Walnut Avenue

Chester Avenue

Sun-filled lawn area for sitting, small musical events, and informal play.

Shady area with a variety of seating in the form of benches, lounge chairs and picnic tables.

View of informal performance stage between the lawn and forest that also serves as an interactive fountain.

Dramatic lighting throughout the park in the form of light wands to provide a sense of security in the evening and improve visibility into and through the park.

New colorful plantings throughout.

(Commenced on November 5, 2009) Site demolition Utility improvements Light elements throughout the park, creating an aesthetically pleasing pattern from street level and from buildings above the park Plantings Irrigation Leveling of surface Interactive water feature

(To be completed pending additional funding) Proposed sleekly designed kiosk that will be open throughout the year Proposed overhead awning along E. 12th Street that will heat sidewalks in the winter and will incorporate unique lighting effects and public art components

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