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Fairless_Video for the Arts Grant Proposal 1

Nicky Fairless
Dr. Marks
Helping Hands Grant Proposal
28 October 2013

Video for the Arts Project at Yorkville High School

Description of Project

In an effort to bring technology and the arts together, as well as promote the new Common Core
standards in technology, Yorkville High School (YHS) has initiated a Video for the Arts project.
The Video for the Arts project will offer instruction in digital photography, digital film capture
and digital film editing as a way to expand students’ creative license. The Video for the Arts
project will encourage students interested in traditional art forms, such as drama, music, and 2D
and 3D art, to collaborate with students interested in technology, digital photography, and film

The students in ArtTech, an after school club for those who have an interest in art and
technology, will create several six (6) to ten (10) minute mini movies/trailers focusing on
different school activities during the 2014-2015 school year. The challenge presented is the mini
movies/trailers can only be filmed using a smart device. The smart device can be a personal iPad,
iPod, or iPhone or an iPad mini supplied by YHS. Mini movies/video trailers made using the
iMovies program will be used to promote group activities, showcase student work, and entertain
viewers who visit the YHS blog and website. In addition, the trailers and mini movies will also
advertise the club, as well as attract new participants.

The goal of this project is to involve students in the output of creativity, as well as promote
collaboration between the students involved in the many school clubs and activities. As a result,
the mini movies/trailers will make an excellent addition to any portfolio or college applications
as a production piece or a sample of a student’s work.

Potential for Impact

The boundaries of this project are unlimited. Anyone who is interested in contributing will have
a place to participate. Film and technology students will have an opportunity to film and edit raw
footage, the art, drama, and music students will have the opportunity to include their work as
subject matter, and additional attending students will have the opportunity to be a part of the
footage via interviews and group participation. As we dig deeper into the digital age of
technology, programs like Video for the Arts address the Common Core Standards in Technology
that include: creativity and innovation, communication and collaboration, research and
information fluency, critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making, digital citizenship,
and technology operations and concepts. In addition, not only does this program involve the
students attending YHS, but it also shares students’ work with the entire Yorkville community
via the internet.

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Program Participants

The Video for Arts project will be held in the computer lab under the direction of the library
media specialist Nicky Fairless. In addition to Mrs. Fairless, there are 3 teachers affiliated with
Art-Tech: Mrs. Hummel-drama, Mr. Brown-art/film/photography, and Mrs. Schneider-tech, who
will visit on scheduled lecture/activity days. There will be a collaboration of additional teachers
participating during the course of the project as needed. Currently there are fourteen (14)
ArtTech students that meet on a regular basis and who will be hands on throughout the project;
however, the number of participants involved as subject matter is unlimited.

Management and Workflow

This project will run the entire course of the year with each month focusing on a different
activity. The Visual for the Arts project will meet every Wednesday after school in the computer
lab adjacent to the library. The first week of the month the students will meet and discuss ideas
for the project. During weeks one and two the students will collect footage. Week three Mr.
Brown and Mrs. Fairless will lead an editing workshop utilizing the iMovies program.
Depending on which part in the project the student is involved in will determine his or her days
of attendance. For example, everyone will meet in the first week to discuss the project; however
if the student is filming, but not editing he or she may not plan on attending the editing
workshop. An example of a yearly workflow, month by month is as follows:


The potential for sustainability for the Video for the Arts is excellent as the major hardware and
software would be purchased. However, in the event there is a lack of interest in the Video for
the Arts project, the hardware and software can be shared with the English department for
students to create book trailers of their favorite books, or the math department to load
educational apps on the iPad mini such as Mathfacts in a Flash, or even the science department to
load educational apps such as Leaf Snap, an app to aid in the identification of leaves. While the
hardware and software purchased with grand money are dedicated to the Video for the Arts
project, when not in used can be shared across the curriculum for additional service.

Month Focus Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
Sep-14 Club introduction Meet, discuss, film Edit Preview Present
Oct-14 Band Meet, discuss, film Edit Preview Present
Nov-14 Dance Meet, discuss, film Edit Preview Present
Dec-14 Holiday Performances Meet, discuss, film Edit Preview Present
Jan-15 Student Art Exhibit Meet, discuss, film Edit Preview Present
Feb-15 Orchestra Meet, discuss, film Edit Preview Present
Mar-15 Spring Musical Meet, discuss, film Edit Preview Present
Apr-15 Student Art Exhibit Meet, discuss, film Edit Preview Present
May-15 Culumnation Project Meet, discuss, view Edit Preview Present
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Press Release

With funding made available by GSLIS Educational Foundation and the Helping Hands grant,
the Yorkville High School would like to introduce Video for the Arts, an after school program
designed to showcase student talent in the visual and performing arts. Students will create digital
mini movies and exciting performance trailers as part of ArtTech, an after school art and
technology mashup at YHS. The Video for the Arts program offer’s students the opportunity to
create digital mini movies in HD 1080p video quality on brand new iPads and the latest version
of iMovies. Visit for more information.

Fairless_Video for the Arts Grant Proposal 4


YHS is asking for $1486.93 to purchase equipment that will allow our students to be successful
in creating mini movies and trailers for the Video for the Arts program. The funding is allocated
for three (3) 16 GB iPad Minis to film in HD 1080p, four (4) iMovies apps to be loaded on the
iPads to edit directly from the iPad, four (4) iMovies apps to edit on Mac computers in the
computer lab, and nine (9) 32 GB USB flash drives to travel back and forth from school for the
option to work at home.

Additional Funding

YHS is happy to announce the PTO has provided one (1) iPad mini ($399) during the 2014-15
Fall semester in support of this program, with an additional iPad mini to follow in the Spring
semester if needed.

Yorkville School District 115 has generously provided server space to archive raw film footage,
as well as archive the finished products. In addition, YHS has offered the AV equipment, AV
personnel, and use of the auditorium for the final collaborative project presentation.

If additional funding is needed, YHS has a fundraiser in place if need be.

Item Number of Units Individual Cost Total
Apple iPad Mini - 16 GB 3 399.00 $ 1,197.00 $
iMovies App 4 4.99 $ 19.96 $
iMovies for Mac 3 14.99 $ 44.97 $
SanDisk Cruzer Switch USB flash drive - 32 GB 9 25.00 $ 225.00 $
Total of Equiptment 1,486.93 $