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Food Web

Food Chain
Food Chain: process in
which every animal/plant
depends on another for

• Herbivore: an animal that only
eats plants
• Ex: bunnies, deer, and sheep

• Carnivore: An animal that only
eats meat
• Ex: lions, leopards, and foxes
• Omnivore: an animal that eats
both plants and meat
• Ex: Humans, bears, mice
• Autotrophs: organism that
makes its own food
• Making their own food is called
• Photosynthesis is where plants make their own food
• This gives the plants energy to survive
• Heterotrophs: they get energy
through the food they eat such
as plants and animals!
• Decomposers: organisms that
break down dead things
• Ex: Molds, worms, and flies
• Keystone species: important
species in an environment
• Without keystone species the
area they live in will change
• Ex: alligators, lions, and bees
• The forest is home to a lot of animals
• We can help save them by not cutting down trees from the forest
• It is called deforestation when we cut down the forest trees!