%
i. 2-,irrel cage ind,ction motor
ii. 2li. ring ind,ction motor.
6. )hat are the f,nction& of &tarter of a dc motor@ !AU-"#1"%
i. To limit the &tarting c,rrent
ii. To .rotect the motor again&t low oltage and oer load condition.
9. )hat i& the adantage of three .ha&e &li. ring ind,ction motor@ !AU-"#1"%
i. P,ll-o,t tor-,e can be achieed een from :ero RP3.
ii. It ha& a high &tarting tor-,e when com.ared to &-,irrel cage ind,ction motor.
A..ro8imatel/ "## - "5#H of it& f,ll-load tor-,e.
iii. A &-,irrel cage ind,ction motor take& 6##H to 9##H of the f,ll load c,rrent* b,t a &li.
ring ind,ction motor take& a er/ low &tarting c,rrent a..ro8imatel/ "5#H to $5#H of
the f,ll load c,rrent.
=. )hat i& the ba&ic difference between a three- .oint &tarter and a fo,r- .oint &tarter@
!AU "#11%-"
Three point starter:
i. The NBR coil i& connected in &erie& with the &h,nt field winding.
ii. The e8iting c,rrent thro,gh the NBR coil in three .oint &tarter i& &ame a& &h,nt field
of the motor.
Four point starter:
i. The NBR coil along with a high re&i&tance i& connected acro&& the &,..l/ oltage.
ii. The e8citing c,rrent thro,gh NBR coil of a fo,r .oint &tarter i& directl/ .ro.ortional to
the &,..l/ oltage and inde.endent on &h,nt field c,rrent.
?. )hat are the different t/.e& of .rotection .roided in &tarter ,&ed for a three .ha&e ind,ction
i. No oltage relea&e coil
ii. Oer load rela/ coil.
1#. )hat i& the adantage of &-,irrel cage ind,ction motor oer dc motor&@ !AU "##?%
i. Dow co&t
ii. R,ggedne&&* &maller &i:e and weight
iii. The/ can o.erate in d,&t/ and e8.lo&ie enironment* beca,&e the br,&he& are being not
,&ed. Therefore there i& no .o&&ibilit/ of &.arking.
1. i% 78.lain the f,nction and working Loerload realea&e( in a $ .oint &h,nt motor.
!ii% A "5#B* $9k)* DC &h,nt motor i& allowed to e8ert a ma8im,m of 15# .ercent of the f,ll
load tor-,e d,ring the &tarting .eriod. the re&i&tance of armat,re i& #." ohm and the f,ll
load efficienc/ i& =4 .ercent. N,mber of &ection of re&i&tance in the &tarter. Determine
a% The , and lower limit of c,rrent d,ring &tarting
b% The al,e& of re&i&tance of each &ection of the &tarter. !AU "#1"%
". i% )ith the hel. of the neat diagram* e8.lain the working of &tar delta &tarter.
ii% A $ .ha&e ind,ction motor ha& the ratio of ma8im,m tor-,e a& ".5;1.the rotor re&i&tance
and &tand&till reactance .er .ha&e are #.4 ohm re&.ectiel/. Determine the ratio of
2tarting tor-,e to f,ll load tor-,e* if the &tar Edelta &tarter i& ,&ed. !AU
$. A &tarter i& re-,ired for a ""#B &h,nt motor .the ma8im,m and minim,m range of c,rrent al,e&
5#A M$#A re&.ectiel/. <ind the n,mber of &ection of &tarter re&i&tance re-,ired and the
re&i&tance of each &ection .the armat,re re&i&tance of the motor i& #.5ohm.
!AU "#1$%
4. 78.lain the different &tarting method for three .ha&e &-,irrel cage ind,ction &tarter.
5. Di&c,&& different t/.e& of D.C motor &tarter&. !AU
6. Di&c,&& the ario,& method& of &tarting of ind,ction motor& and com.are their relatie merit&
and demerit&. !AU "#1#%
9. 78.lain the different t/.e& of &tarter& ,&ed in DC &h,nt and &erie& motor. !AU "##?%
=. 78.lain the different &tarter& ,&ed in $ .ha&e ind,ction motor&. !AU "##?%
?. )ith the neat diagram e8.lain the o.eration of fo,r .oint &tarter. Al&o mention the adantage of
it(& oer a $ .oint &tarter. !AU "#1#%
1#. i% De&cribe the o.eration of &,itable &tarter for $-.ha&e &li. ring ind,ction motor&.
ii% Draw the control circ,it for DOD &tarter. !AU
O< D.C. DRIB72
1. )hat are the ario,& method& of &.eed control in dc motor@ !AU-"#1"%
i. Armat,re control
ii. <l,8 control
iii. Boltage control
". )rite the a..lication of DC !AU
i. 7lectric traction
ii. 2teel mill&
iii. mill&
i. 3achine tool&
. Printing mill&
$. 2tate the adantage of ward- Deonard control &/&tem. !AU
i. <,ll forward and reer&e &.eed can be achieed.
ii. 2hort E time oer load ca.acit/ i& large.
iii. The armat,re c,rrent of the motor i& &mooth.
i. A wide range of &.eed control i& .o&&ible.
4. Draw the &.eed-tor-,e characteri&tic& of DC &erie& motor for different al,e& of armat,re
re&i&tance&. !AU "#1"%-"

5. Draw the block &chematic of the .ha&e controlled rectifier fed DC drie&. !AU
6. 2tate the different method& of &.eed control of DC &erie& motor !AU "#1#%
i. Bariable re&i&tance in &erie& with motor.
ii. <l,8 control method
a% <ield diertor b% Armat,re diertor c% Ta..ed field control d% Paralleling field coil&
9. 7n,merate the limitation of field control in dc motor@ !AU "#1"%
i. The fl,8 cannot be bro,ght to :ero leel.
ii. If certain occa&ion&* the fl,8 become& :ero. i.e.* field get& o.en* the motor trie& to r,n
with infinite &.eed. It ca,&e& damage to the machine.
=. )hat i& a DC !AU "#1"%
It conert& the fi8ed dc oltage in to ariable dc oltage. It i& known a& dc
?. )hat i& time ratio control@ !AU
In time ration control method* d,t/ c/cle T
1T i& aried. A/ ar/ing the d,t/ c/cle o,t.,t
oltage i& al&o aried.
1#. <ield control i& em.lo/ed for getting &.eed& higher than rated and armat,re oltage i& em.lo/ed
for getting &.eed& le&& than rated wh/@ !AU "#1$%-"
A/ ,&ing thi& form,la N N !7
1 %
<or field control method* b/ maintaining oltage con&tant and b/ decrea&ing the fl,8 the motor
&.eed increa&e& aboe rated &.eed.
<or armat,re control method* b/ maintaining fl,8 con&tant b/ decrea&ing the fl,8 motor &.eed
decrea&e& below rated &.eed.
1. i% 78.lain the different method& of &.eed control ,&ed in DC &erie& motor&.
ii% A "5#B &h,nt motor with armat,re re&i&tance of #.5ohm r,n& at 6##r.m on f,ll load and
take& an armat,re c,rrent of "#A.if re&i&tance of 1.5ohm i& .laced in the armat,re circ,it
find the &.eed on !a% f,ll load tor-,e !b% half f,ll load tor-,e. !AU "##?%
". 78.lain the oltage* fre-,enc/ and &li. .ower control ,&ed in $ .ha&e ind,ction motor&.
$. De&cribe with the hel. of a connection diagram the ward lonard method& of &.eed control.
78.lain in o.eration at &tarting* & and reer&ing. 2tate& the merit& and demerit& of the
&cheme. !AU
4. A ""#B*"4A*1###r.& &e.aratel/ e8cited DC motor& ha& an armat,re of "Am.&.motor i&
controlled b/ a o.erating at 6## >: from a "$#B &,..l/ .calc,late at the d,t/ ratio for
1." time& rated tor-,e and 5## r.m. Draw the .ower circ,it for the Dc motor& drie.
5. i% 78.lain the ward-leonard method of &.eed control of DC motor& with a &ketch &howing
the circ,it. 2tate al&o the ad of the method.
ii% A DC &erie& haing a armat,re re&i&tance of 1 ohm* r,n& at a &.eed of =## r...m at "##B
with a c,rrent of 15A. <ind the &.eed at which it will when a 5 ohm re&i&tance i& connected
in &erie&* at a &ame &,..l/ and taking the &ame &ame c,rrent. !AU "#1"%
6. i% De&cribe the working of &te. down DC* with the hel. of a &,itable circ,it diagram
and waeform diagram &tate the relation between o,t.,t and in.,t oltage&. >ow the
&.eed of a DC motor i& controlled ,&ing a &te. down
ii% A 1## &h,nt motor ha& a armat,re re&i&tance and field re&i&tance of #.4 ohm
re&.ectiel/. At a .artic,lar con&tant tor-,e load* it take& a c,rrent of "5A at the &.eed of
1"## r...m. A i& ,&ed to control the &.eed of the motor. <ind Ton to red,ce the
2.eed to =##r...m at the fre-,enc/ of 5##>:. !AU
9. 78.lain the o.eration of &ingle .ha&e f,ll conerter fed &e.aratel/ e8cited DC motor drie.

!AU "#1$%
=. )ith neat circ,it diagram* e8.lain fed fo,r -,artrand DC drie&. !AU "#1$%
?. i% 78.lain the o.eration of armat,re control of a DC &h,nt motor.
ii% Draw the e8.lain the &.eed control of DC motor ,&ing drie&. !AU
1#. i% )ith the block diagram e8.lain the o.eration of armat,re and field control of dc motor
drie ,&ing controlled rectifier&.
ii% Name the different fl,8 control method& ado.ted for DC &erie& motor&. !AU "#1#%
O< A.C. DRIB72
1. 2tate the a..lication& where &tator oltage control i& em.lo/ed for three .ha&e ind,ction motor&.
!AU "#1$%
The &tator oltage control method i& &,itable for a..lication& where tor-,e demand red,ce& with
&.eed* which .oint& toward& it& &,itabilit/ for
i. <an
ii. P,m. drie&.
". )hat i& meant b/ &li. .ower recoer/ &cheme@ !AU
The wa&ting of &li. .ower can be recoered b/ ario,& &cheme& for the &.eed control of &li. ring
ind,ction motor. Thi& &/&tem i& called a& &li. .ower recoer/ &/&tem.
$. )hat i& 1f control in three .ha&e ind,ction motor@ !AU
In oltage1fre-,enc/ control method* motor &.eed can be aried b/ ar/ing oltage and
fre-,enc/* b,t we can maintain B1< ratio i& con&tant.
4. Draw the block diagram of conentional &cherbi,& &/&tem. !AU
5. )hat are the ariable fre-,enc/ AC drie a..lication&@ !AU
i. U&ed in .,m.&
ii. U&ed a& I.D *<D fan&
iii. U&ed in lift& and eleator.
6. )hat are the adantage& of 1f control for three .ha&e ind,ction motor@ !AU-"#1"%
i. 2mooth &.eed control
ii. 2mall in.,t c,rrent and im.roed .ower factor at low fre-,enc/ &tart
iii. >igher &tarting tor-,e for low cage re&i&tance.
9. 3ention the adantage& of &li. ring recoer/ &cheme of controlling the &.eed of ind,ction
motor@ !AU
The &li. .ower can be recoered and fed back to the &,..l/ d,e to thi& oerall efficienc/
i& increa&ed.
=. )hat i& meant b/ B1f control@ !AU "#1#%-"
If the ratio of oltage to fre-,enc/ i& ke.t con&tant* the fl,8 al&o remain& con&tant. At low
fre-,enc/ the air ga. fl,8 i& red,ced d,e to the dro. in the &tator im.edance and the oltage ha&
to be increa&ed to maintain the tor-,e leel. Thi& t/.e of control in ,&,all/ called a& olt&1hert:
!1f% control.
?. 3ention &ome of the merit& and demerit& of ac drie&. !AU "##?%-"
i. Ber/ fa&t re&.on&e
ii. De&& lo&&e&
iii. 3ore reliabilit/ and long life d,e to ab&ence of moing .art&.
i. Poll,tion free method.
i. Ber/ diffic,lt to regeneration of .ower.
ii. It contain& low .ower oer load ca.acit/.
1#. Draw the block diagram of &oft &tarter. !AU
1. 78.lain the &tatic &cherbi,& drie which .roide& &.eed& below and aboe &/nchrono,& &.eed.
!AU "#1$%
". 78.lain the con&tant tor-,e mode and con&tant .ower mode of o.eration of oltage &o,rce
inerter fed ind,ction motor drie with nece&&ar/ diagram. !AU "#1$%
$. 2ketch and e8.lain the circ,it ,&ing th/ri&tor controller* to control the &.eed of a $ .ha&e
ind,ction motor b/ ar/ing the &tator oltage. 3ention the merit& and demerit& of thi& method.
Al&o &ketch and e8.lain the tor-,e &.eed characteri&tic& when &tator oltage control i& ,&ed.
!AU "#1"%
4. 78.lain the following &olid &tate method& of controlling &.eed of $ .ha&e ind,ction motor with
&,itable diagram.
i% C/clo conerter &tatic &cherbi,& drie.
ii% 2tatic Oramer drie. !AU
5. 78.lain oltage 1fre-,enc/ control $ .ha&e ind,ction motor. !AU
6. De&cribe Oramer &/&tem &li. .ower recoer/ &/&tem of $ .ha&e ind,ction motor. !AU "#1$%
9. )ith &,itable &chematic diagram e8.lain the following &olid &tate method& of controlling &.eed
of $ .ha&e ind,ction motor&
i% 2tatic Oramer drie.
ii% DC link &cherbi,& drie. !AU
=. 78.lain the &cherbi,& &/&tem of &li. energ/ recoer/ &cheme& ,&ed in &.eed control of large
ind,ction motor&. !AU
?. 2tate and e8.lain the ario,& &cheme& ado.ted for control of ind,ction motor ,&ing oltage
&o,rce inerter. !AU
1#. )hat i& meant b/ &li. .ower recoer/ &cheme@ 78.lain with the nece&&ar/ diagram.

!AU "#1#%